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Found 9 results

  1. http://www.allinmerch.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=INCENDIARY-THOUSAND-MILE-STARE-LP Onsale Now
  2. Selling a bunch of 1st pressings, lots are the rarest variant! Phase 2 of my collection cleaning! Message me if you want anything and we can work out some deals. Start with an offer please. LPs: 7 Seconds - The Crew - 2007 Repress - Black American Football - American Football - 1st Press - Black Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God - 1st Press - Blue Blacklisted - We're Unstoppable - 1st Press - Grey Damnation A.D. - Kingdom of lost souls - 1st Press - Black Disgrace - Songs Of Suffering - 1st Press - Gold w/Black Swirl /100 Gypsy - Giants Despair - 1st Press - White Go It Alone - Histories - 1st Press - White Hammer Bros. - The Kids Are Dead - 1st Press - Green /300 Hammer Bros. - The Vitality - 1st Press - White /250 In My Eyes - The Difference Between - 1st Press - Black Incendiary - Cost Of Living - 1st Press - White /164 Incendiary - Crusade - 1st Press - Black /250 Nails - Abandon All Life - 1st Press - Black Nails - Unsilent Death - 1st Press - Black Nails - You will never be one of us - 1st Press - Pink /300 Rise And Fall - Into Oblivion - 1st Press - White/Silver Mix Rise And Fall - Our Circle Is Vicious - 1st Press - Yellow/Bronze Mix Saves The Day - Stay What You Are - 1st Press - Black Shutdown - Against All Odds - 1st Press - Black Sick Of It All - Based On A True Story - 1st Press - Black Slapshot - Digital warfare - Repress - Yellow Starkweather - This Sheltering Night - 1st Press - Blue/White Mix /300 Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? - 1st Press - Black 12 Splits and comps: America's Hardcore - Compilation - 1st Press - Blue W/White Splatter America's Hardcore Volume 2 - Compilation - 1st Press - Blue 7s: Turnstile - Move Thru Me - 1st Press - White /200 Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed - 1st Press - Blue Turnstile - Step 2 Rhythm - Black 1st Press /300 (Splits) Go It Alone/ Blue Monday - Split - 1st Press - White Incendiary/Suburban Scum - 1st Press - Clear Incendiary/Xibalba - 1st Press - Red /100 Incendiary/Unrestrained - 1st Press - Orange 10s: Hour Of The Wolf - Obsolete - 1st Press - Red W/Black Splatter Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin - 1st Press - Clear Tapes: Death Angel - Act III Depeche Mode - Catching Up With Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again Depeche Mode - People Are People Eating Glass - Time The Great Destroyer Faith No More - Angel Dust Judas Priest - Painkiller M.O.D. - USA for M.O.D.
  3. SIASL is a weekly podcast I do with my brother, which was initially to chronicle my transition from New Yorker to North Carolinian, and is now just me and him shooting the shit. However, we've recently started to have guests on. Past guests include From Autumn To Ashes/The Wanted/Rita Ora/Jim Breuer guitarist Brian Deneeve, and UFC's The Ultimate Fighter (season 2) finalist Luke Cummo. SIASL on iTunes [Archive of past episodes here] ------------------- This week's guest is Balloon Boy himself, Mr. Falcon Heene! I remember him flying away in a weather balloon and a bunch of old ladies crying about it, then the kid coming down from his attic and blowing up his dad's publicity stunt on national TV later that day. Well, it turns out he has a band with his brothers, does YouTube videos and is still reachin' for that golden ring. So, I had him on episode 32! We discuss the infamous Balloon Boy Hoax, how he feels about the title now, life in Florida, The Heene Boyz' beef with Unlocking The Truth, their love of Trump, plus an update on their touring plans and new material! Stream/DL episode on Podbean ------------------- Next week's guest will be Dan from Incendiary! Thanks for checking it out!
  4. Want to buy quite a few records and if you have multiple of these please let me buy them of you (don't care about pressing except Prawn and You Blew It) The Hotelier- Home Like No Place Is There Incendiary- Cost Of Living Incendiary- Crusade Incendiary/Xibalba Split Into It Over It/ Koji Split Joie De Vivre- We're All Better Than This Pet Symmetry- Two Songs Pet Symmetry/Dikembe Split Prawn- Kingfisher (Splatter or Blue) Punch- They Don't Need To Believe We We Skeletons- Self Titled Whirr- Distressor Xibalba- Hasta La Muerte You Blew It- Grow Up Dude (Splatter) You Blew It- You Blue It (Splatter) If you have these and want to sell please message me!
  5. Selling a few 7"s and one 12" 7": Basement- Further Sky Empire Empire/Joie De Vivre Split Incendiary/Xibalba- Split Punch- Nothing Last Seahaven- Silhouette (Latin Skin) True Love- Floral Note Turnstile- Step 2 Rhythm Whirr- Part Time Punks 12": Cold World- How The Gods Chill (still sealed)
  6. Weeding out the records in my collection that I don't see myself listening to much anymore. All are NM. 7" Bad Rabbits - Fall in Love (Single) $10 Bad Rabbits - Can't Fool Me (Single) $10 Daytrader - Demo (Clear smoke) $10 Title Fight - Kingston (Clear) 2nd Pressing $15 Touche Amore - Live on BBC Radio 1 (Transparent Blue) 1st Pressing $5 Wolf Whistle - MA Glory (Opaque Aqua) $5 12" Balance & Composure - Separation (Black w/ Green Haze) 5th Pressing $12 Circa Survive - Juturna (Red) PM ME OFFER Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Purple) PM ME OFFER Incendiary - Cost of Living (Clear) 2nd Pressing $12 Seahaven - Ghost (Green) 2nd Pressing $12 Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure (Yellow) $15 Shining - One One One (Black) $10 Stray From The Path - Anonymous (Clear w/ Red, White & Blue Splatter) $15 The Story So Far - What You Don't See (Clear/Green) 3rd Pressing $12 Such Gold - Misadventures (Dark Blue) $12 Title Fight - Shed (Black) $12 Title Fight - Floral Green (Black) $12 Shipping $4 for one, $1 for each after that
  7. Ever since I first heard this record I fell in love and unfortunately was too late to buy one and have lost on multiple eBay auctions. Really want to own this so if anyone is selling or even trading, please hit me up!
  8. EMAIL ME @ [email protected] Sleep's Holy Mountain - a repress is fine. fall out boy - futct maroon repress incendiary - crusade - any color eeiwale - first full length! i am willing to trade almost anything or i will shoot the money over too you! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/jpdillAL -john p.s. anyone who ordered anything from me, your records have been shipped.