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  1. I never thought, the day would come I'd find a Bon Jovi thread on VC...
  2. the die cut cover looks great and the booklet is a huge improvement to the original Pressing. if everyone here is passing due to the price tag, who bought the 500 within hours then??
  3. why is that? Looking at the HMV store, they have some entries with a "ltd. edition coloured vinyl" or "coloured vinyl" sticker on the cover picture, some entries have "(HMV exclusive)" added to the item's title. The Counterparts record has neither of these indicators. edit: doesn't matter anymore, item is sold out.
  4. that's right. but HMV usually puts a "lim. Edition Vinyl" sticker on the store entry, if it's liminted / exclusive. For this one, they haven't. There's no color indication given. Consequently, at this point noone knows which color you order at HMV
  5. HMV preorder is up: https://store.hmv.com/music/vinyl/nothing-left-to-love-(1) unfortunately only shipping to the UK edit: I just noticed, it‘s missing the „lim. edition vinyl“ sticker in the store listing. So maybe it’s just the regular version?! Not 100% sure at this point. When the limited vinyl is confirmed: anyone nice here from the UK, who would order one for me and forward it to Germany???
  6. Has anyone seen the PN /300 or HMV /200 variant online? Links possibly? All gone?
  7. I'm surprised this sells so slowly... /150 still available
  8. Well, I took a small leap of faith and enabled the iCloud library on my iPhone only with only a limited number of files on it. The result is as I feared: Many albums were identified correctly, but - some albums seemingly unknown to Apple disappeared entirely (formerly ripped from the orginial CD via iTunes) - audiobooks with single files >2h length disappeared entirely - some album art changed to wrong covers (formerly ripped from the orginial CD via iTunes) - no drag&drop movement of files between iTunes and iPhone possible anymore Still a fan of the idea but definitely not of the implementation...
  9. That sounds a little overdramatic ;-) but, yes, I got a messed up library during the trial period. Of course I had backup copies of the files back then and still have. I just wonder if there are any recent first hand experiences, whether they got this issue fixed or not. As I said, I probably need to try and it be prepared to reset the iCloud library & rebuild my library.
  10. My library is about the same size and I spend hours adding the correct tags and covers. However, I chose to manage the files and folders myself. Therefore, I assume there's not much additional Information in the library itself. Maybe I just need to take this leap of faith. If worst comes to worst, I have to nuke the library and disable the iCloud function again...
  11. Thanks for the reply. Doesn't this change nothing? I nuke the library, add the same files (i.e. build the more or less same library) and re-add it to the cloud. Why should the matching algorithm behave differently?
  12. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I need some user experiences on Apple Music: A year ago I did the trial period and noticed a lot of problems with the iCloud library (wrong tags, wrong covers, messed up albums etc.). Furthermore, dragging songs from my Mac onto the iPhone didn't work anymore without disabling the iCloud library everytime. For some reasons, I'm back at Apple Music as part of a familiy subscription. Can anyone give some recent experiences: Is it save to enable the iCloud library now? ( tagged my library thoughfully and thoroughly and I don't want this to be messed up...) Did they fix the issues with overwriting tag/covers etc. wrongly? How does copying music from the Mac onto an iPhone work nowadays?
  13. Maybe we should start talking about the records he ordered. Was it a "Chung King Can Suck It" for $5000 ? Maybe then, $100 in shipping doesn't make a difference anymore...