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  1. I was wondering why green was left out, now I see the blue and yellow make it hahah
  2. I was at this show, and trust me when I say you’re gonna want this. This was the best I have ever seen them at. They sounded amazing and I am stoked to get it. also have a good hunch that all 8 sides have music, as when they cut the record, they flipped it for the 8th side.
  3. Anyone have a link to any UK indie that will do online?
  4. This is speculation of course, it could also be an RSD release but time will tell. The 7” makes me think probably vault.
  5. So after that sleep show in the blue room Wednesday, they ended up cutting 4 LPs worth of material, as well as recording a song in the record booth. Thinking maybe a vault package? Or RSD release. Either way beyond stoked about it, that was the best live show I have ever seen.
  6. looking to pick these up fast, meeting jesse keeler in about a week and a half and would love to get these signed.
  7. now just YFW also if anyone can beat 75 shipped on TDAG on white.
  8. these two if you can beat 75 shipped on TDAG hit me up.
  9. looking to get this set as a grad gift for someone. looking for any non-black versions. thanks!
  10. unfortunately i gotta be really specific in what im looking for with this one. ive been using one of these cabs for bass and its absolutely perfect. my band is just bass+drums and we have a 2nd bass head we're going to run and i need an identical cab so that i can replicate the same sound im getting with the cab i have currently. also identical cabs look cool on stage when they're spaced out haha.