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  1. There is a record I would like to buy from a seller on Discogs. The seller is located in Japan. They will ship to USA right now but not to Canada. (They site COVID restrictions). I'm looking for someone who I can have the record shipped to, who will then ship to me. Of course I will pay for everything. Thank you.
  2. Flenser seems to have good quality production. The fact this is being self-released and not handled by Flenser is kind of not a great sign. Besides having a reputation for not sending goods, the quality of the Hubardo 3xLP was not up to standards. It was advertised as being 200g vinyl but turned out to not even be 180g heavyweight vinyl. The records themselves as super floppy, like 140-160g range. Referring to the original self-released pre-order press here and not the recent Flenser reissue. In addition to that the original run had an option to bundle the Sword of Satan book. The boo
  3. Not only this, but last time they did a self-release, (Hubardo 3xLP) many people had to pester him via email and his personal facebook page for YEARS in order to receive a simple refund because they never got their stuff. Toby Driver has a reputation for doing this. He tends to just give people excuses for years. One kid mad to get him mom get mad at him on facebook to get a refund to the mom's credit card. That was for the Hubardo thing., Prior to that, they had a kickstarter that is still unfinished, the project is called 'Ichneumonidae' and if you look it up and check the comments you'l
  4. You just outed yourself as one by caring enough to quote.
  5. Gonna make a small statement here that will probably largely go unnoticed here, or at risk or being hated on (definitely actually), but oh well, I've got nothing to lose. I think I'm done with this board. Too many run-ins with internet jerks too often. Too many people who know more about plastic than sound. Too much time spent thinking on other people's behalf. This doesn't happen to me anywhere else on the internet. VC rivals youtube comments as the bottom of the internet barrel, reality is that is VC's reputation. Even on twitch people are not only respectful, but actually nice and kin
  6. Guess you never read the lyrics to Goodbye. Too bad you missed the LA date, baka gaijin, I'll be seeing them for the 2nd time and I have an extra ticket. Btw my recommendation for you is to take your photoshop template, put on a USB drive and insert into your anus. Also the surefire way to tell you've got nothing backing your arguement is to attack someone's grammar. I would blame autocorrect, but I was just too busy to deal with your bullshit.
  7. Actually my best friend was killed a little over a month ago, not that it would matter to you. Keep cocking off to everyone you meet on the internet.
  8. THANK YOU! someone who knows their shit and doesn't have their head up their ass. Their guitarist wears a fucking knee pad and is down on his knees practically crying the entire set. DEREK I know your a regular but FUCK OFF. Get off my back and get a fucking life. Sounds to me like your smug, jealous, and ignorant. If you think your opinion matters to me you are dreaming. For someone who dislikes emo so much you certainly are a whiny bitch.
  9. Like how you edited from question to statement to seem even more like a smug bastard. When I was in college (I took recording engineering) I had a music lit prof. He's pretty well known for interviewing pretty great bands like Tortoise, Merzbow, etc. I did a project on emo and he raved about how my presentation was the best he'd ever seem. He asked me during the presentation to define emo. I'm 28 years old and been listening to emo since I was 14, that's 14 years half my life... so take that and shove it up your self righteous asshole.
  10. Not about to get into an internet argument here. If you've heard them on record you've only got half the picture. See them live and them come back.
  11. Going out on a limb here and going to guess you've never seen them live either.
  12. You've obviously never seen them live. They also list emo bands like Cap n Jazz as direct influence.
  13. More like math/emo. Start with The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety. That's the classic jam.

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