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  1. Locked in with marcgote.
  2. Hope Holy Fawn will venture to the east coast then. We will drive 4-5 hrs each way for those two!
  3. What's the Over/Under on these all going out by Feb 6? (not that I gamble or anything) Is the band going to all rally and help Matt pack and ship these, assuming his checkout system and PP acct don't all blow up? Like many have said, I have no idea why he is doing this, but God bless him.
  4. And this is another MAJOR function of Vinyl Collective: My record has arrived! and this is what happened to the jacket, what the real version looks like vs mock ups and what it sounds like. Thank you for playing, and feeding the beast Now you can be done with this thread (click "unfollow"). MT can defend himself. You can have one more post here, then you're trolling. j/k See you on page 35 when mine gets here!
  5. But this is a MAJOR function of Vinyl Collective! And we understand what this all entails, MT can't be lauded enough and he knew it would be one of those "headaches either way you do this." Do it this way, few happy people up front, easier paper trail, but there will be many impatient whiners until the frothing /foaming get their records... vs. sell them all at once, a few happy people get their records first, as he sorts the Paypal tidal wave, then many impatient/whiners wait wait wait with their money tied up for up to a year or more until they get their copy.
  6. 1800 divided by 20 = 90 weeks!
  7. That lasted about 30 seconds. Maybe selling 20 at a time? I missed again.
  8. $25ppd for this album and a 2xLP at that feels like a Christmas present!
  9. I picked up one of those $15 copy when preordering something from indiemerch earlier this year, since someone kept bugging me about buying my 2nd press half clear/half black copy. It came sealed, nice jacket, and I cleaned it, noted 45 RPM vs 2nd press 33 RPM, and thought this would be a no-brainer. Now, I do not have an audiophile set up, but the $15 copy black 45 RPM sounds so thin and weak. I couldn't correct it with volume, loudness or EQ. Maybe I just got a bad copy -- but just putting this out there. Caveat emptor.
  10. Kerretta - Exiscens The few Kerretta fans are probably already onto this - I didn't pre-order but waited to listen first. Old tracks that didn't make the cut, the Guardsmen single from a while back, and some new material. I really was pleased after just one listen - old grungy stuff rocks. Now I have to justify $30ppd.
  11. drds89

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    Two great albums/bands, both in top 5, maybe top 3 for me in 2018. Trying to compare them though, idk, apples and oranges -- or which is "better?" Different subgenres and blends, moods, song writing, on & on & on... Will be an awesome concert, though! No east coast this time around, maybe one day.