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  1. Yes, been able to get photos from someone who owns it. I find it odd that its not mentioned on discogs or popsike. Pink Vinyl and the bride has the same song but an acoustic version.
  2. Hello, My girlfriend has a near compete collection but only needs this. We have very little info on this and we only know that it was a pre-order only release. We have only seen one in the wild and thats it. Nothing listed on discogs but the CD version. If anyone knows anything about this release and or would sell please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated. Heres a n image of the sleeve to help jog peoples memories. Thanks, Luke
  3. I've been after this for a while and just wondered if anyone had it kicking around. Peanut Pump Gun - Indie Love I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!
  4. Has anyone got one of these they would be willing to sell? I have a green slappy EP for trade. Cheers Tinman
  5. I would really like to buy this off you but that seems a bit high for me Can you do any better?
  6. I want to complete my Distillers collection and still need a purple Coral Fang. Anyone have one they wouldnt mind selling please PM me. Any of the Spinnerette 7inches too. Also if you have the sourpuss EP Brody put out before moving to LA i would be interested in that too.
  7. Here are some items I would like to sell: Please male offers via PM. Records OMM - Down Side Up - Blue White Red LP OMM - Party Shack - Pink (no insert purchased directly from fat in the xmas sale) OMM - Blood on My Hands - Clear and Red Splatter Nofx - wolves in wolves clothing - yellow Nofx - elf entitled tri colour Nofx - ronnie and mags - blue splatter Nofx - stepdad - black blue swirl Nofx - hardcore - pic disc Nofx - hardcore - half black half white Teenage bottlerocket - freak out - pink Fat fest II 10 inch half red half blue splatter Me first and the gimme gimmes go down under blue and green Less than jake boarders and boundaries yellow Green Day - Slappy - Laytonville green vinyl NOFX 126 Inches Special Edition Box Set simon and garfunkel bookends signed by both Paul and art with COA Johnny cash tour program signed by johnny cash, June carter cash and Carl Perkins Tim Armstrong avenue and alleyways print signed by tim armstrong Comics: (pictures available at request of actual comics) Iron Man No:1 (1968) - Iron Mans first Dedicated book Journey Into Mystery No:101 (1964) - the Return of Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man - Loki restores Zarrko's memory so that he will seek revenge against Thor! The Mighty Thor No:126 - Thors first dedicated book (originally appearing in Journey into mystery) The Incredible Hulk No:102 (1968) - The Hulks first dedicated book Marvel Tales No:2 (1965) - Featuring the origin stories of X-men, Avengers, Strange tales 115 and The Incredible Hulk 3 Dont want to sell unless i get a fairly good offer on these: Watchmen Original 12 issue run, all signed by Dave Gibbons. Guitar pedals: These have UK power supplys. memory man with hazarai (love this pedal, so much fun but I need to have a clearout) Harmonic Octave Generator/Synthesizer with expression pedal - DISCONTINUED (this pedal is awesome! checkout the link and watch the video, you can generate a great sound B3 and even the opening to the whos wont get fooled again) http://www.ehx.com/products/hog Im in the UK so please take into account shipping might be hight for you internationals.
  8. I would really like to add this to my collection, dont mind which variant. Please someone help a duder out. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies - Grey Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies - Green Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies - Green/Grey Split