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  1. Full album stream and music video streaming online July 17th! I can confirm there is definitely a This Is Hardcore exclusive color/cover.
  2. I’m 30-40 minutes away from where they have Fast Break based out of so I’ll just go grab all of our pre orders real quick ha.
  3. https://instagram.com/p/BkVkLvmH7jp/
  4. New song was posted over at Brooklyn Vegan. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/wisdom-in-chains-releasing-a-new-lp-stream-already-dead/
  5. I haven’t read anything about there being one but TIHC is only a few days after the release date so it could happen.
  6. Haha no worries. Works crazy right now so once again I’ll probably not make it to TIHC yet again to snag any special cover should they have one.
  7. Damn I never even saw the Green Hell variant! Thanks for posting that link Eddie!
  8. My updated Wisdom In Chains collection. just added both test pressings for Vigilante Saint as well as some transition copies.
  9. Bad Habits - Parting Words Cold Hearted - Lunacy Losin It - Danger Zone Pleasant Living - Self Titled Provider - Wasteland State of Conviction / Schnauzer - Thoughts Light Fires / To Kill Is To Live Troublesome - Lose Control Wisdom In Chains - Vigilante Saint 1st pressing Wisdom In Chains - Vigilante Saint 2nd pressing
  10. Because 1/1 super rare lol
  11. Got my shipping confirmation from Bull Moose.
  12. Hang your turntable on your wall and play wall records. Game changer.
  13. Definitely just you, I’m ready to pile on top of people and scream the words to Forever.