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Found 5 results

  1. Selling off the rest of my collection, let me know if you have any interest in buying any. If you buy more than 1, I may knock off some $ 12" A Lot Like Birds - No Place -- 1st Pressing --- Dark Red /1000 - $22 shipped Lydia - Illuminate -- 1st Pressing --- 180 Gram Black / 500 - SOLD Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only -- 1st Pressing --- (2xLP) White /500 - $16 shipped 12" 3-pack (SOLD) Straylight Run - About Time EP -- 1st Pressing --- Silver /300 (autographed by band) Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends -- 6th Pressing --- Black /1198 Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be -- 2nd Pressing --- Black /1000 10" Secret Band - EP -- 1st Pressing --- Black /1000 - $22 shipped 7" +44 - Cliff Diving (single) -- 1st Pressing --- Pink (autographed by band) - $15 shipped My Iron Lung - Grief -- 1st Pressing --- Red/Black /300 - SOLD
  2. Hello! I am looking to purchase/Trade for the following: Die Antwoord Tension Fall Out Boy Infinity On High blue splatter Hot Topic and From Under The Cork Tree Plus 44 Anything. Really want the 12 inch Hot Topic but would consider some singles and such Box Car Racer: Same as above. Would love the 12 inch Hot Topic but would consider singles Blink 182: Mostly looking for their 7 inch picture disc singles. Perhaps another copy of TOYPAJ Splatter Also (Not in a hurry) Breaking Bad volume 1 picture disc, Dexter Blood Splatter and any Angels and Airwaves except their newest releases. Don't have much to trade. The ones i do have to trade do NOT have the sleeves. Got them like that. Orange pressing of Lost In Translation soundtrack. 2 LP Korn RSD edition with D-Side Etching Grateful Dead Houston Texas 1971 2 LP RSD American Hustle 2 LP 1 Red 1 Blue RSD Green Day Tre! Danny Brown 2 LP Instrumental (Does have sleeves) Again none of those have art sleeves. Local record store gave me a deal on them all because the art was ruined in shipment. These next ones are a little rough. They all play perfectly but are very aged. These have sleeves. Walt Disney Presents the Story and Songs of The Jungle Book Peter Pan Vinyl – 1963 Walt Disney's Babes in Toyland (Exclusive Original Version) Walt Disney's Fun with Music - 30 Favorite Disney Songs Story and Songs About Walt Disney's 3 Little Pigs: How They Fooled the Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Wolves and Invented a Wolf Spanking Machine Walt Disney Presents - Dennis Day in the Story of Johnny Appleseed Mad "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll PM me all prices/offers/trades Thank you!
  3. Hey Guys I'm looking for a copy of the +44 12" LP When Your Heart Stops Beating on the light blue marble variant. This is the only pressing. I hear the audio quality is pretty mediocre but if I can find it in good shape for a decent price that'd be rad
  4. I saw a copy of this go for around $30/$35 on here recently and I regret not snatching it up, but bills. I've got some extra Christmas cash now though, so if PM me if you've got a copy you would let go.
  5. Hey, Im sure a lot of these are going to pop up. I tried my luck getting a red copy and so now i have a extra black. Id rather just trade it. Some things Im looking for; Plus 44 Boxcar racer (first press) Boards of Canada Repress' Any Danger vinyl Tron RSD light disks Daft punk Discovery or just make an offer. I live in Canada so doing a deal here would work best, but Im willing to ship further.