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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm selling various LPs and CDs from my collection. Well kept, I have a great Ebay and Discogs feedback rating, etc etc. I'd really like to liquidate the CDs so I will take aggressive offers, especially on multiples. They're fairly uncommon, many are imports. Please make offers! Vinyl Various Artists Songs Of Tony Sly 2x12" Clear $18 Face To Face Protection (Coke Bottle Clear) /995 $20 Lipona Networks (#1 Test Press) /1 $30 Sons Of Buddha Didoudam (Black) $10 Rebuke Artie Kaye 7" (black, hand-numbered) /100 $5 Ignite A War Against You (translucent orange) /400 $30 Counterpunch Bruises (Red/Orange, signed by band) /?? $50 No Use For A Name All The Best Songs (2xLP, Brown/Gold and Blue/Yellow/Black) /476 $60 The Arteries Blood, Sweat, and Beers (Pink) /?? $10 The Arteries Dead Sea (Mint color) /200 $10 Face To Face Face To Face (original 1996 pressing) $30 The Fullblast Short Controlled Bursts + Contagious Movement Theory (2xLP Black, hand numbered) / 250 $125 Yellowcard Ocean Avenue $75 CD +44 When Your Heart Stops Beating (Clean) $1 Alucard Alucard EP $20 Alucard After Dark $5 Armchair Martian Hang, On Ted $5 Armchair Martian Monsters Always Scream $5 August Premier Fireworks And Alcohol $3 Autopilot Off Regenerator* (disc in promo slim case, 'fair' condition) $10 Backward Region This Is Our Challenges $5 Bad Credit Giving Back By Giving Up* (CD in 'fair' condition) $10 Bedtime For Charlie Morningwood + Bright Light City Skyline $5 Blake I Was Young In The 90's $3 Blink-182 Enema Of The State $2 Collective Soul Afterwords $2 Collective Soul Collective Soul $2 Collective Soul Youth $2 Country Yard Bows And Arrows $5 CPM 22 Depois De Um Longo Inverno $10 CPM 22 Cidade Cinza $10 Dead Frets Sell Silence $3 Donots iCARAJO! (English version of Karacho) $10 dustbox Care Package $8 Escape Velocity Colors In The Atmosphere $10 F.I.B Figure $8 F.I.B Fill In The Blanks $7 F.I.B Firecracker $8 Fastball Little White Lies $8 Five Iron Frenzy Engine Of A Million Plots $3 Five Iron Frenzy Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo $3 Five Iron Frenzy Our Newest Album Ever! $3 Five Iron Frenzy Quantity Is Job 1 $3 Five Iron Frenzy Engine Of A Million Plots Sampler EP $3 Flatcat So This Is When We Grow Up $3 Fonzie Shout It Out $5 Good4Nothing Kids At Play $5 Good4Nothing Raise Your Hope $5 Handheld Handheld (Japanese version) $10 Lipona Pigeonholed + Atlas $8 Local Resident Failure This Here's The Hard Part $8 Lostprophets The Betrayed (Japanese version) $5 Lostprophets Start Something (Japanese version) $5 Much The Same Survive (Japanese version) $3 Mustard Plug Can't Contain It $3 Mustard Plug In Black And White $3 One Hidden Frame The Water Seems Inviting $5 Over It The Strand $5 Pinsky Losing Touch $3 Pulley @#!* $3 Randy The Rest Is Silence $3 Rehasher High Speed Access To My Brain $5 Relespublica As Historias Sao Iguais $5 Rise Against Siren Song Of The Counter Culture $2 Squirtgun Fade To Bright $2 Starpool Living In Transition $10 Steel City Allstars Steel City Allstars $3 Suburban Legends Going On Tour (Band spraypainted version) $5 Suburban Legends Let's Be Friends And Slay The Dragon Together $5 The Arteries Dead Sea $3 The Arteries Blood, Sweat And Beers $3 The Dreadnoughts Victory Square $5 The Dreadnoughts Polka's Not Dead $5 The Fear Here Goes Nothing $5 The Idoru Monologue $8 The Kindled Restore $10 The Living End White Noise (2xCD) $5 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let's Face It $3 The Aquabats! Serious Awesomeness!! (2xDVD) $10 The Phenomenauts Escape Velocity $3 The Phenomenauts For All Mankind $3 The Planet Smashers Unstoppable $3 The Planet Smashers Descent Into The Valley Of... $3 The Planet Smashers No Self Control $3 The Reaganomics Lower The Bar $3 The Swellers Beginning Of The End Again $10 The Upgrades Take A Risk! $3 This Legend It's In The Streets $3 Thousand Oaks Monsters Begetting Monsters $5 Too Bad Eugene At Any Rate ('Fair' condition) $8 Totalfat The Best Fat Collection $8 Treble Charger Wide Awake Bored $2 Treble Charger Detox $2 Uncommonmenfrommars Longer Than An EP Shorter Than An Album $5 Value Pac Incognito $2 Various Sweden The Deal Compilation $3 Various Removals Compilation $3 Whole Wheat Bread Punk Life 2 $8 Versus The World Drink Sing Live Love (Deluxe +1 bonus) $6
  2. 10 years after their last studio output OC's Ignite actually release their new record "a war against you" via Century Media. CM's website actually lists 7 different variants, slowly surfacing for preorder: black LP+CD (/??? retail? preorder e.g.: https://www.cmdistro.com/item/38002 ) white LP+CD (/100 cmdistro Europe exclusive, preorder https://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Ignite_-_A_War_Against_You_-white_LP-CD-/2642 ) transp. orange LP+CD (/400 preorder e.g.: https://www.cmdistro.com/item/38003 and http://www.impericon.com/de/ignite-a-war-against-you-transparent-orange-colored-lp-cd.html ) yellow LP+CD (/??? no preorder available, yet) 180g transp. red LP+CD (/??? now at Revelation: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=CM7685A) 180g golden LP+CD (/100 Revelation exclusive, preorder: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=CM7685 ) transp. green LP+CD (/??? no preorder available, yet) A first single has been released on youtube: https://youtu.be/HXHjAS-QwLs and also as a 7inch on a similar color variation as the full length incl two live tracks from the live DVD a few years ago. While the song is great, the vinyl is an easy pass for me. High price and just the album track with already released material... Edit: CMDistro EU link for white /100 added Edit: transparent red now available from Revelation
  3. Pick it up at RevHQ! 500 pressed on clear http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=TF020

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