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  1. Elliott related and probably not worth it's own thread - Temporary Residence is pressing Falling Forward's anthology onto a single LP. 3/5ths of the members went on to form Elliott. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr247
  2. Available from Season of Mist for a few dollars less too Black : https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/woods-of-desolation-the-falling-tide-lp-gatefold-digital Blue/white/black marble : https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/woods-of-desolation-the-falling-tide-lp-gatefold-colored-blue-digital
  3. Grivo - Elude is back in print https://grivo.bandcamp.com/album/elude
  4. I watched it a while back and liked it quite a bit too. I also recommend it!
  5. Had a weekend at home and got some movies watched. Nope - I thought it was kind of bogged down in the first half, but the back half was great! Once it got moving, I really enjoyed it. Glorious - This was enjoyable enough. It probably would've worked better as a 45 minute episode of Creepshow (or something similar) though. Mad God - Was really impressed by this! I kind of spaced out and took it all in. I know there isn't a ton of plot to it, but don't think I could really explain what was going on
  6. The Simon Sperrier Hellblazer stuff was very good! Outside of the original run, I think that's the only Hellblazer worth reading.
  7. The New 52 Swamp Thing run is really good too. Ram V just finished up an excellent 16 issue series as well. Both worth checking out if you need more Swampy in your life!
  8. I watched Prey on Friday night and wow, that's a heck of a movie! Easily the best Predator movie since the first.
  9. Reptilian Records still has copies of their EP collection http://www.reptilianrecords.com/products/666243-chat-pile-this-dungeon-earth-remove-your-skin-please-lp-cd
  10. I watched both Firestarter movies recently. I'd never seen the original one, so both were new to me. I've never gotten the impression that the 1984 one was a great movie, but I was surprised that it was as bad as it was. As for the 2022 Firestarter, it's borderline unwatchable. Unless you're a King movie completist, both can probably be avoided.
  11. New Nadja CD/CS coming out in a few months https://katuktucollective.bandcamp.com/album/labyrinthine Four extended tracks of atmospheric doom sludge, each with a different guest vocalist: Alan Dubin (Gnaw, Khanate), Rachel Davies (Esben & The Witch), Lane Shi Otayonii (Elizabeth Colour Wheel), & Dylan Walker (Full of Hell).