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  1. I watched M3GAN on Friday night and it's dumb and fun. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a horror-comedy or if it was unintentionally comedic.
  2. I watched Phantom of the Mall : Eric's Revenge on Saturday night and it's a gem of a bad movie. Highly recommended! I've also really been enjoying The Last of Us so far.
  3. I watched Sick over the weekend and it was a decent modern slasher. Not sure if I I'd watch it again, but it made for a fun Saturday night movie.
  4. Series 5 membership is available https://nowflensing.com/products/the-flenser-membership-series-series-five
  5. New Dawn Ray'd - light blue or galaxy yellow/orange vinyl https://shop.prostheticrecords.com/products/dawn-rayd-to-know-the-light
  6. Issue 3 with the 7" came out last Wednesday. Only the first 6 issues were solicited with 7"s. Not sure if that was the plan all along or this being such a mess had them scrap the idea. It's too bad that a cool idea was soured by delays, not enough copies, etc.
  7. I watched it Friday night and thought it was a blast! I would've liked a mildly different ending though.
  8. I watched Something in the Dirt on NYE and thought it was great! Don't think Benson/Moorehead fans will be disappointed.
  9. Last night, I watched about 40 minutes of Scare Package II and gave up. I don't remember anything about the first one, which probably means it was very middle of the road. II was pretty unwatchable.
  10. I watched it on Thursday and liked it quite a bit. I think the only complaint I have is that it's pretty slow for the first 30 minutes. Once it starts moving though, it's a whole lot of fun! I also watched Christmas, Bloody Christmas this weekend and loved it. Very much recommended if you need a killer robot Santa slasher in your life.
  11. Thanks for the info Don! I'll probably order through AC30 for now and cancel if it shows up anywhere with cheaper shipping. Hoping this leads to more Air Formation vinyl down the road too!
  12. I watched Smile last night and it was pretty bad. It's technically and visually well made. The story didn't do much of anything for me though. I watched V/HS/99 a while back and thought the middle three shorts were a lot of fun. The first and last weren't so good. I've got three episodes of The Midnight Club left and it's a mixed bag for me. I'm enjoying the main story, but I think the stories they're telling drag the whole thing down.
  13. Anyone know of US distros that normally carry Club AC30? $60PPD stings a bit haha

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