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  1. Iron Chic- "Not Like This" LP Red/white swirl vinyl limited to 66 now available @ deadbrokedistro.com White vinyl limited to 100 + Black vinyl also available. 9th pressing in 9 years! (666 copies) 😮 🤘
  2. Thanks so much!! my American Nightmare collection took 15 years, finally completed it.
  3. Hey All, I have completed my American Nightmare and now its time to say goodbye to pretty much everything else. Everything in my list is up for sale except for American Nightmare / Cold Cave / Ceremony If anything tickles your fancy - Shoot me a PM with an offer. http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=1526
  4. Just got my deathwish copy - is everyones download cards not activated yet?
  5. 4th pressing up at dais 100 - Glow in the dark 200 - blue / white splatter 400 - metallic silver
  6. Just bought an extra a copy of blue if my friend does not need it i will have a blue with a medium shirt for sale!!
  7. Good Stuff, I was able to grab the LA - I couldn't believe how quick they sold out - must have had only like 2 or 3 available for each show
  8. The Band has released some leftover merch on an app - depop download the app and search for user @youngnickross - They had all 3 record release LP's but they look like they are sold out. Still tons of shirts and long sleeves Anyone have a Philly Record release edition they want to trade for a NYC one??
  9. They are going to have record release LP’s specific to the 3 shows - anyone going to LA or Philly wanna grab me one? I Can grab you a Brooklyn one ; )
  10. Nabbed all 3 brooklyn - cannot wait!!
  11. Thought this was teen idles and feared looking at prices...