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  1. @deafening turned me onto HOLY FAWN who just announced a full length, and my hopes are really high for this. I do not see vinyl plans, but imma spring for a CD since it's /25 (ooooh) Check out the single Arrows .... and their earlier material as well. HOLY FAWN - Death Spells New track by Twin Studies "Still Life" is absolutely sublime. Twin Studies - Still Life
  2. It's the OG and autographed, so I can't part with it :/ Everyone is saying the new album is better -if that's any consolation. I need to give it a few more listens, but I'm still liking Y&C.
  3. There are 2 more $65 Space collector's edition ep left. They posted on twitter earlier today. RFC has the /300 Black LP that is sold out on their site.
  4. Not impossible but going to cost you some coin, such a great album, and so few pressed with both pressings. Good luck mate!
  5. I opened this thread with haste thinking "Robert Fripp's dance band in the early 80's got a box set pressing by Steven Wilson?" Doubt anyone on this site ever heard of his side project, which was so atypical...and surprisingly good, too. Mr Spock can disco!
  6. Warning: I think my traditionally rock/metal bandcamp has been taken over by the "everything"-gaze mistress drds89 bandcamp
  7. Thank you kindly! I'm envious of all the great bands that swing through Seattle! Hope you have a great time!
  8. Thanks for the rec Justin. I seem to like 95% of the stuff you post. Edit: And.... one album in /one listen, and this proves to be another incredible recommendation (The tesa reminder scored me a couple of their albums). These guys are on an instrumental rock mission, driving guitar lines with a purpose, and not repetitive or too mathy / proggy for some here. Some metal components in there as well the way Russian Circles mixes in metal with rock. Can't wait to listen to more.
  9. Amazing list! Just got a copy of SJ5 Box (Gold), good luck on the sale
  10. Edit: thanks to @CatsNJazz Sargent House is now working with Kristina's project "Miserable," and this new release is slated for October 26th. Pre-order here on Hell Merch: Transparent Red Vinyl and Black Vinyl options Listen to a new track "Gasoline" on Bandcamp I have the Dog Days cassette from the UK - same 4 track titles as on this one (tracks 5 - 8). Miserable: Loverboy / Dog Days
  11. Vinyl sounds GREAT, especially the lows, I almost had to turn my loudness button off And they did an almost perfect edit for the album to be an LP ; side a 33 RPM and I didn't clock it, but think about 20 min vs 30 min track on digital; and side B is 45 RPM with just the two grindgaze tracks that pump. Cut out 10 min of filler side a and the last 2 tracks on side b
  12. Finally back in town where I could listen all the way through without the stream cutting off (happened 3 times and I gave up)-- this is a solid release, and I especially like the edge they have added to several tracks. Reminds me of TPSQ in some parts (who are due/ overdue for an album this year) and for @mrewest No Screechy Violins, not even once! It never really hits a high point like the closer on New Topographics, but I want this on vinyl, and of course, the limited. Need to do the math on a subscription and see what 'reasonable' shipping costs are vs waiting a year or two to see what UK subscribers will list this for on discogs. It's the shipping that's going to kill if from private UK sellers. I seriously doubt 200 subscribers will be hanging tightly onto this. It's very good, but not Caspian D&D or Tides of Man: Y&C level.
  13. I just got the LP today and had the download on bandcamp (still private).