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10/26 UPDATED FS: Deafheaven, Citizen, Warm Soda, Have Mercy, OWTH, Turnover, SDF

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Looking to move stuff. PM me offers.


These things especially:

Citizen - Young States - /300 - Clear

Citizen/Turnover - Split - /500 - Bone

Comadre - Comadre - /1000 - Milky Clear (180g)

Deafheaven - Sunbather - /22000 - Pink and Piss

Have Mercy/Somos - Split - /450 - Grey and Red Marble

Hundredth - Let Go - Black

My Fictions - Stranger Songs - /200 - Maroon

Nightmares For A Week/Banquets - Split - /100 - Aqua

Off With Their Heads - Home - /700 - Blue

Pentimento - Inside The Sea - /400 - Half Grimace Purple/Half Grey

Pity Sex - Feast of Love - /1000 - Transparent Green (Will send photos of this. There was a mixup in the pressing of this LP so colors aren't as described. I'll make sure this is the variant you're after.)

Rescuer - Anxiety Answering - /350 - Olive/Cream Haze

Rescuer - With Time Comes The Comfort - /700 - Blue

Self Defense Family - Try Me - /300 - Black/Clear

Warm Soda - Young Reckless Hearts - /500 - Milky Clear w/ Grape Splatter


Of course, feel free to make offers on the rest of my Tradelist too. Maybe I'll part with some of that other stuff.

Definitely off limits: ETID, Gaslight, Defeater, Make Do and Mend


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