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  1. true, I think shipping is going to be $10 for US domestic options.. so its kind of a wash to me, and i've become really impatient
  2. willing to pay $40 for this album for sure, thank you for posting!! ❤️
  3. I mean, I have the albums that mean the most to me already, but I'd like to get a reissue of antenna and pitch perfect black.. didnt realize how much those go for right now
  4. ME TOO!!! omg, their site is such a Trainwreck, too!
  5. My understanding is the antigen tests lines do not represent viral load, just what was on the swab
  6. not often, my record player / records are in my office, and the balance between meeting and non-meeting time for work has significantly skewed in the wrong direction 😅 and when im not working I dont come in my office because its where I work and fuck that
  7. fuck I cant wait for the new album. I went through my records, thinking I had more copies, only to find I only have three, lol. easily a top 5 band for me, and that live tribute album to Caleb... I'll never forget when I found that album and what it helped me through. I cannot wait for the new record.
  8. Is this the only successful VC collective release? Lol, just found my copy

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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