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  1. drds89

    PO Now: Hammock - Universalis

    they have always shipped my stuff Priority vs Media mail (so the cost),but it gets here to VA from TN in usually one day.
  2. Welcome, Simon! Not often do you see a worthy first post Want request! Wish I could help, I looked for a long time and gave up. Do you already lurk/follow the Postrock thread in the Everything Else section? Lots of great people there and I know some have probably scored this, and some still looking, but they may have connections. Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself, make suggestions or comments
  3. It's totally different for sure. I'll check in with you if the label ever lifts the limit so I can do a group buy.
  4. Thanks so much for this! I saw the 7" cover and was meh since I don't listen to 7s very much and they weren't new tunes, but did not know about the repress! Now i can take it off my discogs watch list. Seems like it had been listed and selling for reasonable amounts, then the listings went crazy.
  5. Well, Set and Setting sure went heavy. I knew they were heading that way eventually, but they skipped a few notches. Pelagic makes sense now. Unfortunately, I'm not too optimistic about a vinyl purchase. Nothing really stood out though. Another listen on another night may be prove me wrong though. I don't think I'm totally riff addicted or stunted by shoegaze just yet TQA on the other hand, though not an immediate buy, left me with plenty of "come back and check me out again" music.
  6. I also like the tracks they have bowed guitar like Sigur Ros. If they sell out I'll be happy for them, but I'm still thinking the label may be more approachable down the road.
  7. Thanks for the topographies rec. I rarely turn off psych-leaning shoegaze for some reason, just a soft spot. Kept getting a Static Daydream vibe for some reason, good stuff
  8. Enjoying both LITE and toe - still haven't listened to TQA yet, had a crazy weekend Revisited Cataya and not sure if I'll be springing for vinyl on this one; not bad, just generic
  9. I would not have known it was the same band, but I love this album. I don't have too many in the 90% dream category, but her voice is butter I can melt into. Wish the vinyl wasn't so expensive to ship, but I understand it's the times we live in. Maybe if they don't move as expected, in a few months the label would be willing to lift the 1 LP per order limit and a group buy may be possible.
  10. Zoinks! Swing and a miss on that one. Hope it sounds good - mine's not here yet.
  11. A1KA recent releases, thoughts ^^^
  12. New Coastlands is better suited to me as well. Holding out for the rest I know Evan is big TPSQ fan, they have finally finished #3, what is it like 8 tracks in 10 years? lol, but I can't think of another band that is 8/8, so I don't mind waiting. Maserati will be an automatic purchase as well. I would like to see them live one day - they always go to Europe though. OK, enough hijack from me on the Tides of Man thread. One great track is better than none, but these days, equates to a vinyl purchase regret.
  13. drds89

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    For any interested in paying less than an arm/leg shipping for Slow Crush's EP on vinyl, I just got 3 copies in from Flood Records, which brought the shipping down to about $6.50 per record from across the pond. - cost will be $23 ppd "friends" to US or add 3% for regular PP if you don't trust me. If interested please PM, I don't mind holding them a while if you need time to raise $, otherwise they will eventually go to discogs. If you haven't listened to it yet, I highly recommend it. Edit: both copies gone. Comes with CD, download code, cool sticker, and glossy lyric sheet Wish I could help with touring connections here in the US, but I'm not able to. :/
  14. My heart skipped a few beats reading the planned set list! (From the Gallery 5 eventbrite page) The Mercury Program "On November 2nd, Lovitt Records will reissue The Mercury Program’s third full-length A Data Learn the Language on 2xLP. Long out of print and extremely hard to find on vinyl, the record has been recut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service and will be pressed on colored vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. To celebrate the release, the band will head out for a series of dates across the East coast. These shows will include two full sets. The first set consists primarily of material from Chez Viking (2009) and New Myths (2016), followed by a second set featuring a performance of A Data Learn the Language in its entirety."
  15. ^this x 100 (1989 and 1991)