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  1. Would you be interested in the /500 Space Variant? Mint and unplayed. For my cost + ship, no mark up. PM me if interested. Check my feedback here and discogs if any concerns.
  2. Arctic Drones newest playlist is “Upbeat” postrock. Once upon a time that is all my brain could handle, so I hope no offense when I referred to it as happy slappy vs Kokomo. On another note, Arc Tangent festival lineup is jaw dropping. Even some bands in the bottom micro print are stellar. Talons (no apostrophe) are calling it quits soon after the fest. :/
  3. Arctic drones has been making subgenre playlists for those who Spotify and posting them on Instagram in the past week or so. Not just post rock /metal but the -gaze universe as well like doomgaze (nice list, even had Grivo on there), as well as drone and ambient. I used to read Echoes and Dust but not enough time. Listened to the entire Kokomo discography today. Really digging Totem Youth more with each listen. Not your happy slappy post rock. They don't do anything mind-blowing, but somehow can hit the intensity of Mono, stay just under the heaviness/doom of YONL (for those averse), uptempo of Omega Massif, avoid the drone of Nadja (again for those averse), and patch in those times of respite/release from the tension. Thank you to all of the scouts posting material here to check out.
  4. Nobody flips the ilttle fishes' stuff right? Band: Lacing The ATX Bummer has never sold -- probably true collectors; the 2nd run had one sell for $50. I'm sure the flippers don't lurk on this thread.
  5. My orange splatter arrived some time ago, no cushion, but no dings and sounds great.
  6. I like it OK, but not as much as their first, and nowhere near my top ten -gaze (sorry for being the wet blanket, I usually refrain)
  7. A1KAFAMILY for 25% off as well through tomorrow I think. Greg, is this tape /33 as well? I got a free poster this summer with all kinds of clues like an astrology card / treasure map of sorts, but I could never crack the code to get in the store on the days they were selling stuff. You get these metal Ascensionist themed things, different from the Gemini coin, with the tape purchases. I missed out on I and II, but got III and IV (and now V). Just happened to check Instagram at the right time after work.
  8. Hearing's just fine jajaja! "extreme...hyperbole" is redundant, but I'll take it. VC = hyperbole. Dude should just go Jonsi. Yes, I love Jonsi. ;smooch:
  9. At first I heard nasal, then it was more like hits of Helium that affects his voice for a while then wears off. Or, maybe Helium and pinching his nose, strange.
  10. Got mine 8 days after ordering (!), no seam splits or vinyl quality issues - sounds great. There was some glitter-like stuff on both albums, about a dozen flecks, easily removed with antistatic brush before cleaning.
  11. Confirmed with RG that he is going to press Turnaround in the future (first time on vinyl -- CD's go for ridiculous $)
  12. Love(d) this band, but never got any merch. Very cool to see a thread as Citrus is in perpetual 'go to' mode. Their label Polvinvyl has a legit shirt up (in Large, too) here I have had an ebay search for one particular shirt of a postrock band ongoing for 8+ years, and managed 3 so far