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  1. I can appreciate that they’re trying to hold themselves up but. Eh
  2. Commenting for the star so I remember to buy this at some point
  3. Anybody have a link to Billie that ships to Canada ? I still can’t find one. Amoeba is down, Rough Trade is down, Zia doesn’t ship to Canada, Going Underground doesn’t have it and Banquet is sold out !
  4. These look great, I'm so excited to get both. I like to think I'm responsible for "Enemies In Red" being put on the B side even though it wasn't released under Sharptone, since I've been bugging them to press that single for months haha. Hope this gets even more people into the band. They deserve it
  5. https://doyersfoo.bigcartel.com/product/riley-gale-forever Some of you might like this. Approved by Riley's friends and family, with all proceeds being donated to charity.
  6. Looks like Dying Wish signed to Sharptone Records and are going to drop a single tomorrow. I could not be more thrilled
  7. It’s kind of a bummer that the pink looks so light, basically the same as the white first press, but I’m stoked for you guys who don’t own this record yet. It’s about time it was repressed.
  8. Anybody want to sell me their cassette copies of You Were The Gasoline? Ideally an Albertan !! I have the black and white split; I would like the red and beige to finish off the set.
  9. New press: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/vein-errorzone_exclusive_lp?variant=32696168087657