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  1. Have you checked out True Widow? Prepare to s l o w d o w n / way downtempo Some other heavygaze/gloomgaze/doomgaze besides Grivo: Keep from RVA, they also have an earlier EP and two later LPs love these guys! Threading - Azure is heavy bliss Guitaro - Futura Black There are also quite a few excellent bands with femme vocals like King Woman/ Miserable
  2. I second this. Last show before covid, in RVA: Twin Drugs, Grivo, and Slow Crush.
  3. This is a great, unique album - I have all 3 OG variants + Test press What we need is Cenotes on vinyl - come on TL!
  4. Any word who will be releasing this or you think they will self-release & do digital only? (hope not) Bird's Robe Records seems like a good fit, or even Hobbledehoy, but I am totally clueless as to how the whole business process works. Sheath really had us pumped for Subsets & Cale:Drew vinyl - I don't lose any sleep over it, but it would be nice to see this happen one day.
  5. I can hear ERR style vocals in some of the tracks. I almost bailed after the first 3 tracks, but 4 on seemed to get better and better to my ears. Hope they gain some traction.
  6. DIGUPTMR 20% off ($24) for the $30 LP + $6.xx shipping or think 'free shipping' unless you are ordering more stuff
  7. I'll be one of the 25 for sure. "A1KA" for 10% off? Seems like that still worked last time I ordered. Wonder like Derek said how long it will take to sell through 25 US copies? Might be worth waiting for Cyber Monday discount...
  8. Yes, indie merch got some copies, and it was $19.50, that's my picture of the splatter above.
  9. Sounds great. I'm pretty well art-challenged among many things, but I've made better test press jackets than this joke. That being said, it is nice to finally have on vinyl and the price was very good.
  10. I was F5 at 0759 and couldn't check out in time for the splatter, so don't feel bad. Had everything preloaded and PP signed in. Bandcamp actually seized up for a few minutes! Edit: on Solitude I avoided the Haze, even though always tempting, they usually are unlistenable due to all the grit. Maybe things have changed, but I didn't want to chance it and went with the coke bottle clear.
  11. on IG he posted that the breakdown is 200/300, but I can't remember which is which - guessing color is /200 & milky clear /300 & Solitude: the coke bottle clear green is /300

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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