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  1. Fourth press of Gulch /1000 https://creatordestructor.bigcartel.com/product/gulch-burning-desire-to-draw-last-breath-demolition-of-human-construct-10-clear-w-smoke
  2. Repress, limited to 500 based on my stock check: https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/the-hope-division/products/stick-to-your-guns-the-hope-division-vinyl-white-w-red-black-splatter
  3. New version of The Place I Feel Safest: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34599112/currents-place-i-feel-safest-clear-with-red-black-splatter
  4. Grabbed Forever Halloween! Its /1000, but I'm expecting it'll be gone quickly.
  5. I am late to these singles, but God they're good. Strings of Separation hits differently
  6. Yeah it did haha. He’s the whole reason those videos got released to the public
  7. Nice, good to see an official release. I'll grab this when its available
  8. Cool hardcore from Vancouver, BC https://www.convulserecords.com/product/punitive-damage-we-don-t-forget-7
  9. Easy buy. I snagged both copies of Sleep Deprivation. I didn't think this would ever get a repress, but I'm glad there was enough of a demand to put it out!
  10. I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread for this yet!! I feel like a lot of you would enjoy it, its so damn good. Two variants, a coke bottle clear and a black, are available here: https://darkmedicine.com/collections/pay-for-pain/products/pay-for-pain-pain-12-ep?variant=32341525430365