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  1. One more single: Is anyone going to the first half of this tour starting on the 24th? I would really appreciate a merch pickup for Dying Wish.
  2. I guess not? I'm confused as to why the term "preorder" was used, all I can find is digital too. I'm kind of annoyed I set such an early alarm this morning. My bad guys, that post was unnecessary haha
  3. I wonder if we'll get the Neck Deep half separately as well lmao Nice to have this back in circulation for retail price though!
  4. No Sleep put test presses of this up on their webstore rather than throwing them on eBay like they usually do. I'm not sure how many they're selling or how many they made in total. It looks like at one point they also had the Last Lost Continent Lathe as well, but its gone now (way overpriced but I'm not surprised). https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/test-presses/products/somewhere-x-test-press
  5. About time. Hopefully someone can do something positive with this label.
  6. Sorry for your loss dude, your local record store will probably accept a lot of these as well.
  7. Ohhh I really enjoy this. I’ve tried to get into their earlier stuff but it never stuck for me. If the previous album sounds like this, I may have to look into it!
  8. /150 + blanket bundle https://www.merchlimited.com/products/counterparts-nothing-left-to-love-bundle-2
  9. I’m downloading this for iOS right now, I’m stoked haha
  10. These must be going up in waves since it seems to sell out and then be restocked. Did anyone find out how many copies they're making?
  11. I'm sure you've all seen already that Sid Haig passed away, but its such a bummer. I hope they got all of his scenes shot for 3 from Hell. He always had memorable performances