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  1. Sounds great. I'm pretty well art-challenged among many things, but I've made better test press jackets than this joke. That being said, it is nice to finally have on vinyl and the price was very good.
  2. I was F5 at 0759 and couldn't check out in time for the splatter, so don't feel bad. Had everything preloaded and PP signed in. Bandcamp actually seized up for a few minutes! Edit: on Solitude I avoided the Haze, even though always tempting, they usually are unlistenable due to all the grit. Maybe things have changed, but I didn't want to chance it and went with the coke bottle clear.
  3. on IG he posted that the breakdown is 200/300, but I can't remember which is which - guessing color is /200 & milky clear /300 & Solitude: the coke bottle clear green is /300
  4. Here to check the Gojirah and saw the comments on RTJ... False, Dave is really trying to help you here, and you will not find a nicer dude on these boards. If you just want to collect for collecting's sake or wall display -- that's fine, or play them on a Crosley. FWIW 99.9% of negotiating on prices is done via PM. In cases like this, it is very helpful to learn about new members who are selling/buying. Usually it's the seller who says, "Get off my thread," not the buyer - I think this is a first that I 've seen. Good luck to you.
  5. I should have PM'ed you Derek and saved some time! Love you more, Matt! mwah!
  6. That BV list is tight, and some stuff to check too. After spending 45 min sifting through how this Hum thread veered to Paramore, and then trying to figure out what 'based' meant, had to sign in to +1 my post count haha.
  7. Always stoked for new CK - Sasha Dunable on.... Mellotron? My interest is definitely piqued, being a warty old prog nerd. Most likely in for the box set, too
  8. Yes, it's their songs covered by different bands including APTBS doing Without You. RSD 2016? They pressed plenty iirc.
  9. I've been looking for a Kestrels tape forever, early release. Love all their stuff. You probably know Kestrels is Chad Peck + other band members, and he has another project you should definitely check out: We Need Secrets -- Melancholy And The Archive LP. 99% sure he is also the founder of Noyes ('noise') record label. He teaches 8th grade in Canada, and for /100 Splatter RP of Melancholy, he had his students do an album art project, so along with regular jacket, you got a one-off, unique (heavily painted!) jacket. Not sure if they all came with one, or the first so many orders. Edit: Good luck finding a copy of Everything Else Matters! I originally had the Amber Glitter, but after 2 or 3 spins, it got noisy as heck. So I traded for a RP I could actually listen to - full disclosure but the demand was so high at the time. When the first vinyl dropped, it sold out quickly, and it was like they had represses all ready to go, so as soon as AC30 sold, out, there was a 2nd one up. It likewise evaporated, and then another was immediately up.