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Found 6 results

  1. I'm probably the least techno person on this forum, so 1. leaving feeback since the update has been frustrating 2. this tutorial may not be 'For Dummies' quality, but this dummy finally figured it out. Here we go... 1. This should look familiar. Click on "Trader Feedback" to the far right of "Browse." Mine turns blue when I scroll over it. 2. After you click on "Trader Feedback" you should see a screen like this (except your user id and avatar will be in the upper R see the "Add Feedback" black button at the bottom R of this screenshot, click on that. You've probably made it this far without any problems; it's the next screen that's the bugger. 3. Here it is... 1. You have to start typing the user id of the person for whom you wish to leave feedback. **YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM THE DROPDOWN MENU** and when you do, the user id will be in a blue ellipse (see next screen shot). This is the first 'big' change, from previous when you just went to the person's profile page to leave feedback 2,3,4. Choose rating, Your status (Buyer, Seller, Trader), and type in any Comments. Easy. 5. The major bugger: Topic. Before you could just copy and paste the URL of the Want To Buy or For Sale thread (which itself was a major PITA compared to other places we commonly leave feedback), but now START TYPING THE EXACT TITLE OF THE THREAD, INCLUDING UPPER AND LOWER CASE, AND ANY PUNCTUATION MARKS, SPACES, ETC. You should get a list of options from a dropdown menu. Scroll until you find the thread and highlight it. Again, you should get a Blue Ellipse or Circle with an X with the choice you made following. In a perfect world, you want the exact thread, but hey, ANY THREAD WILL DO, as long as from the menu. jeje. Again, see below. Pass the Security Check, Click SAVE, and voila! Feedback should be left. You can go back to the second screenshot where you will see a running list of feedback left on the forum, and since Hector fixed the Feedback Counter after the new update came out, the +1 or -1 should have done its thing on your buyer/seller/trader's profile status under the avatar. I hope this was helpful. If someone wants to fix it, make another thread and the moderators delete this one, that is fine with me! I doubt I will do much editing unless there is a major bad. If you are more OCD than I am, make your own thread with better instructions and screenshots. Happy Holidays
  2. Hey VC community it has been a while since I have last posted. I am posting today because I am conducting a survey of people that sell used records online. TAKE SURVEY HERE This feedback is extremely helpful and I would greatly appreciate it. If you are a big time seller or have only sold a few records online I want to hear from you. It will only take a few minutes and as I said this information will help greatly in a project I am currently working on. Thanks in advance! -Matt
  3. Hi there everyone! My name is Christian and i am one of the developers on a new app called OnVinyl and we would like to hear some of your opinions on our project. Moderator: If this post violates any board rules please edit or delete it. OnVinyl is an app which makes it possible for vinyl enthusiasts to catalogue their vinyl record collection using image recognition. You can snap the front of your record cover and add it to your collection with a single click. At the moment the app contains the following features: Search records using image recognition. Manage your vinyl record collection. Find stores worldwide. Follow your friends activity. Share your vinyl collecting activity with friends. All records have cover art. It's free and ad-free more to come. The app is new on the market so it might fall short of functionality in some places and bugs might occur. Please let me know if you experience any problems. So far the app is only available for Android but the iOS version is in its early stages of development. Furthermore if you have feedback of any kind please let us know by answering this thread or send me an email - [email protected] You can download the app from Google Play here. And if you want you can read more or follow us here. Thank you!
  4. Please let us know if you find any issues with the newest version of our Sell / Trade Feedback system. We have just upgraded it and as you will see there are some cool new features (top members sidebar, better search) and as always little bug fixes! Enjoy!
  5. Sorry if this is already posted somewhere, but I looked around and couldn't find it. Is there any way to change feedback that you have left someone? I left someone negative feedback because something I bought never showed up, but after he got the negative fback, he messaged me asking about it and he realized he had somehow forgotten to ship it, so he just sent it to me, and also refundeded, so I wanted to change the negative feedback i left him if possible. Thanks!
  6. If you answer yes, please post which browser you used, what error you received, how many times, etc.

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