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Found 15 results

  1. So, I'm just going to make a new thread in hopes that they keep this shit up. Dischord has recently released SOA 12/29/80 (green), Minor Threat (blue cover) on blue vinyl and, more recently, Seven Songs (Fugazi) on red vinyl. Each matches the cover fairly well and they sound great. As always, the prices are great ($15 for an LP). If you spot any that go up (they have an Instagram) let us know. I'll do the same. Red 7 songs is available for "pre-order" as the initial run sold out; the blue is totally sold out. https://www.dischord.com/release/030/7-songs https://www.instagram.com/dischordrecords/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CF9xxcWDyuB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CK6d8mIDReS/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CIBwv3xj6wD/
  2. PO is up for the new Red Hare LP. The last LP and 7" were fantastic. This band is essentially Swiz (Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, Dave Eight) and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Bluetip). So DC, so good, Get on this quick. 200 on clear, the rest on black https://redhare.bandcamp.com/ <
  3. https://theeffects.bandcamp.com/album/eyes-to-the-light Finally a full length from these guys. Features Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy, Faraquet, Medications, probably others) Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes, probably others) and David Rich (I don't know who he is)
  4. This is one of my favorite recent releases. You can still pick up the tape, but it's being pressed on a 12" listen: https://flasherdc.bandcamp.com/releases Flasher's debut self-titled EP, originally released on cassette in April of 2016, will be reissued on 12" 45rpm vinyl record 11/18. Limited first pressing of 500. Record comes with a digital download code. http://sisterpolygonrecords.bigcartel.com/product/flasher-s-t-ep-12 You can also pick up the new Priests LP, which the 1st 200 will include zine http://sisterpolygonrecords.bigcartel.com/product/priests-nothing-feels-natural-lp
  5. Hey Everyone,Not sure if anyone might be interested or not but I am looking to sell the rest of my comic book collection. Prices do not include shipping but I can add that after I know how many books are being purchased. If interested in anything please send me a message. ThanksComic BooksAction Comics #45 Monster Month Variant $3.00Archie #1 J Scott Campbell Variant $3.50Batgirl #35 (New Costume) $3.00Batman #40 Joker Mask Movie Variant $4.00Chrononauts #1 $3.00Civil War #3 $6.00Civil War #6 $6.00Civil War II #1 Gwenpool Black & White Party Variant $30.00Convergence Shazam #1 $2.00Convergence Shazam #2 $2.00DC Comics Bombshells #1 $5.00Minutemen #1 Jim Lee Variant $30.00New Avengers #14 $2.00New Avengers #16 $2.00Original Sin #1 $3.00Red One #1 $5.00Red One #2 $3.00Silk Spectre #1 Jim Lee Variant $50.00Spider-Gwen #2 $2.50Spider-Gwen #2 Comic Xposure $12.00Spider-Gwen #2 Dynamic Forces Variant $10.00Spider-Gwen #3 Hastings Variant $12.00Spider-Gwen #4 NYC (Mark Brooks) Variant $5.00Spider-Gwen #5 $2.50The Amazing Spider-Man #532 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #535 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #536 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #537 $2.50The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1st Appearance of Silk) $15.00The Amazing Spider-Man #17 Hastings Variant $10.00The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Hip-Hop Variant $5.00Thor #8 (Jane Foster ) $4.00We Can Never Go Home #1 Hot Topic Variant $5.00Wildcats #1 $2.00Winter Soldier #1 $5.00World War Hulk #1 $4.00Wytches #1 Hastings Variant $8.00Let me know if interested,Thanks,Brian
  6. New 7" by DC's Red Death. One of the better HC bands out there, reminds me of Dirge. On red or black vinyl. http://lockinout.limitedrun.com/products/575341-red-death-deterrence-7-ep https://reddeath.bandcamp.com/album/deterrence This is the second pressing of this record. The first press was discarded after Red Death decided it didn't meet their standards. Most bands don't discard a record after it is already pressed, paid for, and ready to go out. That decision delayed the record for nearly a half year. But Red Death is the best band doing it today and they hold themselves to a suitable standard. I've heard you shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy the good, but maybe more bands should take a page out of Red Death's book and just release two perfect songs every year. If you liked Rampage, this is the closest you can get to them today, but with more modern beefy recording and more blatantly crossover, think more COC or Bastard than Rest In Pieces. And the cover art is a new career highlight from Arbysdrink. A rampaging beast is drawn like an actual moving toy ripped from a half forgotten childhood nightmare. Includes instant digital download.
