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  1. Again, I appreciate all of you. Thanks for all the suggestions, gang.
  2. A big thanks to you guys. Got a lot of stuff here I'm excited to check out.
  3. Can any of the shoegaze homies in here make a couple recommendations for me? Maybe @jhulud? Looking for something like Nothing but with deeper/rougher/darker vocals. Anything good that comes to mind?
  4. New single is different from what I expected, but it's pretty cool. Will order this eventually.
  5. Need to re-listen before I order, but I remember really liking this back in the day.
  6. Thanks for the heads up that this sold out over the weekend. Ordered now as well.
  7. Never really got into Nothing's other records, but this one clicked right away. I'm really enjoying this. Need to dive into the back catalogue again. A quick opinion on Will Yip: He excels at this type of production, but he brought this style to some hardcore releases last year (Defeater and La Dispute are two that stick out to me). I really disliked the way the vocals were mixed. Two bands that rely heavily on their lyrical narratives, and you could hardly hear 'em.
  8. What a pleasant surprise this morning. Always ready for new Lucero.
  9. New song, first single might've answered my question. Will get around to ordering this. New song is very good. I don't feel like they got Hopeless'd like a lot of other bands. That 5-month PO is funny though.

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