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Found 38 results

  1. hit me up with offers.thanks 7": Afghan whigs:conjure me 7" red/pinkish vinyl Foo fighters:best of you 7" In cold blood-s/t 7" black vinyl Iron curtain:demo 2011 7"black vinyl with release show cover/30 Me first and the gimme gimmes: billy 7" army green vinyl Mineral:february 7" My chemical romance: helena 7" picture disc Off with their heads/four letter word split 7" gold vinyl/500 1st press Pulling teeth/frightener split 7" black/gold vinyl/150 Spirit 84:beyond the call of friendship 7" black/white limited cover, black vinyl Transplants: thougs and gangsters glow in the dark vinyl with foldout poster sleeve 7" v/a:more than x on our hands -worldwide sxe comp 6x7" box 10": Beastie boys:sabotage/get it together rare uk only press LP: AFI: the art of drowning LP grey marble vinyl 2001 press An albatross: eat lightning shit thunder ! 12" tour press on red vinyl/85 Austin lucas:somebody loves you lp gold/500 Boysetsfire:the day the sun went out lp black vinyl Burn:cleanse lp black vinyl Coco cobra and the killers:i want you LP Clutch: slow black hole to chine lp black vinyl Die kreuzen :century days lp gatefold Good clean fun:live in springfield lp purple vinyl +3d glass Have heart:songs to scream lp blue vinyl 1stt press Iron maiden:Live after death 2xlp yugo press Iron maiden:powerslave lp yugo press Kreator:terrible certainty lp noise records press Kreator:extreme aggression picture disc og press Mars volta,the: inertiatic esp 10" blue vinyl,numbered Mars volta,the:frances the mute 12" green marble vinyl Misfits:12 hits from hell -the msp sessions lp caroline records Pantera:hostile moments 12" gatefold Soul asylum:grave dancers union lp og press The leaving trains:well down blue highway lp black vinyl The leaving trains:fuck lp TESTPRESS Youth of today: breakdown the walls lp 97 press on black vinyl Soundtracks (some of them are rare promotional copies with stamped sleeve and all original motion picture releases): dracula by john williams OST lp promo E.T. ost lp King kong ost lp with john barry with poster Lost boys ost lp Star wars:return of the jedi ost ,direct metal mastering edition with promo stamp star wars:return of the jedi ost, with promo stamp who framed roger rabbit ost lp with promo stamp warriors ost lp with promo stamp
  2. Hey guys, Looking for My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco/Bastille Vinyl Specifically if you have any of these: My Chemical Romance: "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" Clear or other variants Panic at the Disco: "A Fever you Can't Sweat Out' Gold Vinyl Bastille: Anything if you've got a decent price! (If you have anything signed that would be cool too)
  3. Hi! I'm after a copy of MCR's Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us 7" single. Nothing to trade (as I haven't got much!) but please PM with a price if you have it available. To be honest, if you have any MCR vinyl feel free to comment/PM as I'm looking to complete my set. Thank you guys.
  4. http://instagram.com/p/nluHW1hg8v/ This is the first single from the album Gold Blooded, which is the debut solo album from Mat Devine of Kill Hannah fame. It features Gerard Way, ex MCR guy. No idea what this is going to sound like, but it'll be going up on the Wrongchilde Soundcloud tomorrow (May 5th). Also not sure whereabouts you'll be able to order this, so keep your eye on Devine's Twitter here: https://twitter.com/matdevineslife UPDATE: Both the new LP and the heart shaped single can be found here.
  5. It is with a heavy heart that I must attempt to sell my very cherished copy of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. A huge mishap with the bank has my family attempting to come up with hundreds of dollars in mere days, and this is the most valuable thing I own, besides my car lol. The record is in near mint condition. I haven't played it. The sleeve is in very good condition, with only minor shelf wear. I have all the inserts; the original red REVENGE inner sleeve, the lyric insert which include handwritten lyric sheets pictured on one side, and the logo+guns stencil, of course never used. I am the original owner. I truly do not wish to part with this, and if a sale doesn't occur before the deadline with the bank I will not be selling it. I am hoping to find $160ppd for this. I know it's an extremely high number and I regret asking for it (especially because I plan to repurchase this later this year, and I know it'll hurt whenever I have to pay over $200 for another copy.). This is a last option for me. But I don't even have a player right now so maybe there's someone out there looking for a copy who would also cherish it and actually give it the spins it deserves. I can take pictures upon request. Thanks for reading.
  6. I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for both these vinyl from My Chemical Romance. - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - Black Parade Thanks in advance
  7. gonna see both matt pelissier and frank iero soon, looking to get a copy of this and venture and get it signed by some of them. help?
  8. Hey guys, I've been hunting down a copy of Conventional Weapons 1 and am wondering what it is actually worth? There is a copy for sale used on amazon valued at $250, but I think that may be a bit too much. Thoughts?
  9. Looking for: Blink 182 - Self Titled My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (The whole album, not just the single) Thank you very much!
  10. Looking for a copy of Conventional Weapons Number One. New or used. Thanks!
  11. I don't have a preference as to which mask it comes it but I would like it to include the mask, certificate of death, wooden box, etc Willing to pay what it's worth. Desperately need this for my collection!
  12. Thrice - Vheissu dark brown vinyl w. black and gold splatter/2xLP/Island Records 2011 Reissue/Hot Topic Exclusive/Out of 1000 Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance green marble vinyl/2012 Repress/2xLP/out of 1000 Also this: MCR - Three Cheers (red vinyl/out of 500/oop/bent corner on sleeve and small split and scuffs on sleeve during original shipping. vinyl has never been played. Mint +) PM me with offers please. $4 shipping US. International will be based on location.
  13. unplayed, although there are some little dings on the front PM offers