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  1. Next single: https://open.spotify.com/album/1wzFbbjthC4RwynzagKDJ1?si=pUknpLkqTdSxe-WikLrCbA
  2. Also thought about this, it would sell fast and I've seen a lot of people looking for it lately
  3. Thanks for the heads up ! I love how this looks
  4. My god people are so entitled lmao. Collecting is a privilege not a right
  5. Lmaooooo https://www.discogs.com/seller/BigBrainMessiah/profile
  6. Most recent Instagram story suggests the band is recording new music
  7. Dropping in on an older thread to say Spider-Man was wicked. I knew going in that it had a ton of hype and people were really happy with it, but it genuinely blew me away. There were numerous times where the whole audience audibly freaked out; cheered, screamed. Very impressed with it, hopefully I can see it twice
  8. Anticipating a new lockdown in Canada after the holidays. Omicron is getting really, really bad. Glad I have three shots already so I don't need the booster but ugh. Here we go again
  9. Merry Christmas VC! What did you get your loved ones this year and what gifts did you get in return? I got my dad a new jacket, my roommate some art, my sister a few gift cards and did Christmas cards for all of my friends like I usually do. In return I got some beautiful new books, all Penguin clothbounds and a tattoo gift certificate for my shop.
  10. I can't waiiiiit for this. Crazy cast. I'm sure it's gonna be an incredible movie
  11. I heard a big repress was in the works for the new year

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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