  7. http://store.gravemistakerecords.com/products/red-death-permanent-exile-lp 1st LP by DC's own Red Death. If you dug the demo, you'll dig this. They will be going on tour with The Flex. 219 - Red Vinyl 851 - Black Vinyl
  8. This winter, Photobooth Records will be releasing a limited live 7". After that, Give will release it's 1st true LP and several 12" EPs. I know they have been working on a lot of songs. Can't wait to hear them all. Give are one of the best bands going these days. So DC, so awesome. Stay tuned for details. Check out Give. http://givemusical.bandcamp.com/ http://youtu.be/1PjEpFdyQeA
  9. I have two tickets to the mineral show tonight in DC at black cat. Stuff came up and i can't go. I have the tickets as pdf's and can send them via email upon paypal payment. hit me up. it's tonight!! with into it over it. Asking for face value which is 43 dollars for both tickets. message me asap!
  10. hi everyone! I'm currently gonna be in Court House Arlington, VA for the summer, working in DC edit: deleted original post cause so irrelevant!
  11. If you dig the DC sound you should pick up the true head 12" EP. Youngblood just put up the pre- order. Plus, you can pick up a shirt. Tracklist: 01. Bad Baby 02. Dream Child 03. Medicine Man 04. Loose End 05. Bunk Bed 06. True Head Pressing Info: 100 pink 150 clear 200 black (54 blank label / black vinyl records with screened covers were made for the 2012 Youngblood Showcase in Baltimore) http://www.youngblood-records.com/new_store/index.php?cPath=30 You can hear a song on their bandcamp page http://truehead.bandcamp.com/ ...The debut 12" EP from DC's True Head. What initially started as a studio project in early 2012 between Ahron Reihard (Lion of Judah) and Israel Soriano (The First Step) has grown into a fully-formed band. 6 songs of powerful, forlorn hardcore masterfully recorded by the legendary Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios. An incredible addition to the Youngblood catalog.
  12. For some reason I couldn't find a thread about this LP. http://lovitt.bandcamp.com/album/antietam-afterparty Regents - Antietam Party featuring members of Frodus, Sleepytime Trio, Battery and Jawbox) David NeSmith - Guitar, Vocals Drew Ringo - Guitar, Vocals Jason Hamacher - Drums J Robbins - Bass, Vocals cover artwork by Brian Montouri who did the new Dillinger LP. there are still limited versions of this LP, including /25 /50 /75 check them out. from Dc area and sound like a lot of old Lovitt / Gern stuff.
  13. The download to Give's Voodoo Leather Cassette is up on their bandcamp page. The physical tape and 30p zine was limited to 200 and sold out with the quickness. This has 4 new songs, plus a re-recording of "Godspeeding", which was on their self-titled 12" EP. These guys one of the best bands out there today. http://givemusical.bandcamp.com/album/voodoo-leather-cassette-heartworm-press
  14. Deranged Records just released a US/Can press of Give's Singles Going Confetti 12". It contains all the songs from the recent I am Love, Flower Head and Petal Pushing 7"s, plus a new track "Pat Weird." The black vinyl version (/400) is now up in Give's webstore. There is also a white vinyl vesion (/100), 25 of which were given to the band who in turn gave them to Joint Custody in DC to sell. Not sure when it or other variants will go live in Deranged Records' store. http://moonflowerrecords.bigcartel.com/
  15. All the blue with Dave 7"s i have seen have had "Swiz" in purplish blue font on the sleeve. Whereas, the black copies have had "Swiz" in a more blueish blue font. Not sure if there was more than one pressing....Has anyone else noticed something different? Here's a pic to compare. Also, my blue copy came with a glossy white paper insert. Whilst, my black copy had a slightly larger insert on brown unbleached paper. Here's a pic.

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