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  1. Amen to that Owen! I caved for the YONL Box set when it first dropped on indiemerch, early birthday present yep. Hoping Amenra tours here again and get a tour copy signed as per Mass VI. Colin is one of the most humble and gracious people. That may be a long way off, or not financially feasible for them, but fingers crossed. Bossk vinyl should be worth the wait later this year. I've hit my cassette tape limit, so I will wait to see if the music dislodges anything out of my collection.
  2. Kept poking around for 15 or 20% coupon floating around in the aether but no luck, only the 10% work. USA it's $214ppd Media or $219 Priority vs ordering from Europe ($269). Heck yeah. I must do this, to go with The Angelic Process box set that I haven't cracked open yet. I will have to break out this one new though - for new album - and Derek's point is well taken re: Vampyr. It is a cool thing to listen to while watching the movie - and someone on you tube already sync'ed it up years ago.
  3. It may have been Charlie (abovetheearth), I first heard about them from him years ago when we had time to message. Not a new release but I finally got around to picking up Signal Hill's "More After We're Gone" 10 year anniversary RM last bandcamp Friday, and it sounds so good on vinyl. Lighter side, but engaging Postrock FFO: The Mercury Program, Beware of Safety "Leaves & Scars" era Signal Hill: More After We're Gone 2xLP Always dreamed about those 3 playing a show together - just getting TMP from Florida to LA or vice versa made it a pipe dream of course, but hey. I did ge
  4. Read posts above, the seller either didn't reply or wasn't selling after all. Some just post here to get a free appraisal of their collection, find a sucker or two to overpay for some records, or simply have second thoughts/ get cold feet -- but then don't bother to edit/delete and comment no longer for sale.
  5. Queller and Dagdrom are always in rotation, forgive if I've said it before, Queller is a great entry point and imo most accessible to anyone not familiar with drone. Those riffs just stick with you. Sonnborner is definitely worth more listens @Mars Their splits with Vampillia - The Perfect World and Imperfection clicked with me, whereas some others did not. The Bungled And The Botched was the one that got me hooked. My sealed copy from Amoeba records had a jarring, loud pop for at least 15 revs right before the wall hits, so I had to replace it -- with a white label copy. It to
  6. Agreed! Can't wait for the vinyl - I believe Aidan said August on his and their IG Passed on the Disrotted split, maybe need a few more listens....
  7. New Mogwai (loving it) and Godspeed for 2021 - whoa! GIAA has been a pleasant surprise: a good portion sounds like Russian Circles "light." Their tour in EU playing All Is Violent + new material for 2021 has been pushed to 2022 (no surprise). Will travel if they come to the US and things are safer out there. For any nostalgics, I completely missed April 2020 release - first time on vinyl: All The Bright Lights S/T. Pricey, but this is a special album for me. (FFO light, atmospheric post rock with memorable riffs, and don't mind some buried vocals. Not an EITS copycat) All The
  8. Really want this but $26 + $26 shipping to US - typical Club AC30. Same price on their Bandcamp, and still have some of both there, but sold out yellow on AC30. Hopefully Norman Records will get some as their shipping is usually much less. The black from AU is only $16 shipping? Nothing on Amazon uk 🇬🇧
  9. Yes, very true. Most of my OG Peter Gabriel inners are shredded - very thin glossy. But the albums still sound great.
  10. Merry Christmas @unknown pleasures! *Two*180 gm with printed inners - no seam splits - nor the outer jacket either. Caspian, On Circles and Ringo Deathstarr: ST (see below) The 2 other 180 gm had generic inner sleeves. Previous years, I checked about a dozen including some 200 gm represses from Steven Wilson, and no generic inners were split, but the regular stock and thin glossy paper inner sleeves, most had some splits (some more than others) -- no matter the weight of record. I remember trying to find copies of ITTCT: Red Forest on Science of Silence in 2012 without inner slee
  11. It's December 23rd, and I have a lot of presents to wrap.... but a challenge like this has me itching to pull out my 180 gm vinyl to inspect those with printed inners (I store in Diskeepers after cleaning, and put the printed inner, into the outer jacket). I'll post one if I get a chance - and also if they are all split too!!
  12. It's very good, I think you will enjoy it! I'm still tempted, even for the TP bundle, just to kick some $ to the band
  13. I really like the track. I wish they would have waited and written another track for a SS 12" as I only play my 7 " records a few times a year (a select group of about a dozen), back to back since you have to flip the buggers over so frequently. 6:50 for one side though is not bad. They were making some awesome music when very, very young.

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