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  1. I think it fits in that Crisis/Old Crows area, unfortunately I am not that into those albums. But I didn't have high expectations because of that.
  2. Yea its all perspective. That's not a common practice anymore. Of all my records, maybe 2 are actually a full analog experience, which is unfortunate.
  3. Just got mine as well. Haven't been this excited for a record in a while. This album was recorded analog to the floor correct? Wish we could get a true analog cut, that would be amazing.
  4. Was this for the retail version or the Furnace fest version?
  5. Going for the splatter. 20$ extra for silver seems a bit excessive.
  6. Man, NJ was a band I had all but given up on when the anti mother dropped. But last year I gave All Hail a go and it fucked rocked. Guess I'm back in.
  7. "We will continue the celebration with SHAZAM!, DOOM PATROL seasons 1 and 2, and a reissue of John Williams' 1978 masterwork SUPERMAN, with more hopefully arriving later in the year. "
  8. All I want is Finch - What it is to burn.
  9. I wonder if silent treatment will be the remastered version they did last year.

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