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  1. Just a heads up we will be doing a software update tomorrow 10 AM ET! Nothing huge, but some bug fixes and small updates. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hope everyone likes it. Its pretty good on the eyes now!
  3. Does this mean we are in 2022 now? Let me know what y'all think?
  4. I am going to ask my coder/server person to install something in a the next week or so. Please give those banners a click cause it won't be free Side note. I am going to get rid of a theme skin at the same time because every time we update the software we have to make sure each theme works properly with the newest software update. The is actually quite costly. This dark mode theme would add another theme to maintain when its time to upgrade the software. Just something to ponder. Thanks everyone!!
  5. I can look into this ASAP. Does anyone want to volunteer to help make one? I am not a designer and we only have a server person who helps me upgrade and update the site. We use Invision self hosted forum software in case anyone thinks they can help!
  6. These have been in cue at the pressing plant since March 2021. I was told they will be done for end of September for release date!
  7. Looking into both issues. @aellerton can you please PM me your email so i can make sure its not blocked on our mail server end?
  8. Must have been blocked in our system. If anyone ever has this issue please contact me or post here. I can make 100% sure its not blocked. Some ISP's do that randomly. Lame i know. Thanks!!
  9. Is anyone still having issues getting emails? Please dm me your email address so i can check. We are using Amazon's SES system which shows me today we sent over 500 emails already. So it is working, but sometimes people's emails get blocked by your ISP and we can do a few things to fix this. Thanks!
  10. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is working to your liking. We just had a large server/software update about a week ago. Hopefully you are enjoying any new features and speed these updates have brough us all. Any issues let me know. Thanks again for your ongoing support and be safe! Danny
  11. Took down the side ads and added back the centre pop up ad. I am told once you close it once you wont see it will tomorrow. We will see how it works. Thanks for everyones feedback on the testing!
  12. I would like to have most of these new banners only show when you are not logged in as a VC user. I apologize again for the testing. I thought the side banners were better than the centre pop up at the bottom of the site so i wanted to see what the deal was with those. Give me a few more days to test. I think personally if you are a signed up VC member you should see less ads 100%. Then we can keep building the VC community with actual users vs most of the guest accounts. Just a thought. Also no side banners on mobile. It's only a desktop only product.
  13. For the last few days i have been testing a new way to fund the VC server/maintenance costs. A second ad company who pays more than google. Google is horrible for paying what ads are actually worth so we had to look for another revenue stream to pay for the costs to run VC. As you may or may not know, VC is pay for out of pocket by Danny and Jenna. Costs keep rising and google keeps paying less. So we need a solution. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I was also just told we edit the frequency of the pop up ads so it can be seen 1 time per use and if X'd out it wont show again for another hour. Thoughts? Hate it or not. What other solutions are out there? I spoke to @jhulud and we both agree we want your input. Again sorry for testing it without letting everyone know. I should have explained my plan for testing for doing it. Sorry!

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