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  1. Thought I had the wrong link on BW lol - it's the most chill, ambient, soundscape music, instrumental tracks like Hammock or Eluvium and others with ethereal male vocals to push it into the -gaze family. I would put this on the exact opposite end of the shoegaze spectrum that The Angelic Process lands (heavy, doom, metal, atmospheric). Really nice music, and I can why 95% your metalhead base is not going to buy into this, but it's a great addition to your label.
  2. Going to check this Owen ^^^ Big question is..... did Gumbo get his dream come true ISIS reunion ticket? @Gumbo72203
  3. I'm enjoying the PSUB - anyone else think it was worth the wait? I hope this hasn't been posted, but I believe @mrewest tagged me on these guys over on IG Swirlpool: Camomile EP 4 tracks (yes, had to get the CS)
  4. Swirlpool: Camomile EP /29 CS Sweet 4 track EP, a little over $10ppd for the CS from Germany
  5. drds89

    PO: Starflyer 59 - Silver

    I don't regret this, even if the price drops by $10 down the road. The opening riff right at the needle drop, on vinyl for the first time, was worth the price of admission. Quiet surfaces throughout save a couple of small pops at the end of track two.
  6. This short album is quite eclectic. She hasn't thrown the entire kitchen sink in there, but the experimentation factor with different sounds/styles/genres, even if only for a few measures (completely caught me off guard more than once) is pretty well out there. That's not to say there aren't some minutes when I got what I was expecting, but after 5 listens, I'm smh. With purple. And the trippy little insert. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe it will taken 10 listens...
  7. drds89

    ::WANTED:: Julien Baker - Test Press Vinyl

    Welcome! You'll probably have more success messaging all owners on discogs (politely, with a specific dollar figure). If you've already tried that, well, maybe someone here will have one and read this - certainly possible.
  8. If they get Jakob to come over here and tour, I'll take a month off and do the groupy thing! Bucket list pipe dreams... I have no idea who it might be, however I noticed that Tides of Man seemed to be sucking up to Caspian/Phil's posts lately. That'd be sweet if they toured their new album with them, and more realistic than Jakob jeje.
  9. I got a shipping label notification! (but it hasn't been dropped off at the USPS yet)
  10. Dance On The Blacktop Cassette stock is getting low already. I don't think Relapse has done more than one run of GoE (discogs lists bonkers $ for sales) or ToT.
  11. drds89

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Posted yesterday at 10:23 AM Posted yesterday at 08:31 AM zero day marks a nice return to form for Nothing, really glad they ditched the ToT production style." Ethereal was referring to ToT, produced by Will Yip.
  12. drds89

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Oh, is this live already ?