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  1. Okay apparently the flexi is being sent worldwide and they printed 500. I'm stoked to hear this song
  2. Here's the link if anyone wants to try their luck. It might not be too late yet. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdq6nM_XZUFgdejTkkMQkoO6q8FnDcssqbcwiPBPfuz1hlfiQ/viewform?ref=https%3A//t.co/OlWa7Jma0n
  3. The next single is called "Hallucinations". The band has been sending out red flexi discs with the song on it to people on the mailing list. I'm not sure if its US only or international fans will also be able to receive it, but I submitted my address anyways! They also include a sticker with the new logo and a small note.
  4. Hey guys! If anyone is attending the upcoming tour, purchased a VIP ticket and doesn't want this single, please hit me up. I'm in Canada but I'll cover shipping and give you a solid tip. This is my favorite Amity song and I'd like to keep my collection complete. Thanks!
  5. This is sooo good. Grabbing that splatter.
  6. That song makes me want to play Wii tennis without the safety strap
  7. Meeee to. I know at least three people who are buying every copy. Those pins are really sick though
  8. I'm kind of disappointed in this! They had the opportunity to do something really cool for the 20th anniversary and I feel like this falls flat. Like its just a 140 gram record on the same colourway that has already been done. Same tracklist, same art. I appreciate the Mightier Than Sword hommage but yeah. I'll stick with my SRC reissue