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Found 6 results

  1. Made a cleansing in collection. In most cases I own test presses, some some are doubles. Contact via PM or [email protected] Sick Tired "Dissolution" - gone Oathbreaker "Maelstron" - Brown first press, mint, played few times. 15 usd. Warpaint "S/T" - gone Horseback ‎"Piedmont Apocrypha" - Mint. 10 usd. Between Earth And Sky ‎"Of Roots And Wings" - Tour press #72/100. Mint, never played. 20 usd. Miles Away "Tide" - gone
  2. Horseback- Dead Ringers 2x12" is now available for pre-order. Release Date: August 12, 2016 PRESSING INFO: First Press 1600 x Black Standard Gram 300 x Baby Blue Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Clear (do not request clear) https://store.relapse.com/item/40665
  3. So I'm selling couple of records. In most cases I've bought test presses and selling regulars, some I do not like anymore, some I'm looking for other version (test or first press). 1. Calm The Fire "Blackout" - black vinyl - 8 usd 2. Isis + Aereogramme "In The Fishtank 14" - blue vinyl - 12 usd 3. Knife Fight "Crisis" - black vinyl - 8 usd 4. Left For Dead "Live - Eat Shit" - clear red vinyl, second press /100 - 18 usd 5. Die Young (TX) "Graven Images" - white with blue splatter - 8 usd 6. Bacchus "S/T" - green vinyl - 8 usd 7. Ocean "Here Where Nothing Grows" - brown with white splatter - 12 usd 8. Sahn Maru "Never Too Late" - black vinyl - 8 usd 9. Mammoth Grinder "Underworld" - 12 usd (sealed) 10. Shotmaker "The Crayon Club" - 14 usd 11. Shores Of The Tundra ‎"Heart Of The Beckoning" - clear vinyl with red paint on B - 8 usd 12. Pyramids/Horseback "A Throne Without A King" LP+7" - black vinyl - 12 usd 13. Skin Like Iron "Descent Into Light" - marble vinyl /669 - 8 usd 14. Horseback "Piedmont Apocrypha" - black vinyl - 12 usd 15. Examination Of The... ‎"Lady In The Radiator" - purple vinyl /162 - 12 usd 16. Nazi Dust "Wretched Hour" - black vinyl - 8 usd All used (spin few times) but in very good condition, some like new. Can send additional photos if requested. Only the Shotmaker has a mark from the label (see photo below). Shipping from Poland - 12 usd If you buy more we can negotiate prices.
  4. 27 - Holding On For Brighter Days 1st pressing Amber glitter /356 Real glitter inside wax. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam 2xLP A Storm of Light - 2xLP Primitive North blue/grey Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 10" black or white ​Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 45 rpm 12"clear or trans. red ​Botch - Unifying Themes Redux orange/brown ​Botch - We Are the Romans SWIRL Cave In - Planets of Old black Planets of Old - Green Tea Frozen Yogurt sealed Antenna orange Jupiter Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon white w/ pink splatter Gaza - No Absolutes In Human Suffering - 1st press White Glassjaw - EYEWTKAS 2xLP black unplayed Horseback / Pyramids - A Throne Without A King sealed Yellow vinyl LP+7" ^sealed but has slight ding near jacket opening, as received from BCD. Hot Water Music - Never Ender 5th press Trans Red /330
 ISIS - Oceanic black ISIS - Panopticon - clear/cokebottle w/ silver smoke ISIS - Wavering Radiant black Jaguar Love - Take Me to the Sea 180g black 

Jesu - Lifeline Gold/Black A/B swirl Mariachi el Bronx - II (red/white/green flag variant) Minus the Bear - Beer Commercials - grey/magenta Minus the Bear - Beer Commercials - fruity pebbles splatter Minus the Bear - Beer Commercials - rainbow splatter 
Minus the Bear - Interpretaciones del Oso 'mystery colour' /150
Minus the Bear - Interpretaciones del Oso 'root beer' Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice 2xLP 2st press clear w/ gold [TOUR PRESS] /500 Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice 2xLP 1st press solid silver opaque Burn to Shine - Seattle, WA feat. Minus the Bear, Jesse Sykes, Ben Gibbard, Tony Vipers, Eddie Vedder, etc. (DVD) 
Minus the Bear slipmat (black) designed by Dave Knudson /50
 Minus the Bear slipmat (white) designed by Dave Knudson /50 Murder By Death - Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing 2nd Press
180 gram White OFFER $$ + heavyweight Black 7" 'For Matt Davis' b/w 'Those Who Left (early version) MBD - Red of Tooth and Claw red ​MBD - Red of Tooth and Claw maroon In bocca al lupa - orange those who survive + bonus 7" 
Narrows - New Distances (Blue) /330 $30 Narrows - New Distances clear - $25 Narrows - New Distances white - $25 

Narrows - S/T 7" Pink w/ brown splatter /700 - $9 

Narrows - S/T 7" Pink w/ brown splatter /700 - $9 

Narrows - S/T 7" brown/black half/half - $9 

Odd Nosdam - Burner 2xLP - $20 Pyramids / Horseback - A Throne Without A King sealed Yellow vinyl - $27 Red Sparowes - Aphorisms trans orange - $14 Saves the Day - Under the Boards black /400+
 - $33 
Since By Man - Pictures From the Hotel Apocalypse (Final Show Edition) Black /135

 - OFFER $ Since By Man - Pictures From the Hotel Apocalypse Black /800

 - $14 Since By Man - We Sing the Body Electric Black /800
 - $14 Till Death 7" (members of SYG) - $7 

Wolf Parade - S/T Black 12" EP - $14 

At the Drive-In - In/Casino/Out CD
 Compact Disc, Factory Sealed.

 - $12 1-4 LPs ship (tracked) to the USA for $15 USD 5+ LPs ship (tracked) to the USA for $20 USD 7"s can be added on to any order of 1 LP or more for no additional shipping. (still free during promotion) Int'l is typically $25 surface (6-8 weeks), $45 airmail (3-4 weeks, sometimes less) $65 express (6 business days) depending where you live, how much you order, rates will vary. Shipping in Canada usually starts at $11 CAD - $16 CAD for the 1st LP, the next few items have no additional shipping cost. I always give deals when you buy multiple items at once. Things I would trade for, or gladly buy: - Colditz Glider | s/t Mini CD-R - Colditz Glider | Properties Of Light CD
  5. Loking for this record to complete my Locrian vinyl collection. Hit me up if your looking to sell!
  6. jonrawks

    WTB : Horseback

    Kind of a long shot, but I'm looking to fill in the few gaps I have in my Horseback collection. Here are the three things I'm missing. PM if you have them and are looking to get rid of them, thanks. Horseback - The Invisible Mountain Horseback / Voltiguers - 7" split Horseback / Locrian - 10" split