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Found 9 results

  1. PO is up for the new Red Hare LP. The last LP and 7" were fantastic. This band is essentially Swiz (Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, Dave Eight) and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Bluetip). So DC, so good, Get on this quick. 200 on clear, the rest on black https://redhare.bandcamp.com/ <
  2. I am a Hip-Hop artist currently living at home trying to make a living off selling instrumentals. I have been producing for a year now and have put together an assortment of tracks on the web for people to listen to. Here is a link to my Sound-Cloud. https://soundcloud.com/swizness Recently I have made over 80 tracks and only have posted about 49 of them on the internet. I have learned how to produce through my homies who own a studio in the San Francisco area. Basically my homies are currently living in San Fran and they let me come visit every once in awhile. They have taught me a lot, but I'm trying to reach further and make my own living off of producing. Through producing I have learned what it means to have perseverance and that it takes a lot to more to make have the skill level that most producers have. The things I get from music are more than just enjoyment. As for me music give me the willpower to keep living and gives me a way to put my feelings into a song a share it with the world. As far as I can tell I am far from getting anywhere with music, but I am still persistent and trying to share my ability with whom ever is willing to take notice. Right now I am Eighteen years old and living with my parents in Seattle. I am asking you, the users of reddit, to check out my instrumentals and what they have to offer. What I hope to accomplish is to grow as a producer while I'm selling my instrumentals online. I usually takes me about a one to two hours to make a beat and I plan on uploading about maybe one a day to my site. Each song only costs a dollar. Here is a link. https://swizness.beatstars.com/ https://soundcloud.com/swizness/boombasa
  3. looking for: any bane merch in xl. bane demo cassette and equal vision sampler cassette deathbed - for the few & oppression adamantium lps - except when it rains, it pours unbroken discography 3lp swiz - all but rejects integrity - everything but den on iniquity, those who fear tomorrow, and suicide black snake.
  4. If you dig the DC sound you should pick up the true head 12" EP. Youngblood just put up the pre- order. Plus, you can pick up a shirt. Tracklist: 01. Bad Baby 02. Dream Child 03. Medicine Man 04. Loose End 05. Bunk Bed 06. True Head Pressing Info: 100 pink 150 clear 200 black (54 blank label / black vinyl records with screened covers were made for the 2012 Youngblood Showcase in Baltimore) http://www.youngblood-records.com/new_store/index.php?cPath=30 You can hear a song on their bandcamp page http://truehead.bandcamp.com/ ...The debut 12" EP from DC's True Head. What initially started as a studio project in early 2012 between Ahron Reihard (Lion of Judah) and Israel Soriano (The First Step) has grown into a fully-formed band. 6 songs of powerful, forlorn hardcore masterfully recorded by the legendary Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios. An incredible addition to the Youngblood catalog.
  5. I don't think a specific thread has been created yet... Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell and Dave Eight of Swiz and Joe Gorlick of Bluetip have a new band, "Red Hare". Their album, a split release between Dischord and Hellfire, will be out on May 21st. They are also playing a few shows in support, several opening for Coliseum. I don't think there will be many - if you have a chance to see them do so (i already bought a DC ticket). The one song released is pretty awesome (see below). http://www.dischord.com/release/DIS180-5/nites-of-midnite Announced Tour Dates: 5-21 tues- Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory-- with COLISEUM 5-22 wed- Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie-- with COLISEUM 5-23 thu- Washington, DC @ Black Cat-- with COLISEUM 5-24 fri- Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar (Deathfest Afterparty)-- with COLISEUM 5-25 sat- Pawtucket, RI (North Providence) @ Machines with Magnets-- with (TBD)
  6. We've got this set up for pre-order now. It's officially out May 21. http://www.dischord.com/release/DIS180-5/nites-of-midnite
  7. Here are some wants of mine, some more than others, but if you're down for a trade or sale drop a line. Done a few on here with good success. I have a tradelist on DF with some other wants and plenty up for trade http://deadformat.net/tradelist/deadreckoning'>http://deadformat.ne...t/deadreckoning Crucial Youth - Straight and Loud 7" - Faith - Clear Yellow Give - Heaven is Waiting 7" - React - Rejected Press - Blue Give - S/T 12" - Moonflower - Gray - 1st Press - Release Show Sleeve Hot Water Music - ALPHA MOTHERFUCKERS: A Tribute to Turbonegro 2xLP - Blitzcore - Any press Hot Water Music - Caution 12" - No Idea - 1st Press - Black /2600 Lifetime - two songs 7" - Decaydance - Yellow North By Northeast Comp 7" - Powerhouse - Black One Nature - Mutilated Children 2x7" - Subversive - Clear Rebuilding Comp 7" - Temperance - Black vinyl - Black and White cover Turning Point / No Escape split 7" - Temperance - Gold - Blue/Gray Labels Verbal Assault - Trial 12" - Giant - 1st Press - Black Words to Live by Comp 7" - New Age - 1st Press Yellow Words to Live by Comp 7" - New Age - 2nd Press Clear
  8. Deranged Records just released a US/Can press of Give's Singles Going Confetti 12". It contains all the songs from the recent I am Love, Flower Head and Petal Pushing 7"s, plus a new track "Pat Weird." The black vinyl version (/400) is now up in Give's webstore. There is also a white vinyl vesion (/100), 25 of which were given to the band who in turn gave them to Joint Custody in DC to sell. Not sure when it or other variants will go live in Deranged Records' store. http://moonflowerrecords.bigcartel.com/
  9. All the blue with Dave 7"s i have seen have had "Swiz" in purplish blue font on the sleeve. Whereas, the black copies have had "Swiz" in a more blueish blue font. Not sure if there was more than one pressing....Has anyone else noticed something different? Here's a pic to compare. Also, my blue copy came with a glossy white paper insert. Whilst, my black copy had a slightly larger insert on brown unbleached paper. Here's a pic.