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  1. You might want to put this in the sales / trades section to start with
  2. Anybody else planning on going to Wild Rose Hardcore Fest ? Weapon X just got added to the lineup. This is going to be nuts. Calgary hardcore does it like no other https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce4AiCtphKC/
  3. New purple / gold / black mix: https://closedcasketactivities.com/collections/gulch/products/gulch-impenetrable-cerebral-fortress
  4. World of Pleasure has some new merch up to fund a vinyl pressing for the ep: https://worldofpleasure.bigcartel.com/
  5. Yes it was through No Luck's Bigcartel. "Friday around 2pm EST" is what LDB's Twitter says. Previous they had just said "a couple days" which was pretty vague
  6. /200 pink and /300 swirl of Scowl are both gone. Yellow still available widely at retailers like RevHQ. I noticed there is also a new orange cassette on Flatspot's website if you're into that. This band rips and they deserve all the support they can get; they kicked ass opening for Touche Amore. Insane energy from the crowd for their set. That would be great ! Prices seem pretty high for the first press hey ?
  7. Okay so the first wave of this already went up and sold out (lol). 70 were put up and 30 are coming later. It wasn’t a repress, someone had held onto 100 copies of the original black from the first press and just had new covers made. The covers look pretty similar but the writing differs in colour. I think that’s the only way people will be able to tell them apart.
  8. Got the /200 Volcano, stoked on that!! Flatspot Records also has a second press of Scowl’s How Flowers Grow. 600 Copies - Solid Yellow 200 Copies - Clear Pink 300 Copies - Pearlescent Copper Swirl https://flatspotrecords.com/collections/scowl https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/scowl-how-flowers-grow-limited-edition-copper-swirl-lp-only-300-made https://revhq.com/products/scowl-how-flowers-grow?_pos=1&_sid=e6d7d3686&_ss=r
  9. LDB Fest posted this photo on Twitter, implying the Damaged Goods split is being repressed: https://twitter.com/LDBFest/status/1533111884269903873/photo/1
  10. Anybody manage to grab the 200 Stab Wounds from Closed Casket this morning? When I clicked on the link they were immediately sold out. Thankfully I think there are more coming
  11. Good, hopefully this is a permanent leave and not just a "break" and he'll be back later. Some of the comments on Facebook about this have been disgusting. All the creeps really like to come out of the woodwork to defend a man they've never met

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