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  1. Huge Sade fan here! I have diamond life I believe it's on black I don't know if you would be interested.
  2. Hello, Brand New Science Fiction Limited Edition Vinyl - Sealed -$55 Brand New Science Fiction Limited Edition Vinyl - White AUS - Sealed $70 I'm looking to sell my 2nd Pressing of Right Away Great Captain Trilogy. Brand New never spun $105 - SOLD!
  3. Yea the 90 days I was thinking about might have been through ebay policies portal. Sorry I had to quote you
  4. We would not be out the $50+ that we paid. They would be required to refund our purchase and those who used paypal I believe are protected for 90 days from the sale date. At this point im sure most if not all of the Limited Editions have been manufactured. I don't see them not shipping them to the customers once they receive them from the warehouse at this point.
  5. Any word on the Limited Edition Science Fiction vinyl? Should we still expect to receive it after Thanksgiving?