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  1. You’d think New Damage would pick this up, but they didn’t for the last two releases. Maybe that’s because those weren’t new albums, technically. I’m sure Sunrise will have copies later on.
  2. Record Store Day 2021, 2022, and 2023 will also be announced in the following weeks
  3. Grabbed the /200. The new song isn't my favourite but I really liked the other one. I'm really glad to see Amity on Pure Noise, can we expect a Merchlimited drop later on? Edit: 24 Hundred put up their preorders: https://24hundred.net/collections/the-amity-affliction
  4. This rips. Super excited to see Jess from Mortality Rate featured on one of the tracks. The Return of the Jedi preorder cover is already sold out.
  5. Yeah I agree with you there. The Rise ones were kind of cheap. I don’t think the ones I bought came with download cards, or inserts, or anything like that. There wasn’t a ton of drawing factor. I think they pressed too many as well.
  6. I just watched episode five of the Mandalorian and it truly is fantastic. I'm a grown ass adult whose stoked that baby Yoda items are coming out for Christmas.
  7. I’m so happy Hope For The Day was picked as the organization. Such a wonderful and genuine group of people who put 100% into everything they do
  8. I'm kind of surprised Someday Came Suddenly is still up, considering how fast they sold out last time. Especially with that deal I expected them to be gone pretty much immediately. So many people spent so much money on that aftermarket.
  9. I've seen numerous posts on various sites of people looking for this hoodie. They're available until December 8th! https://www.merchlimited.com/products/counterparts-nl2l-champion-hoodie-1