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Found 8 results

  1. So I've been focusing more on my own music lately, and I'm throwing around the idea of selling some of my Nothing rarities, to fund furthering my personal goals. DM me if you're interested in any of the following. Please serious inquires only. Photos can be provided upon request. Nothing "Poshlost" Test press /20. Nothing "Downward Years to come" Test /16 Nothing "Downward Years to come" Test /16 (2nd press w/all variants in a leather case) Nothing "In Metal" Test /10 (Flexi) Nothing "Guilty of Everything" Test /10. Nothing "Guilty of Everything" Record Release /50. Nothing "Guilty of Everything" Clear /100. (Friends press) Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" Test /10. Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" Pic Disc test /10 Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" Hand drawn cover /10. Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" Clear /100. (Friends Press) Nothing "A.C.D" Test /10. Nothing "A.C.D" Clear /100 (Friends Press) Nothing "Blue line Baby" Test /20 Nothing "Blue Line Baby" Clear /100 (friends press) Nothing "Dance on the Blacktop" Pic disc test /20. Nothing "Dance on the Blacktop" Record release /50. Nothing/Whirr split Test /20
  2. Selling some records to start funding a hobby of mine. Dm with any questions you might have. Will combine shipping on multiple items bought. No international shipping sorry. Everything is shipping included. La Dispute "Somewhere at the bottom..." Brown Smoke Reissue $30 Alexisonfire "Watch Out" SRC Reissue Black $30 Alexisonfire "Self titled" SRC Reissue Black $30 ($50 for both) Turnover "Peripheral vision" Orange $20 Turnover "Peripheral vision" Highlighter yellow w/red splatter $25 (Both for $35) Big Bite "Self titled" Black $20 Converge "You fail Me" Clear w/red/white splatter $35 Candy "Good to feel" Clear w/yellow/orange splatter $30 Go it alone "The only blood between us" Grey (Pre-Order edition) $60 Wicca Phase "Secret Boy" green haze $30 Whirr Whirl "Distressor" Nicole Kidman cover $50 Counterparts "Tragedy will find us" Doublemint**SOLD** Give up the ghost "we're down til we're underground" Clear 1st press $65 Shipwreck "Self titled" (Friends press) Yellow/Orangish $30 Shipwreck "Self titled" (Record release) Blue $30 Shipwreck "drift" (Sound and Fury) Black red swirl $20 Pulling teeth "Paranoid delusions/Paradise Illusions" Green splatter /333(Holographic cover) $40 Death of Lovers "The Acrobat" Rainbow Splatter(Friends Press) **OFFER**
  3. Please do not hesitate to message me for any other info or pictures. Shipping is $5 Dollars for media Priority is $9 Will combine shipping on multiple purchases. Counterparts “Tragedy Will Find Us” Doublemint /200 $50 Counterparts “The Difference Between Hell and Home” Blue /1000 $30 Counterparts “The Current Will Carry Us” Blue /110 $60 Death of Lovers “The Acrobat” Test Press /5 *OFFER* Death of Lovers “The Acrobat” Record Release 19/50 (NYC) $60 Death of Lovers “The Acrobat” Record Release 29/50 (Philly) $60 Death of Lovers “The Acrobat” Record Release 47/50 (LA) $60 Heavens “Patent Pending” 862/1000. *OFFER* Nothing “Dance on the Blacktop” Transparent cover /88 *OFFER* Pulling Teeth “Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions” Green Splatter /333. $40 (Holographic Cover) Whirr “Distressor” Black /500 (Nicole Kidman Cover) Minor Shelf damage $50 *Pics upon request* Full of HellxMerzbow Clear w/Black splatter and Purple Blobs $35
  4. Hey All, I have completed my American Nightmare and now its time to say goodbye to pretty much everything else. Everything in my list is up for sale except for American Nightmare / Cold Cave / Ceremony If anything tickles your fancy - Shoot me a PM with an offer. http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=1526
  5. On Sale Now - Onsale Now - Since the 2014 release of Philly outfit Death of Lover’s acclaimed debut EP “Buried Under a World of Roses”, many wondered if a full length follow-up for the band was even possible – largely due to the extensive touring schedule of Domenic, Nick, and Kyle’s other band: Nothing. But between 2016 and 2017, the four piece band (that includes keyboard player CC Loo) was able to find the time to focus, demo, write, and carve out a stunning new direction and polished sound for the band. “The Acrobat” represents that labor of love, and Death of Lovers have created one of the most eye-opening alternative records we’ve heard in years. Thoughtful compositions weave driving synths, drums and guitars through lock-step rhythm and nostalgia before shattering into intricate and spacious instrumental breaks. There is a welcome complexity and depth to the tracks, which dance between moody and sweeping to sparkling and bright – creating a beautiful contrast to the honest and dark lyrics. On the album single “The Absolute”, Domenic’s vocals (accompanied in harmony by drummer Kyle Kimball) take on the topics of selfishness and greed - “All in all is trembling fear – bound to fall on bludgeoned bell rung ears. A senseless world of worth, deceived by needing, and the crow who perches on your tongue – reminding you it won’t be too long.” “Lowly People” is the band’s answer to PULP’s “Common People”, cast through the lens of their own upbringing: the streets of Kensington, Philly – where “Broken glass shimmers like the stars, summer air breeds a certain violence.” Somehow, The Acrobat achieves warm familiarity while sounding completely new. While the tracks could easily have been included on the soundtrack to every one of your favorite 80s films, there is a fresh perspective and process evident in the songwriting that rewrites the “post-punk” rulebook. Vinyl comes in standard black as well as limited edition color versions of 100 on Clear, 200 on Red, 300 on Yellow, and 400 on Blue.
  6. Hey VC I got some things I'm trying to sale to thin out my collection. They are all in new condition. I'd like to let these things go ASAP. All prices are PPD. DEATH OF LOVERS - BURIRED UNDER A SEA OF ROSES (GOLD/BLUE SWIRL) 16PPD GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - HALLELULAH DON'T BEND ASCEND with BONUS 7" SOLD GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - F# A# SOLD KISHI BASHI - LIGHGHT with BONUS 7" (GOLD SPLATTER) 18PPD MIDLAKE - LIVE IN DENTION TX RSD (BLACK) 15PPD CHRIS STAPLES - AMERICAN SOFT (WHITE/BLUE SPLATTER) 15PPD ACTIVE CHILD - YOU ARE ALL I SEE (BLACK) SOLD HOHOKUM SOUNDTRACK (RAINBOW SPLATTER) 8PPD PM TODAY - IN MEDIAS RES (YELLOW/RED SPLATTER) 15 PPD HIDDEN HOSPITALS - SURFACE TENSION (BLACK) 16PPD PS, I got a couple of thirft store Janis Joplin albums (In Concert, Pearl, Greatest Hits), Yes - Fragial , Nova Social - Nova Social and a Divided RSD comp 7" I'm willing to throw in for one dollar in peoples packages.
  7. As the title suggests, I've got the following for sale. Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years test press [/123, Matador] Horror Show - The Holiday EP [dark pink /125, Deathwish] Get at me if you need further information or want to make an offer. I'm also willing to trade for stuff on my want list. http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=3062

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