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  1. Oh wow, thanks, I've been really slacking on IG posts this year. @mrewest Do you have all these Cloudkicker Test Presses? I know you need Beacons from your sig line. That PSOTY is really tempting...
  2. Bravo on that collection, a pleasure to look through, hope you get a lot of sales.
  3. Can't wait to check this out! Love Sleep with Wires (one of the few 7" I actually play) and your other singles that aren't on vinyl yet. The 10" split was good too but slightly divergent.
  4. LOL, bubblegutz was probably reefed as usual. Most of the big name post rock bands eschew the moniker for some reason, but shorthands or labels or genres as a starting point of identification for discussion. Not sure why they do, especially Mogwai. "Mostly-instrumental-rock-metal-band-with-loud-soft-loud-dynamics-atypical-song-structure-if-vocals-likely-used-as-another-instrument-sometimes-with-samples-and-longer-than-3-minutes-duration" I've already written my opinion about Brian elsewhere. And to think shoegaze used to be a derogatory term!
  5. Fair enough, I appreciate your irenic spirit of discussion! I'd think few would disagree earlier Pelican is in the metal genre, most likely post metal. I like quite a few post metal bands, but they never clicked with me. This album sounds like rock until the later tracks, where we get some metal riffage and some dynamics to earn the monicker of "post." Re: Rush, it's always been difficult for me to call S/T a prog rock album. When Neil joined the band and started writing lyrics, they started moving away from your typical rock band. Even CoS, Fly By Night & 2112 are rock albums to me, but the thematic approach and longer tracks started getting the attention of prog fans, I'll give them the nod. They were a rock band who could write radio friendly beauties, but also Xanadu, Cygnus X-1 and side 1 of Hemispheres to make them a prog rock fan's dream. They could be accessible to wider audience of top 40 folks. Then came Moving Pictures...you know the story. It was fun living through that era. Yes, King Crimson, Tull, Led Zep and Pink Floyd's albums sound so different when you're in middle school vs college -- as did side 1 of Hemispheres lol. I don't think I can put into words like the mighty Gumbo how hard rock differs from metal. The ends of the spectrum are easier to get consensus, but the continuum where hard rock and light metal differ is mushy. The discussion can go like those genre-related discussions within the post rock universe, that includes such divergent sounds as Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Explosions, Godspeed, Mono, etc -- don't you love it when reviewers who listen to an album that is supposed to be "post rock" and then say fans of EiTS and Godspeed should love this?! smh Again, to my ears, this album (first 5 tracks) sounds lighter than earlier Pelican and agree with you a logical progression from Forever Becoming. It's instrumental rock (that's been done before, but not boring or bad, technically. I guess I need to re-listen for that drum miscue mentioned by another member) -- and some metal later on. Gain some fans, lose some. Russian Circles isn't always full-on post metal (I know you never said or implied it), they have written some really nice, lighter post rock tracks, some very beautiful ballads, etc. But most of us would call them post metal without blinking an eye, or adding the extra stuff I just did ^^^
  6. That it doesn't sound like former (meh) Pelican -- jajaja -- I couldn't resist, from my truncated quote. J/K my brutha! I know musical tastes are subjective and glad you are enjoying 70's rock. This could have been the album between Rush ST and Fly By Night, almost ;) But seriously, if this album was released by a lesser known or unknown band and was a Gumbo bandcamp rec on the Postrock thread , would you be loving it and clamoring for vinyl, or is it because of the fact that it is ....Pelican? I'm already two posts too many into this thread, so I will leave the final word to Derek (I've listened to every Pelican album and revisited at various stages through the past 10 years or so, and like @mrewest who has yet to see the pg.lost light, fail to own any of their music on vinyl) Only 3 pages on a new Pelican release, too, seems odd.
  7. Doesn't sound like Pelican till track 6 Last song was probably my favorite, but overall, it sounds like an instrumental verison 70's rock/metal, Sabbath-lite, which I already lived through and spent enough money on. Not a bad listen though. If anyone wants a red copy to flip, one of Derek's recommendations earlier in the thread still has one
  8. I heard this at the same time as Holy Fawn back in the fall last year, and thought @deafening had recommended it, but it was @scott_c on this thread page 77. I actually PO'ed a CS if you can believe that, ordered early September and arrived late November. I didn't hype them, being more obsessed with HF at the time, and smaller darkgaze bands I like don't seem to get a lot of traction with my friends. Until you mentioned Nothing and TW, I had sectioned them in with Keep, Threading, KW/Miserable and few noise bands -- so I had to give it another run through after paperwork. I would definitely agree with vocals being consistent with Nicky from earlier Nothing -- i.e. male, soft, throaty and buried. Doesn't change through this album. They are downtempo - but I don't have to adjust my whole brain to listen to Grivo vs. TW s l o w g a z e - whom I enjoy immensely. Track 2 has a riff that sounds like TW, and a slightly longer section of track 4 that also definitely hearkens TW chord progressions. That's all I heard of TW. (for TW, check out 1990's band Should: Feed Like Fishes album. Should be on vinyl) The guitars, except for the intro on Track 1, drumming, and overall song writing / composition seems significantly different that if Nothing and TW aren't your cuppa, but you like darkgaze, I'd give these guys a listen. There are longer tracks and agreed not a lot of variety as mentioned above, but it still grabs me enough to distract from being background music. Most likely will get this on vinyl, pleasantly surprised it actually got the vinyl treatment.
  9. I enjoy Grivo, had their tape for a while.
  10. Got mine this past weekend and third time through I'm enjoying it more and more, as expected a grower. Its slower pace overall and beautiful vocals contrast nicely with the harder riff tunes. I like the new Oh Hiroshima track. Will wait for the whole thing before buying vinyl though. To this day, when listening to RIF and "Richard D Anderson" comes, I swear it's Maserati.
  11. Had not heard of them, thanks for posting @jhulud They seem to fit best here, though not tagged as such - lots of reverb on the guitars, great vocals. Reminded me to post Be Forest's Audiotree Live session if anyone missed it. Ethereal dreamgaze from Italy, I like their latest even better than Cold. I can't believe how good the minimalism sounds and the guitarist is playing a Squire! Don't know if that's a touring decision to mitigate any potential losses, but it sounds just like the studio. He keeps the same effects pretty much throughout, so you know rather quickly if it's your cuppa. Be Forest - Audiotree Live Session
  12. Listen to this man. He has the most complete Isis collection you'll find and been at it a long time.
  13. I kind of see what you're seeing, but irl - nada. In the image here -- to my eyes the whirl line mirage looks much wider than the actual logo