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  1. Ghostwatch is such a blast! This is worth a read, seems like it was really effective! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghostwatch#Controversy
  2. I watched Talk to Me over the weekend and thought it was a great time!
  3. Eluvium - Lambent Material is getting it's first pressing outside of the Life Through Bombardment set. On black or dark red vinyl. Expected to ship early next month. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr057
  4. Every time this gets bumped, I keep hoping it's any of the Cop - Greed albums 😅
  5. Looks like Holy Mountain Printing has the band color too (for those in the US) https://holymountainprinting.com/products/blood-incantation-holy-mountain-exclusive-color-lp-metallic-silver-pre-order
  6. Adding to the Seattle list - Spin Cycle and Zion's Gate are both in Capitol Hill. Zion's Gate is a must stop shop if you're looking for metal. I always find something at the Everyday Music in Portland.
  7. They put out a live album recently too https://landland.bandcamp.com/album/law-of-karma-live-fake-shit-wins-but-not-tonight
  8. New DEAFCULT album. White vinyl /700. Came out to about $31 https://hobbledehoyrecords.com/store/deafcult-future-of-illusion/
  9. You mean a lot to this community Juan, we're here for you if you need us.
  10. I've been to Chicago a few times and here's what I'd recommend : I really like Bucket of Blood as well, it's very close to Meteor Gem (like a block away). I second checking out Reckless records. I didn't think the one by Millennium Park was all that exciting, but the other two were great! For vegan food, here's a short list of places I liked - Handlebar, Flying Saucer, Kitchen 17 (vegan deep dish place), Chicago Diner. Native Foods is good too if you're looking for some fast food (think Veggie Grill). I didn't make it to too many bars, but I went to quite a few breweries both trips and am happy to suggest some too.
  11. Wish they would've put the new songs on the blank side so I didn't have to deal with a 7" 😅
  12. I'll probably grab whatever is available next time I order from Dais or wait for a holiday sale.
  13. I watched Influencer on Saturday night. Wouldn't say it was a great movie, but I found it to be some fun junk food (reminded me of You a lot).
  14. New Khanate album https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr321-to-be-cruel-khanate

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