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  1. And that‘s about the business part in here: make a nice looking variant and another rare one and then one audiophile variant. And eventually there will be at least some customers buying multiple copies. not judging anyone, we all love the hunt for gems for our collection here...
  2. From the EU store: First pressing info: 300x Transparent w/ Splatter 200x Transparent Purple (not US version) 100x Classic Black all variants are still in stock. i understand and also dig the concept of different, limited variants. But I don‘t get why making a black one most limited, especially when the color is totally unrelated to the artwork...
  3. from the sequence in the drop down menu I would guess, purple is the rarest color. but I think, the splatter looks far better. edit: now the sequence of the drop down menu has changed and the splatter is listed first...
  4. The youtube videos have a smarturl link in the description, which for me lead to a German shop with a preorder for a EU exclusive black in coke bottle vinyl (no PI given). Can anyone confirm that there are other destinations for the smarturl already online? links? the PN shops still don't have any preorders available. btw: I must say, I'm a little disappointed that this is only a 7-song EP...
  5. this one will most likely never look like the mockup..... sooo... this is supposed to be another /500. is this now the official 2nd press?
  6. now that POs are popping up (and usually vanish again within a day or so), when can we expect the actual preorder going live?
  7. all pre-order links at German distros are offline again, seems they all jumped in too early.
  8. isn't that the same variant as the one at Kingsroad? Kingsroad doesn't have the /500 limit stated. and I'm with you: the colors look aweful together with the rest of the artwork
  9. I think the orange splatter is the only variant that fits at least partially to the artwork. But I agree, the blue one is really cool (in the mockup).
  10. Kingsroad has also a colored variant (yellow blue butterfly). No pressing info, though https://de.kingsroadmerch.com/the-ghost-inside/view/?id=17795&cid=1312
  11. Impericon has two exclusive variants /500 in Europe: https://www.impericon.com/de/the-ghost-inside-the-ghost-inside-white-orange-splattered-lp.html https://www.impericon.com/de/the-ghost-inside-the-ghost-inside-white-green-splattered-lp.html
  12. I never thought, the day would come I'd find a Bon Jovi thread on VC...
  13. the die cut cover looks great and the booklet is a huge improvement to the original Pressing. if everyone here is passing due to the price tag, who bought the 500 within hours then??