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  1. Hi Friends! I moved from Montreal to Calgary last year and started selling of my entire collection. I'm flying home in May and I can start shipping out more items and I'm offering 20 percent off as well! https://vees-record-shelf.myshopify.com If anyone has a big want list of records that I have I can probably work out a better deal. I'm also down for local meet ups! Everything must go! I need to start saving up for a house so super eager to sell it all and at this point no record is too precious.
  2. Hi all! I'm home for the holidays which means I can start clearing off my shelf and selling some more of my records. A lot of the harder to find out of print stuff has already sold out but there's still plenty to choose from. Use coupon code HOLLANDAISE to save 10 percent off all orders over $88 from now until Christmas Day on my site and I'm okay with dealing directly on the forum as well but shipping rates are calculated on my site and it'll be a better rate than over the counter so asking me how much shipping might be is just an extra step over finding the calculated rate yourself in t
  3. Hey guys! Last day to place your orders that I'll be able to ship out by tomorrow. Any orders place after tonight might not be shipped out until November when I'm back in Montreal to visit my parents. I've also made a new coupon code: LASTDAY which you can use to take 7 percent off and has no minimum order.
  4. $99 minimum. Thank you! Everything will be shipped out by Saturday morning but I'll be boxing everything up at the end of my work day throughout the week. Have a few packages ready to go.
  5. Yeah. I took those photos before my girlfriend left in July and only get the store together now and tried to get it up quick before I leave. Definitely want to get pressing info up but I'm not finding time with packing and starting training for my new job all this week. Here's my discogs though so you can see all the pressing info: https://www.discogs.com/user/VC2020/collection
  6. They're in Canadian Dollars and lower than discogs median. Everything has also been kept in polyvinyl sleeves and looked after well.
  7. https://vees-record-shelf.myshopify.com/collections/all
  8. I'm moving from Montreal to Calgary to be closer to my girlfriend and for my new job so I'm selling all my records. I made a coupon code to use until Friday at 11:59 PM EST which is also the last day I can accept orders to ship right away because I'm moving this Sunday and won't be able to ship stuff out until I'm back in town which won't be until sometime in October. Have a look: http://vees-record-shelf.myshopify.com
  9. Listening to this now. Really liking it. Hoping an Amazon link turns up soon.
  10. I did that for a long time before asking here. This board was useless either way. It's understandable that people are assholes on this board. If you try to fill the void in your life with color vinyl variants than chances are you have time to waste being an asshole to someone you'll never meet.
  11. Got my HBO Go (and Showcase and a bunch of other shit) hookup. Had my cousin activate it for me in the past but since he moved they don't have HBO anymore. Got a full Comcast Xfinity hookup so I'm enjoying this as a Canadian.

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