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  1. I have been playing music since I was 15 and this is the first time my music has ever been pressed on vinyl. Still feels quite surreal, but hopefully some of you can enjoy it a fraction as much as I do (I'm sure many of you have already had that feeling, even several times). I play in a band called Alleys from Buffalo, NY and we're doing a split with Pierre from Minneapolis, MN. Here's a link to our first song from it, they will start shipping on or around January 10th! Full thing comes out on 1/3/16! Feedback/opinions are always very cool. Thanks Song: 7"/Tape Preorder: http://www.runningaroundrecords.com/#!product-page/coww/a22a4ca9-533b-fa71-9973-a6508097b8a3
  2. AS SOON AS I TURNED 20 LIFE SUCKED. WHATEVER. NEED MONEY REALLY BAD. Also, I'm so sorry if you ever sent me any messages about wanting stuff from my previous thread when my laptop/all school stuff got stolen. My messages got all fucked up, and I have a shitty nokia windows phone that never works. Taking offers on the following. Thanks everyone. Adventures - Clear My Head With You - Red/500 First Press Adventures - s/t - White/200 No Sleep Subscription (No Jelly Band) Batten Down The Hatches/Random Holiday - Black/300 First Press Creative Adult - Bulls In The Yard - Red/200 First Press Dads - Woman EP - Red/1000 First Press RSD Fireworks - Adventure,Nostalgia And Robbery - Black/500 Second Press Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - Brown/Beer/Bone /500 First Press Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - Clear w/Blue Splatter/200 First Press Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - White/Blue/Clear Smash/300 First Press I Call Fives - Someone That's Not You - Maroon/500 First Press Little Big League - s/t - Black 31/300 First Press Run For Cover Records Mixed Singles VOl.1 - Black 238/1000 First Press State Champs - Overslept - Black/Green Splatter on Clear/500 Second Press Pentimento - Inside The Sea - Black/100 First Press Front Porch Step - Aware - Purple/Mint Smash w/White Splatter /200 First Press Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back - Grey/523 - 3rd Press We Are The Union - Great Leaps Forward - Purple/Gray /??? First Press Diamond Youth- Don't Lose Your Cool - Black/60 Tape Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Green/65 Tape Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Yellow/50 Tape I know this isn't much and I'm sorry, hopefully some of this interests any of you. Thanks again
  3. ATTENTION! I AM VERY SORRY FOR NOT RESPONDING TO ALL OF THESE MESSAGES/INQUIRIES My laptop was stolen shortly after posting this thread. I have gone nearly a whole semester without one, life's been hell. Please message me if you are still interested in anything. In need of funds to replace what was stolen in my backpack/upcoming endeavors for my band. Thank you, sorry again.
  4. Come to Mayer Brothers Cider Mill in the Buffalo area dog, and never leave. It's been open for 11 days, and I've been there 8 times. 2 of those times were the same day. $1.24 for a small, $1.74 for a large.
  5. Fall is coming up, need money for apple cider slushies. Will entertain offers, slide into my DM's. 7" The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - Orange/1000 3rd The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - Purple/1000 3rd Mixtapes - Somewhere in Trinsic - Blue/600 First The Story So Far/Maker - Blue Cream split/300 First Press The Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns - Clear/Beer w/Black Splat/500 Frist Press Man Overboard - The Absolute Worst - Blue w/White Splat/400 First Press Post Season - Restless Nights - Egg/340 First The Wonder Years - Manton Street - Red/3000 Fireworks - Adventure, Nostalgia & Robbery - Black/500 2nd State Champs - Overslept - Coke Bottle Clear/500 First Press Four Year Strong - It's not the size of the 7"... - Black 12" Mixtapes - Even on the worst nights - Blue/600 First press Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence - Cone/500 First Press The Wonder Years - The Upsides - Safety Green/3000 3rd Press Man Overboard - Real Talk - Black/300 First Press Handguns - Angst - Green/White/500 First Press Major League - Hard Feelings - Lavender/500 First Press Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here - White/200 First Press The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Purple/White/1000 First Press The Story So Far - Under Soil & Dirt - Maroon/500 2nd Press Front Porch Step - Aware - Purple/Mint w/White splat/200 First Press Brand New - The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me - Clear 2xLP/2500 3rd Press Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - White/Red TOUR PRESS/500 1st (sealed) State Champs - The Finer Things - white w/Orange & Blue splatter/300 First Press Neck Deep - Rain in July/History of Bad Decisions - Orange/150 first Press Tapes Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Green/65 The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Green/250 Fireworks - Gospel - Purple/30 Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Yellow/50 Real Friends - Everyone The Dragged You Here - White/90
  6. I own New Best Friends, but missed out on the bundle while I was loading in for a show. (long story) If anyone has one of these they would be willing to sell or trade, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it! Unrelated note, if anyone has any State Lines stuff they'd like to sell on the cheap, let me know about that too! Thanks everyone!
  7. Pm'd ya yesterday. Waiting on a reply, let's make a deal!