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  1. Shipping tomorrow, hit me up with any requests.
  2. All prices are shipped. If you buy 2 or more records ill take some $ off too.
  3. Sold a few more records, shipping tomorrow let me know if you need anything.
  4. The Devil and God sealed one wont be black, i believe it is white as their were only 4 colors in the 2nd pressing of it. The 1st pressing of daisy is black.
  5. No closer to heaven i believe is first printing on blue/burgundy, the upsides is on yellow and i believe its the 4th pressing.
  6. Shipping out 5 orders tomorrow, lets make it an even 6 :). PM with with any interest you have.
  7. I just sold the yellow one, the only one I have left now is the smoke yellow copy out of 20.
  8. Added a few more records. Shipping tomorrow if anyone needs anything let me know and I can ship it before Christmas.
  9. Hi guys, Looking to sell all of my records since i barely use them anymore. A lot of them are new and never played just opened to view colors. Send me offers on anything you see you like. If you buy two or more records shipping is free. If a color isnt specified it is on black. Artist Album Vinyl Color Aurora Hailey It Happens $12 Banquets Banquets $14 Red Banquets Banquets $13 Brand New Science Fiction $15 Red & Blue Brand New Science Fiction $14 Brand New Science Fiction $14 Black Circa Survive Jutrna $17 Crime in Stereo Is Dead $18 Crime in Stereo I Was To Trying To Describe You To Someone $15 Clear Harvard From The Bird's Cage $31 clear Blue Havard From The Bird's Cage $25 Clear Havard From The Bird's Cage $22 Black John Nolan Songs I Wrote $19 Brown Lana Del Rey Born To Die $15 M83 Reunion Remixes $7 Sealed Minus The Bear Del Oso $19 Blue & Black Morrissey Years of Refusal $12 Motion City Soundtrack Go $16 Movements Feel Something $22 Yellow Red Sunburst My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge $20 Pity Sex Feast of Love $13 Clear Seahaven Winter $27 Grey Seahaven Ghost $24 Green Taken Back Sunday Where You Wanna Be $13 Blue The Honorary Title $18 Green,Black, & Pink Splatter The Republic of Wolves Cartographer $18 Red & Signed in Gold The Story So Far The Story So Far $18 Clear & Sea Foam The Story So Far Under Soild and Dirt $16 Fruit Punch The XX I See You $12 Tigers Jaw Two Worlds $12 Twentyone Pilots Vessel $14 Clear
  10. Huge Sade fan here! I have diamond life I believe it's on black I don't know if you would be interested.