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  1. I was super confused this morning when I saw a 120 euro paypal charge in my email. Figured out what it was just before filing an unauthorized charge claim haha.
  2. New You'll Never Get to Heaven https://youllnevergettoheaven.bandcamp.com/album/wave-your-moonlight-hat-for-the-snowfall-train
  3. I was pretty disappointed by Halloween Kills as well. I think if you watch it expecting a dumb slasher, you'll probably have some fun. If you're expecting something on par with the 2018 movie, it's a big let down.
  4. New Boy Harsher. As far as I can tell, it's a score and not a proper album, but the description isn't great. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/boy-harsher-the-runner-ost
  5. I think the Ending Things book tells the story a little more cohesively and I think having read it beforehand makes the movie a bit more decipherable. The movie goes full Charlie Kaufman by the end, which definitely isn't for everyone! I think he did a good job adapting the material and adding his voice to it. It being in 4:3 and shot to tightly really makes it feel claustrophobic. I can't remember how I felt about the movie initially, but I like it more now that I've sat with it for however many months.
  6. Digging this https://kaelanmikla.bandcamp.com/album/undir-k-ldum-nor-urlj-sum
  7. I'm guessing if it wasn't a Tobe Hooper movie, it'd probably have been an 80s obscurity. I thought it was fairly entertaining and it really delivers in the third act, but I can't say it's an essential watch.
  8. Week 2 was a bit more mixed. I've got the rest of the month mapped out and think the next 17 days will be pretty solid! 8. Final Destination 2 9. The Funhouse 10. Little Shop of Horrors - Director's Cut (1986) 11. Mother of Tears 12. Cujo 13. The Dead Zone 14. Wrong Turn 2 : Dead End
  9. I've only seen Tetsuo for whatever reason, but this is a good reminder to look more into his work!
  10. The Night House was good, but I got interrupted watching it a few times and was taken out of it. I feel like I need to give it another watch to fully enjoy it. Rebecca Hall's performance was pretty stellar. I think if you liked The Ritual, you'll enjoy this. It's less fun, but it's probably the better movie.
  11. Had a fairly good first week of October. 1. Final Destination 2. Audition b/w Suspiria 3. Skinned Deep 4. Bubba Ho-Tep 5. The Night House 6. V/H/S 94 7. The Addams Family
  12. Funny! I think the polish was a bit of a problem for me as well. The rest looked like they were actually filmed on VHS and the 3rd one was really clean. I'm guessing you've seen it, but you might like Frankenstein's Army. 3rd segment reminded me of that a bit.
  13. It was the 3rd one, felt like I was watching a video game haha.
  14. I watched it last night and feel pretty mixed about it. Liked two of the shorts, downright hated one and thought one was ok, but overstayed its welcome. The wrap around was a bit of a dud too. Still better than the 3rd one though.
  15. I think this is my only real complaint with it. One or two is fine, but I was a bit tired of them towards the end. That aside, I liked it quite a bit.

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