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  1. Galaxy, and they're coming to RVA, so no 3 hr trek each way to RDU or DC!!
  2. Same here , 4 new songs were great and "Song 3" from Peregrine Chris knows how to find drummers (or maybe they find him) with virtually identical styles. Nathan was great on the Caspian tour in 2016 - he was definitely in his own "zone."
  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Can't wait! There is some solid post rock being released, with many mentions in this thread, but not enough to warrant space on the vinyl shelf (there's only so much vinyl one can listen to when working full-time, and the litmus test of "Will I really pull this off the rack especially for a 2xLP?" (even with an automatic TT vs manual). The world is a better place with this music though, eg Pillars and Glasgow Coma Scale.
  4. I was trying to be nice and didn't quite think they were 100% copycat Nothing. Dang, y'all! LOL Seems like I remember some opinions than Newmoon's Space was the album Nothing should have written vs ToT? Hmm? Might have to take this over the Shoegaze thread To keep it post rock, I'd love another Jakob copycat, in addition to Astralia S/T and Solstice (not all of it), because no one else can do Jeff Boyle's guitar -- unlike EiTS (1001 bands, too easy). With GY!BE there too many fails, I'd say a select few who have built upon the foundation and made their own sound. Example: TMSJ took Godspeed's eery side and built a seamless discography over many years that I really enjoy when the mood hits.
  5. Thanks for posting here, as there a few serious shoegaze fans. If you didn't post over on the Shoegaze/Dreampop thread in the main forum, I'd recommend it. Overall feel from one listen I'd say: FFO Nothing in the ToT and Whirr/Nothing era. Agreed very little dreamgaze, more heavygaze with doom in places - those cavernous vocals and minor chords. Track 6 is pretty much a noise tribute to Scott Cortez/Astrobrite. Track 1 is straight up Hum tribute similar to the way Nothing did on ToT (different Hum track) and some early Whirr. Track 3 is the lightest, maybe GoE era. Nice placement to break up the wall of sound. I like the vocals too, definitely a sucker for the gloomgaze. I'll listen again, especially for early Jesu influence. Any physical medium should work for this album, even cassettes. I don't see vinyl having an advantage and digital is just fine as well. That beautiful noise
  6. Listening to Night Terror by Helms Alee tonight, completely forgot about them. Hozi is one of my favorite drummers (I've mentioned a time or two); she can play anything. I like that she is using the same kit from ?childhood, too, self-admittedly without gear-lust. Edit: I'll weigh in on Slint. Yes, of course, they are mathy, especially Spiderland,! If none of the Slint boys ever listened to Discipline (1981) in kindergarten or grade school, I would have to say they developed their sound in a parallel universe.
  7. Maserati should have their album out this year (I think), finished recording a while ago and snippets sounded like no major deviations.
  8. Amazing collection! Restrained PM sent
  9. I listened to Lost In Kiev, and the whole album is not as cringy as the single, not bad actually, but still not worth a spot on my vinyl shelf sad to say. So I will just keep playing the first two. And maybe their next will find me in the same camp with them.
  10. I associate Math with time signature changes and technical prowess -- with any melody that is catchy -- as an added bonus. Even Tool has some quite mathy elements, like try to count out Vicarious, and even the hit Schism. They are most 5/4, but do change up a lot. Old school: Kansas and King Crimson could really have some great mathy stuff with and without melodic elements - and so could SO many other Prog bands. Those that dabbled in Jazz or Fusion, could be very mathy. I always think of Bill Bruford. Most of the others have already been mentioned like Don Cab, Giraffes, Tera Melos, etc. TMP are not math imho. I love them, own their stuff and saw them live, but their jazziness rarely gets "mathy." Surprised, no one mentioned Meshuggah - Tomas Haake is the epitome of math drumming. Each hand and foot in 4 different time signatures!!!! Surprised no one mention Lite, Toe or Te' // they are not always mathy, but do get quite mathy at times. There is a whole world of math, which for lack of a better word, is "spastic" to my ears. They are geniuses and prodigies, Savants, and most of us lesser mortals will never appreciate what they are doing. There were folks who existed long before before it was called math, that seemed like in another universe, but if you stayed with them them long enough, you could hear the cycle start to come around again. Thelonius Monk had a track and I can't recall it, but my former band director asked me to check him out in the 80's to see if I could decipher the code. It was more of a challenge than actual enjoyment of the music, but I knew he was a genius.
  11. In case Saint Marie followers missed it - I got word through email since I don't have time to check all the social media anymore - Wyatt is pressing 3 albums, the one I'm most excited about is Secret Shine. EP's "Elemental" and "Beyond Sea And Sky" are going to vinyl for the first time ever. 3 tracks per EP = perfect setup for this. I know there are some Secret Shine fans here, and these EPs are fantastic. Maybe not GTG tier, but Saint Marie delivered singles and GTG for us already Saint Marie Records: Secret Shine EP's
  12. Thanks for linkage, this went under my radar. I'm liking the single, can't wait to hear the whole thing and then figure the postage beating from AC30 or hopefully Norman (or amazon.uk) gets some per usual.
  13. Did you say TRNA and TTOL? Might be a great weekend to check this out. About 10 years from now Owen, you'll likely find your way into the -gaze sector one way or another ... and the ethereal-gaze of PSUB and Blankenberge will click. Really not that far of a leap from subsections of the postrock universe.
  14. It really does sound awesome (doubt the color will affect the sound) and worth the day or two off my life it took to get one.
  15. Love these guys, they are from Richmond and now in CO. They tour constantly /used to sleep in their orange van in Walmart parking lots, and Laura has added (excellent) vocals from their original instrumental post-metal beginnings. I have one of their original home-made CD-r with the spray paint baggies for jackets. They never really got any traction from my friends over on the postrock/postmetal community for some reason. Very approachable Christians, Laura is very open about fighting (and winning) re: eating disorders. Excited to see them getting some well-deserved recognition.