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  1. No closer to heaven i believe is first printing on blue/burgundy, the upsides is on yellow and i believe its the 4th pressing.
  2. Shipping out 5 orders tomorrow, lets make it an even 6 :). PM with with any interest you have.
  3. I just sold the yellow one, the only one I have left now is the smoke yellow copy out of 20.
  4. Added a few more records. Shipping tomorrow if anyone needs anything let me know and I can ship it before Christmas.
  5. Hi guys, Looking to sell all of my records since i barely use them anymore. A lot of them are new and never played just opened to view colors. Send me offers on anything you see you like. Seahaven -ghost black $ 14 hrvrd the inevitable and I rainbow splatter $ 15 SOLD Harvard The inevitable and I sea foam green $35 harvard the inevitable and i - black first pressing $22 park won’t snow /20 $80 park it wont snow yellow/black swirl $40 park wont snow black/red swirl $40 park building a better ________ Green $50 Say anything - say anything -sealed $20 minus the bear del os mystery color $14 motion city soundtrack go $15 crime in stereo is dead $14 crime in stereo I was trying to describe you $12 banquets self title $14 archers of loaf all the nations airports $12 brand new devil and god triple crown pressing sealed $40 brand new science fiction - sealed /red/blue $20 brand new daisy sealed 1st pressing $32 The story so far - under soil and dirt - fruit punch red Lydia - Liquor $20 Lydia - Illuminate Black $40 SOLD My chemical romance - Black parade sealed $ 20 my chemical romance - Three cheers sealed $20 The story so far - self title Wonder years - the upsides yellow $15 Wonder Years - The greatest generation - Red - $15 wonder years - no closer to heaven - Blue/Burgundy sealed $20 The story so far - self title $12 Kings of leon - - aha shake - white - sealed $18 the used - self title $15 the used - in love and death $15
  6. Huge Sade fan here! I have diamond life I believe it's on black I don't know if you would be interested.