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  1. league has been reopened! ryan will be helping get everything set up for the draft and keepers, i'll get the league safe going again!
  2. binged Maniac and Elite over thanksgiving, both series were really great!
  3. Yo, season 9 has been pretty good. No idea what Rick's ending means, but glad to see they jumped more in the future
  4. https://youtu.be/Jh52bVgkxKE based on the 4:38:19 mark, they did in fact play Juggernaut in LA. they started off the riff, transitioned into another song, and came back to finish juggernaut.
  5. are you living in the city? I know you're moving from LA/SoCal, so you're used to traffic, but I honestly feel like its a different type of traffic than in LA. good luck with the move, inching closer to the best coast
  6. will I miss anything if I just start watching IF before finishing the second season of Luke Cage? I just cant seem to get myself interested in following his storyline anymore
  7. ian, was there a deadline for the dues? im waiting the results of a couple baseball leagues, might use those monies to pay the hockey league fee