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  1. It's getting to be that season... love them. Perfect for cassettes too.
  2. Late to the party but never too late I guess (except for vinyl under $50 ppd to US). Athens, Greece. Post rock with some psych, some grit, some soft, some prog, something for everyone. Their Methlab: The Last Second Their S/T from 2013 is a kicker, too. Really not smitten with the recent pandemic EP tracks tho, may be need a few more listens, but some will like the BM vocals.
  3. Preorder at Denovali Assuming the usual: /150 Limited (Clear) /350 Black Price is 18 euro and great shipping price to USA
  4. Still have cassette on my Wantlist, but went ahead and got a Purple & Blue Swirl. Significant Hum homage as the record develops. Seems like a theme this week with bands here and on the gaze thread (Hum). No complaints.
  5. More up. Thanks!! Crazy looking at discogs - first run of cassettes for "To See The Part Of The Dream", one sold for $210 :gape emoji: edit: Limit 1 per order, or I'd grab one for some of ye. Friday night, typical.
  6. I know ^^^^ arctangent lineup defies an adjective, only expletives even come close!
  7. Completely smitten by her vocals. Stepping back there is nothing different or new about the music, but they do seem to have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting each track. I enjoyed reading their backstory and inspiration, and never would have thought the psyche scene of London and then returning to the northern hinterlands of England would have inspired a superethereal dreampop album. Don't know if I will get the vinyl yet, but definitely going to visit this again. And agreed, that Mondaze wall of noise is pure bliss.
  8. Evan hates everything pg.lost, even Key 😲 and even though every album is different. It’s just a long-standing joke that he will never like any pg.lost. Period. 😂
  9. Evan, I would have been totally shocked if you liked the new Tacoma album, that's why I never recommended to you over on IG where we usually share shoegazey stuff. Tool, Meniscus, Maserati, Isis are not bands I remember you liking or talking up .... and the SMW here and there I think Gumbo and I are hearing would not be enough to pull this record into your orbit. Re: Ranges, I have tried tried tried too, and love what they are doing at A1KA, but it's all generic to me. What I really want to do still... is take some tracks like Gathering or Desperdecio Pt 1. and be able to block the artist, have you listen to those riffs, and tell me you don't like them!! haha
  10. Never thought I'd see a LF Gong album here. I have Angel's Egg and Expresso II. You're looking for an 'unofficial' pressing. So they can't be sold on discogs. You probably will have more luck on Steve Hoffman than here and ebay auto search. Also... Discogs link - you could try messaging people who have copies to see if they are interested in selling. Good luck!
  11. I asked on IG if any plans for physical a couple days ago and no response as of yet (fingers crossed)!
  12. Once I saw them live, it makes it difficult to listen to the albums. They're one of those bands that the studio just can not capture. Drive 3 to 4 hrs each way every tour. They do not deviate from their set list once determined. I have heard some complaints about this from fans, but they do what they have to in order to make the touring grind work as well as possible. Wrecked trailers, broken thumbs and equipment, you name it.

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