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  1. I love when this happens - more and more every year
  2. They are coming to RVA, Matt! Thanks brother!!
  3. Yep, I mussed up again (will edit), and very true re: most gazey stuff on vinyl. This album goes above so celestial/ethereal with fullness to whatever the next dimension adjective is "soaring"?? -yet they did put some umphh on there in places on side 2. I checked back about 45 minutes and they were still up, so peeps had plenty of time to mull over all the variables. It helped having plenty of time to digest this beauty to know it will have staying power in my rotation with Radiogaze. My budget was around $35 and I figured it would probably be closer to $45. So now, what if the repress is better than white - like Clear?
  4. Got one of the gold when the other thread bumped yesterday
  5. I was finished checking out before 1:00 PM EST! May have gotten the first order for this unnumbered, numbered white vinyl gem. I was expecting a lot more than $13 shipping, so I clicked on through. At least it's not summer, so hopefully the vinyl has a better chance of not warping en route. Edit 2: (@Derek) been listening on cassette haha. I think this *will* sound better on vinyl, albeit white (I've really never had issues) and it's not noisegaze.
  6. I think same on Tennis System for me too but I'm going to give it a break and revisit. I'll DM you @mrewest re: GFRC copy I just got in.
  7. Thank you again, VC. Grabbed the Gold 2xLP.
  8. Last year Holy Fawn hijacked my musical brain. I enjoyed all my other albums, but had to listen to them almost daily. This year it has been Brutus. While not postrock/metal per se, their guitarist incorporates postrock style of tremolo picking or heavy atmospheric sounds into most of their tracks - so I thought OK to post here for recommendation. He can do mathy stuff really well (track March from Burst, 2017) and even punk type riffage as well. 'Nest' is going to be AOTY for me, even with great releases from PSOTY, WLTS, Alcest, and even going to win over Be Forest's ethereal dreamgaze addiction, Knocturne. Plus, there's Whirr that just came out and I have not listened yet, Lacing just out last night, and who knows what else before year's end. Cloudkicker has seemed to have been pushed in the background, and I'm leaving out others like Tennis System, etc.
  9. Lacing ^^^ is so good, just finished listening.
  10. After Nuclear Blast cancelled my box set, they ended up refunding everything and sent the cassette out which I got today. Ordered vinyl from Rough Trade, no shipping yet Two times through and Neige has delivered again. I hope they tour this in the US - I will drive this time.
  11. I think they are near @abovetheearth and he told me about them before the LP. New track is great.