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  1. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is working to your liking. We just had a large server/software update about a week ago. Hopefully you are enjoying any new features and speed these updates have brough us all. Any issues let me know. Thanks again for your ongoing support and be safe! Danny
  2. Took down the side ads and added back the centre pop up ad. I am told once you close it once you wont see it will tomorrow. We will see how it works. Thanks for everyones feedback on the testing!
  3. I would like to have most of these new banners only show when you are not logged in as a VC user. I apologize again for the testing. I thought the side banners were better than the centre pop up at the bottom of the site so i wanted to see what the deal was with those. Give me a few more days to test. I think personally if you are a signed up VC member you should see less ads 100%. Then we can keep building the VC community with actual users vs most of the guest accounts. Just a thought. Also no side banners on mobile. It's only a desktop only product.
  4. For the last few days i have been testing a new way to fund the VC server/maintenance costs. A second ad company who pays more than google. Google is horrible for paying what ads are actually worth so we had to look for another revenue stream to pay for the costs to run VC. As you may or may not know, VC is pay for out of pocket by Danny and Jenna. Costs keep rising and google keeps paying less. So we need a solution. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I was also just told we edit the frequency of the pop up ads so it can be seen 1 time per use and if X'd out it wont show aga
  5. Very sorry for this. We should be back on track. Please let me know if these are working now. I have no idea why this stopped working at the start of December, but it should now be resolved. Sorry!!
  6. Software upgrade. Any bugs / issues let me know. Thanks everyone!

    1. rooks


      These new pop up ads from the bottom of the screen are awful 😕

  7. Software update. Any issues please post in Tech support forum! Thx

  8. We always try and get google to stop showing the ads...trust me they are a pain in the neck. But you can click the X on the ad and tell them stop showing it. That actually helps us moderate the ads!
  9. FIXED! Sorry for any inconvenience! THE SEARCH BUTTON IS BACK BABY!!!
  10. So it looks like we fix this this morning!! Please refresh / re open your browsers and it should now work!
  11. Spoke to this label a few times about doing "Clinging To A Scheme" and they said they were not down to do it. Sad.
  12. hmmm might be a bug in the new software update. Looking into this now! Thx everyone!
  13. Quick software update! Sorry kiddies! We are back live!


oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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