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Found 7 results

  1. This is the new full length, full band from John Nolan (TBS/Straylight Run). PledgeMusic Campaign LINK - to Pledge and hear a few songs. Sad, Strange Beautiful Dream 1. American Nightclub 1999 2. Street Robbery Blues 3. Drinking Your Way To Confidence 4. War Is Peace 5. Next To You (In New Orleans) 6. I'll Be Home Soon 7. Sad Strange Beautiful Dream 8. It's The End Of The World! 9. How Much 10. I Will Be Released The full band record is /300. There is a PledgeMusic exclusive variant. Also, we pressed a bootleg acoustic version of the record. There are two variants for that as well - a PM exclusive and a retail.
  2. This is a great record made by friends of mine. Gatefold jacket is awesome. Artwork is awesome. Tunes are awesome. Promo videos are awesome. Release date: 7/31/2015 1. Get Metaphysical 2. I Am Perception 3. Always Again Monday 4. Dakota V 5. Manhattan 6. Have A Nice Time! 7. Meals 8. Never Before Have I Ever Had Such A Good Cup Of Coffee Pressed on 140g black vinyl Limited to 300 copies Gatefold Jacket RIYL: Indie rock, David Bowie.
  3. I know this is already up but since I combined it with my RSD sale thread, I figured it deserves it's own. /300, #1-100 on red vinyl, #101-300 on black. The Bothers, a Brooklyn based four-piece have started to make a name for themselves through their frenetic live shows playing a distinct blend of blues, rockabilly, surf and garage rock to create a sound that is both evocative of the past and unique to the present. This 7" is hand numbered, and limited to 300 copies. It comes with a digital download of the EP plus some bonus tracks, including the "Tombstone Blues" cover (and a few more). You can stream the whole EP at thebothers.us/music . Test presses and CCR "Golden Tickets (prizes are on the cards themselves) will be given out with orders. Side A: Witch Doctor Woes Loose Lush Side B: Dragonfly Thanks to everyone who's grabbed a copy so far - let me know what you think when they're in!
  4. The 2013 CBGB Music & Film Festival will take place on October 8-13 in New York City and will feature more than 500 artists in over 175 venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The event will also host more than 125 speakers and 100 films for a total of more than 700 live events. Anybody in the city planning on checking out a show or two? Full schedule is here... highlights include My Morning Jacket, The Wallflowers, Grizzly Bear, James Murphy, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., etc. Collective Confusion/I put together a show with some friends of mine - if you're in BK on Saturday afternoon, come on out! The Shanty & CBGB Festival Present: The Bothers with The Bloodshots, Gameday Regulars & More! The Shanty @ The New York Distilling Company 79 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY 5pm: Noise & Rhythm 6pm: Gameday Regulars 7pm: The Bloodshots 8pm: The Bothers NYC
  5. Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce Call To Arms: A Benefit For Sandy Relief is now available to download at the Collective Confusion Records Bandcamp. Featuring 16 total tracks, (10 of which were previously unreleased), 100% of the proceeds will go to Occupy Sandy, a NY/NJ based organization dedicated to rebuilding the areas still devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The minimum donation is $4, but feel free to toss in more, if you can. It's for a good cause. There are plenty of VC darlings on here... if you're into this, please share it as much as you can. Tell your friends. Tracklist: 1. Miracle of ’86 (featuring Kevin Devine) – We Keep You Honest (2003 Demo)* 2. The Bothers – Beverly (Live At Arlene’s)* 3. The Motel Life – Alva (Acoustic) 4. The Ugly Club – All I Have To Do Is Dream (Cover)* 5. Les Vinyl – Excavate 6. Geoff Rickly (of Thursday) – New Sympathies 7. John Nolan (of TBS/SR) – I Don’t Believe You (Demo)* 8. Brendan Rivera – See You Around* 9. The Republic of Wolves – Turning Lane (Acoustic)* 10. It Ain’t Easy – Workingman 11. Adam Rubenstein (of Split Lip/Chamberlain) – Torch* 12. Tyler Bernhardt – Foreign Sweetheart 13. Cyrus – Traces* Bonus Tracks: 14. John Nolan – It Takes A Long Time (Demo)* 15. Cyrus – Reach 16. The Bothers – Greenback Dollar Blues* *Previously Unreleased DOWNLOAD IT http://collectiveconfusionrecords.bandcamp.com/
  6. So the guys in Cassino are finally hitting the road for a bit. You should come out to the show... who knows when they'll be back again. 6/6 - Philly - The Fire 6/7 - Hamden, CT - The Space 6/8 - NYC - Santos Party House (w/ Brendan Rivera) 6/9 - Boston - Church Of Boston I'll be at Santos. Brendan Rivera is opening the show. It'll be a good time. Come hang out with us. Also: I'm giving the guys cash from sales on Saturday to pay for some gas/food/whatever, so if you pick up a record before then, you'll have a hand in directly funding the tour. http://collectiveconfusionrecords.bigcartel.com/product/cassino-kingprince-2xlp-second-press
  7. Hey guys, I'm working on CCR-007, and need some cash to get this thing funded sooner rather than later. So, I've put everything in my webstore up for sale. John Nolan - Songs I Wrote $11.99 John Nolan - Height $14.99 John Nolan/Mansions Split - $5 They've Shot Flanigan - The Outlaw $14.99 Hailey, It Happens - Aurora $4.99 Pick something up, yeah? I've still got some test presses and random goodies (even a Cassino record) I'll be putting in orders. http://collectiveconfusionrecords.bigcartel.com/category/vinyl http://collectiveconfusionrecords.bigcartel.com/category/vinyl http://collectiveconfusionrecords.bigcartel.com/category/vinyl -Mike