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  1. I picked up Decadence on Discogs, but I'm hoping Popaganda gets another price drop before I pick it up. I think it's the last Daryl LP I need for the collection.
  2. Found these guys when getting into Funeral Party, their old record label, earlier this year. Very excited for the new album. Track is cool.
  3. My most anticipated of the year for sure. Labels on the tests make it look like a 2xLP, which would be absolutely nuts. They've been hyping that they recorded 16 tracks, but I figured it'd be a 12-track album with a 4-song b-side 7". Regardless, so stoked.
  4. They also won the Academy Award for this score. So, in one point in time, it was recognized as the pinnacle of film scores for the year. I am very excited to see this get repressed. Big NIN fan but haven't really started collecting the Trent and Atticus scores. I'll probably start here.
  5. No Media Mail option? I was able to pay media mail shipping. Are you International?
  6. Great sale, grabbed a few HWM reissues and a few other things.
  7. I haven't had any interest in listening to anything else since first hearing this. I'm excited for the new Phoebe Bridgers record but I want to go into that not thinking about another record. This Owen record is amongst his best, I think.
  8. Another note on Amazon: I picked up the 3 for 2 deal on Monday as well. When I checked out, there was a note in the "select shipping date" area that said something along the lines of "This item is shipping in clear packaging. If it's a gift, please select Amazon packaging." Then, there was an option to ship in Amazon packaging or gift wrap or something. It came unprotected in a big Amazon box, which is better than what would have probably been a shipping label on the shrink-wrap. The other two came in separate LP mailers combined in one big Amazon box, lol.
  9. This record is phenomenal. Can't wait to listen with the lyric sheet.
  10. Nice! "Meet Me on the Moon" is really good, but I opted not to order the 7" and just wait for the full album. Looking forward to this.
  11. I mean, what do you expect? You mix blue and orange, you're gonna get brown. Record's still gonna play, album's still good, and it's the most limited variant. It'll probably be worth something one day. I guess it's a bummer when the actual LP isn't as cool as the mockup, but that's par for the course in record collecting.
  12. I cannot wait to listen to this. Hopefully later tonight. You guys have me hyped.
  13. Awesome. Thank you. The nostalgia might convince me to buy a secondhand copy.