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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan and I recently started an independent record label based in San Antonio, TX called, Sunday Drive Records (Inspired by The Early November song). I was looking around on the forum and noticed Bryan from Flesh and Bone and other labels I enjoy have their own thread, so I would like to make one for Sunday Drive Records as well so people will be able to see any new announcements I make. With that being said, I wanted to introduce my label to everyone on here and announce some news: We recently joined the band Frontage and will be releasing their new EP, "Disillusioned" on cassette tape. The release is limited to 50 tapes, 25 on Blue-tint and 25 on Clear-Gray. The tapes will be professionally dubbed, have full color J-Cards, come with free stickers/buttons/newsletter, and also a DIY lyric book made by myself, that includes copies of handwritten lyrics. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would check out our site, listen to Frontage and keep up with our updates by following us! Thank you for your time. Sunday Drive Records Website: http://sundaydriverecs.tumblr.com Frontage Bandcamp: http://frontagetx.bandcamp.com
  2. Hello Vinyl Collective board! Sunday Drive Records is an independent record label based in Texas. All of our releases thus far have been on cassette, so we've been mainly active on the cassette board. However, we've announced our first vinyl release today (which can be found below), so I thought it would be appropriate to start a vinyl thread for Sunday Drive Records for our future vinyl releases. If you're a fan of cassettes as well, you can check out all of our previous releases here and follow our cassette thread. Stream all of our releases and download them on our bandcamp. Thanks for reading, and hope you all enjoy the news that will be announced on this thread!
  3. Today we are extremely excited to announce that we will be releasing Park's Lobster Records discography on cassette tape. In honor of "Building A Better ______" turning 10 years old this year, the band, Lobster Records and SDR have been working on reissuing these albums on cassette for months. All 3 acclaimed albums will be available on cassette tape for the very first time, with variants picked by Park's Ladd Mitchell. Each album is limited to 50 (25 of each variant) and include 4 panel j-cards w/ lyrics, credits, and photography/art. Pre-Order: http://bit.ly/ParkCassettes Individual album links below ---------------------------------- "No Signal": http://bit.ly/ParkNoSig "It Won't Snow Where You're Going": http://bit.ly/ParkIWS "Building A Better ______": http://bit.ly/ParkBAB
  4. Hello everyone. We're posting in this board in hopes to interest you all in some great bands, and sale some of their albums that are released through us on cassette tapes. It is very important for us to boost our sales at this point in order to help with our future releases. Below you will find links to album streams and links to purchase a tape. Each order contains unique items, so be sure to view each one to see what you're getting! Thanks for viewing this, and we hope you enjoy the music we are releasing. Grandview - Everything Between Paint and a Wall (FFO: Citizen) Originally released in the winter of 2013, Grandview amazed many with their outstanding LP, Everything Between Paint and a Wall. The album evolves from their previous EP into a much more mature sounding album, with each track flowing perfectly into the next. Each song is very well crafted and has its own unique sense of raw emotion in both lyrics and instruments. This is an important album to many of us here at Sunday Drive Records and we are glad that we have the opportunity to reissue it on cassette tape. Album Stream Buy the tape Post Modern - The Current (FFO: Moving Mountains, Circa Survive) Post Modern's debut EP, "The Current" consists of 5 well written songs that flow perfectly well together. The listener can hear an influence of acts such as All Day The Holiday and mixes of post-hardcore & post-rock that all create a unique sound that individualizes Post Modern as a whole. The EP is extremely well produced by Moving Mountains’ Gregory Dunn and is available on cassette tape for the first time. Album Stream Buy the tape New Lives - In Passing (FFO: Superheaven, Pentimento, HUM) The debut EP from New Lives, In Passing consists of 5 well-written tracks filled with great emotion delivered in a genre of alternative-rock/grunge that will only leave its listener wanting to hear more from the band. New Lives is a fair new band in 2015 from St.Louis, MO but seem to have captured a sound that bands take years to develop. This is not a EP you want to miss out on, and it is now available on cassette tape for the very first time. Album Stream Buy the tape Follow our official label thread here