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  1. Have Heart reunion gigs this summer. I'm heading to Tied Down again. The lineup is stacked, and there's apparently more bands to be announced. The Sound & Fury lineup is similarly awesome. Feels like 2024 will be a great year for hardcore.
  2. POd the Smartpunk variant. New single is great. Really looking forward to this. The Avalanche never really left rotation for me, such a great record.
  3. I listened to this earlier and could not figure out why the riff sounded familiar, but it was 100% the Pink song. Thank you gang. This song is truly terrible. I thought some of the other singles so far were decent, at least compared to their last few records.
  4. $93 for the set is a nice price in 2023. Not jumping on it though because I only need Our Color Green. Wish they would've had split up options.
  5. Picked up Last Night In Town, and with that, I'll finally own all the ETID studio albums on vinyl. Been a long time coming.
  6. Fiddlehead and Citizen LPs shipped (separately, of course). Still a delay on the Gaslight album though...
  7. Yeah, this, Citizen, and Gaslight were all delayed while other variants of these albums are shipping without a problem. It's incredibly frustrating. I appreciate you being the squeaky wheel.
  8. Yeah, I'd like to know if you get a response. I don't mind delays but would prefer more open communication about what's going on. Never had an issue with BV exclusives before these two.
  9. Agreed on the artwork. Bought the /1500 or whatever. Can't stand bundles.
  10. Keith sounds great, as expected. The music sounds like very generic metalcore; I'm disappointed in that regard.

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