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  1. Kick rocks, dork. Song's great. The hype continues to build.
  2. Good track, will scoop up the LP. I never picked up any of the Antarctigo Vespucci stuff, but I think his solo work is better anyway. Nothing compares to Fake Problems though...
  3. Alright, finally did my job and PO'd this. Scooped up their 7" too. These guys are great.
  4. Second track is much more familiar. This is gonna be a nice record. Gonna combo order this with the LURK EP real soon.
  5. Yo, the gang at Pure Noise needs to take it easy. Too much good stuff coming out, damn. This is different for Microwave, but I'm into it.
  6. This new track is very good, as expected. Vinnie might have one of the most underrated voices in punk.
  7. You get a "FREE mystery 7"" So, they're upcharging you for a "free" item. Interpunk been trash for a few years now. No surprise.
  8. https://lurkusa.bandcamp.com/album/hi-fi They had some previous stuff! I thought this was a Can't Swim-type signing where they're a completely new band, but no, they've got another EP.