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Found 5 results

  1. HectorSRCVINYL

    Whats New on VC

    Hi We did a system update today that featured the following changes. - Security improvements (too many, too boring to explain) - Perfomance improvements (too many, too boring to explain) - When you mouseover the badge showing who liked a post, you will now see a larger list of who liked that post. You can still click to get the full list. - Ratings now show half-stars for the average (for example, if one user votes 3 stars and another 4, it will show 3 and a half stars) and there is now an indication if you have rated something. - When you are writing a new topic there is now a Preview button where you can see how the post would look once posted in phone, tablet or desktop. - There is a Spoiler button to highlight part of your text as spoiler - More tools on the toolbar when writing a topic. Check them out! - You can now choose to ignore notifications for being mentioned in posts by particular users. - You can now filter searches by specific forums/categories. - The filter dropdowns now have an "Apply" button for better usability (previously you had to click outside the dropdown). - Hitting back from a clicked item in any activity stream now remembers your position and loaded results. Other enhancements and improvements. Let me know if you have any questions!! The system is indexing all the post so the search is not working temporarily! Thank you.
  2. GREATER THAN COLLECTIVE TEAMS DRAFT ORDER 1st - The Gatos (Elgato48) 2nd - 4th Down and Forfeit (Aviolentworld) 3rd - ANUSTART (lemongoat) 4th - Brock n Roll (duh) 5th - Alabama Thunderpussy (whoshotthefrog) 6th - Vicious & Delicious (Shanetx) 7th - Burninators (Seangj) 8th - HERP A DERP ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 9th - Bold City Brigade (Chino) LAST - San Diego Whale Vags (ScottHeisel) Draft Date & Time: 8 PM EST, 08/30/2016 KEEPER RULES: Keepers will be based on the round they were drafted this season. So for next year, if you choose to keep anyone, it will be based on this years round minus 2. If you draft Jay Cutler in the 13th round this season, and you choose to keep him for the 2016 season, he would take your 11th round pick. If you TRADE/RECEIVE a player you wish to keep, the same rule applies. If you receive Jamaal Charles, and he was drafted in the 3rd round, he would be your 1st round keeper for 2016. If you decide to keep a player picked up off of waivers at any time during the season, and no one had drafted them initially, they will be kept starting in round 12, and each kept player will be added to the next following round. If you draft Jay Cutler in round 13 and cut him, but then pick him back up before the season ends and decide to keep him, he would take your 11th round pick. If I drop Jamaal Charles, and I drafted him in the 3rd round, and you pick him up off waivers, and decide to keep him, he would be your 3rd round keeper. If you trade a draft pick that would have been assigned to a player you are going to keep for 2016, that kept player will be assigned the next available draft pick. If I trade my 1st round pick for Jamal Charles, who was drafted in the 3rd round, and I decide to keep him, he would take my 2nd round pick.
  3. Something is not working properly? Let me know. I'm currently looking into the double posting bug. I have a theory on why the double posting bug happens but I need your help, just post here at exactly what time it happens to you.
  4. rudeboydh

    Dear Rad

    Dear Rad: Why are you so full of win? Please share your wisdom with us.
  5. I'm just wondering if these or any other big resellers have any sort of holiday/christmas sales. I found in an ancient thread from like 2007 that No Idea had a $5 LP christmas sale then, but I want to know if they keep the tradition and if they do, when does it typically start?