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  1. Now up for order from Seventh Rule: This vinyl edition is beautifully packaged and printed with a heavy duty inner sleeve and an MP3 download code also included. Your choice of either RED inside DEEP PURPLE Color-in-Color Vinyl (Ltd to 100 Copies and exclusive to mailorder) OR high fidelity Black Vinyl. From the rain and gloom of Portland was spawned Wizard Rifle; two malcontent twenty-somethings with a bent on creating something exhilarating and progressive amidst a scene of tepid dreamy pop, and redundant revival acts. Drummer Sam Ford is a blur of tom rolls, rapid-fire rim shots, screaming out harmonies amid the flurry. Meanwhile guitarist Max Dameron spews out tentacles of noise, at times angular yet bizarrely groovy, at times psychedelic ambience, or purely crushing space-rock. The sheer sonic wall created by two is a sight to behold live, both members sharing signing duties and pushing to the limit of their abilities and ears. The sound is rooted in a reverence for 70’s psychedelic and punk, and myriad contemporary acts without ever feeling like a throwback. Wizard Rifle seeks to push the boundaries beyond reference points and obvious nods to rock idols, but they’ve commonly been likened to King Crimson, Lightning Bolt, High on Fire, Misfits, Karp, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Sleep. Order here!
  2. This release puts INDIAN’s long out of print debut “The Unquiet Sky,” back in print and packaged in a beautiful 2xLP Matte-Finish Gatefold format. Your choice of either BLOOD RED#11 and EASTER YELLOW#2 AsideBside Color Configuration (Ltd to 100 Copies and exclusive to mailorder) OR Black Vinyl. All MAILORDER copies include a free digital download. Listen: here Order from the Seventh Rule Shop: here
  3. Horrible things come in small packages, and this October GNAW delivers their second full length serving titled "Horrible Chamber" on CD and LP via Seventh Rule Recordings. Your choice of either SILVER P19 with RED#3 Haze (Ltd to 100 Copies and exclusive to mailorder) OR Black Vinyl. Listen: here Order from the Seventh Rule Shop: here Australian/New Zealand Customers click here to purchase!
  4. Like most vinyl productions, it took us a couple extra months to get these out, but Seventh Rule is stoked to announce that we now have for preorder both the Atriarch "Ritual Of Passing" LP and the long awaited reissue of Coffinworm's "When All Became None" on LP. "When All Became None" is Coffinworm's proper debut full-length. Through thick walls of reverb and feedback, the band unleashes massive, monolithic riffs heavy enough to shift the fault lines of the earth. Vocalist Dave Britts's throat-searing vo-kill assault carries the weight of a diabolical storm. Captured by Sanford Parker, this sonic nightmare of unholy proportions delivers to the utmost devastating and blasphemous degree. After almost 3 years of extinction this release brings the epic debut by Coffinworm back into existence. This Single LP Jacket version now also features a 18x24 “Start Saving For Your Funeral” Poster. Available in either Black or Bong Load Green vinyl configurations, the colored vinyl is strictly limited to 100 copies. Atriarch finds their true sonic calling on their sophomore full-length Ritual of Passing. Delivering tenfold on the potential of the previous two releases, the album is marked by an altogether heavier sound, more deep and substantive. Atriarch draws inspiration from such legendary bands as Christian Death, Bauhaus, Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke, as well as more recent groups like The Gault, Asunder and Burzum, adding their own twist for a unique take on a classic sound. Available in either Black or 'Rozz Williams' Red vinyl configurations, the colored vinyl is strictly limited to 100 copies and all copies include a 18" x 18" poster. Both can be preordered at http://shop.seventhrule.com Cheers!
  5. Both the Author & Punisher "Ursus Americanus" and Stoneburner "Sickness Will Pass" PREORDERS are now up and available at Seventh Rule. The first 100 of each are available in a marbled colored vinyl configuration only available through us! Seventh Rule Online Shop Both of these releases can also be streamed in their entirety at http://releases.seventhrule.com. Cheers and keep it heavy, Seventh Rule
  6. A picture says so much more than that a long lengthy blog posting. What you see above are 10 copies that were photographed of the vinyl version of Wizard Rifle's "Speak Loud Say Nothing." We worked closely with Gotta Groove Records on this release and we are stoked with what we will have in our hands. This record is now up for pre-order and you will have you choice of black vinyl or limited edition VINYL BONG colored vinyl. The colored vinyl is limited to 100 copies and we can't seem to find one color the same as another. Consider each copy unique. All pre-orders will ship by the middle of June. Get 'em here.
  7. ATRIARCH's debut deathrock album, FOREVER THE END is now available on analog and digital formats, and in a combination of both. Check it out and purchase it here: http://releases.seventhrule.com/album/forever-the-end "I would buy this." - Buzz Osborne / MELVINS Thanks! Scott / Seventh Rule
  8. The Swan King's debut opus "Eyes Like Knives" is now available on 180 Gram LP! Order now and get a FREE Test Press of the release with your order. There are only 30 of these test press packages, so think fast. All orders will also include an instant digital download via Bandcamp. We recommend the FLAC. Get it here: http://seventhrule.bandcamp.com/album/eyes-like-knives The Swan King formed in 2009 by Guitarist / Vocalist Dallas Thomas (ex-Asschapel), Bassist Jamie Drier (ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars) and Chicago native Zafar Musharraf on Drums. They have often been compared to the songwriting of the Wipers mixed with High On Fire.The Swan King's debut release, "Eyes Like Knives" was recorded with Sanford Parker and released this spring on Seventh Rule.
  9. B A T I L L U S - FURNACE LP is NOW AVAILABLE 1st Press of 550 on 180G wax on Seventh Rule. Lacquer duties were handled by John Golden, pressed to 180G vinyl and packaged beautifully. "Fans of massive riffs and being crushed to death in slow motion have got a fantastic album to look forward to in 'Furnace.' For a debut full-length, Batillus has done something pretty spectacular." - METAL UNDERGROUND All mail orders will also receive a download code via email as they patiently await for the package. www.seventhrule.com/store