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  1. I haven't seen this band mentioned here. Stellar Master Elite https://stellarmasterelite.bandcamp.com/album/hologram-temple
  2. I was able to grab a 100, but they are going quick. I can see it being sold out before it even hits 11:00.
  3. Of course my dumbass will have to buy several different variants of this album because that's what i've done for all of their previous releases.
  4. i'm with you on that. I just wish they would put Full of Hell up already.
  5. Hopefully i'm not jinxing myself, but how the fuck am I beating Ians team?
  6. Since we have an opening this year if there is anyone who is reading this thread and wants to join the league let me know and i'll send you an invite. Thanks.
  7. Sucks that you can't return for this season What was your team name?
  8. I passed on buying this. I've spent so much money over the last few weeks for overseas product. Shit, it's not like i'm Richie Rich or Daddy Warbucks where I can shit money and buy everything I want.
  9. If you have Supercoven you have to keep that, or sell it to me on the cheap. That's only one I don't have and I don't feel like spending over $200 to get one.
  10. I got my copy last week as well. I really like it. Not sure yet which of the 4 songs I like the best.
  11. Has anyone received their Dopethrone album from Totem Cat Records? I remember ordering this in either late April/early May and the last update I remember seeing was the record was supposed to ship in August.
  12. Bobrovsky - 4th Forsberg - 8th Keller - 11th Vasilveskiy - 13th
  13. Agreed. The 100 sold out so I may just get the 400 variant instead.
  14. I tried that same code and it didn’t work. Still that’s a great price for a double LP.
  15. I’ve been watching the activity on Discogs for the pinwheel, and everyone that has been listed has sold in less than 24 hours. Only the one listed for well over $100 hasn’t sold yet. So, if this dude sold all four copies then he definitely has made some coin. I’m just glad I was able to get a pinwheel when the preorder went up.

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