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  1. In case anyone missed it - Rev Rev Rev was signed to Fuzz Club. New album this fall and new noisy single Clutching The Blade on SoundCloud Rev Rev Rev
  2. This is going to make some people very happy. OG /500 going for stupid money for too long.
  3. Can't believe they are releasing a League Of Gentleman 2xLP Live album - that's just so un-RSD sick! I bet only one other person on these boards even knows who they are or ever listened to them.
  4. Do it! They have 8 songs over 12 year period (well, soon to be 17 songs, so about 1.4 track per year) and while you may not be humming melodies during the day, the songs are memorable nonetheless. Very little filler, and I think you will appreciate the song-writing, production and skill of the musicians.
  5. I didn't know this was the guy in Modern Charms. Love that album, broke my heart when they announced no more music. edit: The /100 Blue from Canada is only pennies more postpaid than ordering from the US site - now only Black option available.
  6. Since this has a somewhat happy ending, hold your black album up to the light, and you see it's translucent charcoal (not clear as described) with black veins. The other check is there are three overlapping white circles on the lower left corner of the jacket. Since the records were sealed from the plant they decided to use a key instead of stickers on the shrink wrap. There is a little white dot next one: the top would be the /100 the middle is this one /200 (where my dot is) and the bottom one would be the black /500. So, it's the not uncommon situation where what the pressing plant delivered was not was the label ordered...and as I was chastised here YEARS ago for suggesting that vinyl plants should actually produce what they agree to, they get to deliver whatever comes out of the hopper. The label / consumer just sucks it up. Now, to clean it and play it (yes, I'm a little bummed because I like Clear vinyl, but if it sounds ok, this is part of The Hobby)
  7. Same here, shot them an email last night. Will see how it plays out, I've not ordered vinyl from WWNBB before.
  8. I love this band. Studio and live. Hozi's drumming is way up there for me, and she's not a gearhead - I think it's the same kit she's had her whole life. All 3 just seem to work so well together, including their vocals. Night Terror is my favorite, too, start to finish. However, all of their albums - including the split with YW - have memorable tracks. Will wait to order when it is released, not expecting many surprises, but I don't need that with them. ERR's favorite band fwiw. Thanks for starting a thread, definitely worthy!
  9. I'm sorry it was late, yes 7.50 euros for 1 copy, which I may end up doing - it was for the potential group buy. Shipping sweet spot can be 2 - 4 records, before getting way too heavy, then you have to contact the label for 8 or more copies to get a decent shipping differential. 1 copy: 7.50 2 copies: 17.00 (???!!??) 3 copies: 33.00 (???!!??) 4 copies: 33.00 5 copies: 35.50 6 copies: 38.00 7 copies: 38.00 8 copies: 40.50 So, you can see where the break point is around 5 to 6 copies and not a super savings amount, because then there's US shipping to the group. Derek is right, they won't fly out, but don't snooze too long on the /150. I like that it's clear. Denovali makes you pay PP conversion fees or via your CC.
  10. The Pirate Ship Quintet's newest is up for PO on Denovali. What's crazy is all the spamming Timo does, it is not in his latest updates?? They apparently have done a lot of vocal collabs on this album, some on IG were quite clean vocals, and have added a saxophone on one track, & some other stuff. IDK, started getting a little nervous, hoping they didn't drop their gritty guitars and VIRTUOSO cellist (many think his parts are violin on S/T and RFNH), but the track on Soundcloud reassured me greatly. There may be another track on social media, I was blasting through it today and not a lot of time. Edit: shipping costs prohibitive, even for a group buy - I will probably wait for a Black copy to make it over here someday TPSQ - Emitter PO on Denovali TPSQ Symmetry Is Dead from Emitter on Soundcloud Really like that track twice through, no vocals, great cello and gritty guitars
  11. I tend to like their earlier postmetallish work more than the new prog direction and vocals on every track with the latest. Old Sunlight wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, I had one of those very ltd versions from DM, and it's very listenable, I just wasn't spinning it like Agonist. Agonist - Antechamber is probably my favorite track (yes, there are vocals I know haha) Individuation is one on the *shels label that will never get pressed to vinyl but I would spin it after Agonist every time.
  12. Sorry, I just don't check in here as often as I used to. The one I've probably talked about the most is this benefit show Jakob did years ago, and Pneumonic (poor Maurice on bass) has the best sounding swells Jeff Boyle has ever done. Crappy YT video blows the studio away. Of course, the drunk guy in the crowd has to ruin it, but it's the only time I've ever seen Jeff crack a smile. 9 years ago. Starting at 2:10 until the breakout. Jakob: Pneumonic (sorry I can't embed YT vids for some reason)
  13. The Pirate Ship Quintet - Emitter / Preorder Not sure why this wasn't mentioned. Don't mind helping Timo out, great band from the UK
  14. Dang, that is is serious wax right there!!! Probably the first thread I've seen where seller is selling to fund something where they will actually make a decent dent in said funding if selling even a few pieces! Good luck, and awesome stuff, impressive.
  15. Thanks for posting this! I love their album Cold, and bought a CD, because the vinyl prices out of Italy are prohibitive. I didn't even put it on my discogs watch list for that reason. Edit - Didn't get a notification from bandcamp (because I unsubscribed from WWNB label, emails every day)... so again, thanks. Off to listen. Edit 2: so they reissued Cold in 2017 as a deluxe LP with a 7" flexi and have US distribution for $24 -- and the new album /100 already sold out, but /200 and Black are still available in US$ as well.