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  1. Definitely slept on this band. Really enjoying their catalogue. New LP is cool.
  2. This record is really enjoyable. I'm not a big skit/interlude guy but "YOO" is absolutely hilarious.
  3. New track is fire, and that video is top notch.
  4. Bummed I missed the NC exclusive. Will probably wait to push my luck in-store. They definitely hold copies for physical release.
  5. Fever 333 did a collab track with alt. pop artist, Poppy. Definitely worth checking out, pretty weird. Jason sounds killer on it though. I'm a big Poppy fan as well.
  6. DoN was fantastic for the most part. That Cody/Dustin match was incredible. A few great surprises as well, don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched or has avoided social media.
  7. Heyo, Anybody trying to sell/trade a clean copy of New Found Glory's Radiosurgery? Would prefer it on colored vinyl, but PM me in you have a black copy too, I guess. I know I can scoop on Discogs. Wanted to deal with a VCer first, if possible. Not looking to break the bank on it. Holler at me. Tradelist
  8. Gonna +1 this. But I'll probably still pick up the LP and wait for it to click with me. Jason is a great guy. Gotta show support.
  9. Has the bone variant shipped yet either? I ordered from Amazon, and it's been back and forth between pre-order and estimated ship somewhere between June-July.
  10. Is this the first band to get Hopeless'd twice? Lol They had that fantastic debut LP on Topshelf then that pretty bland follow-up on Hopeless. They returned to form with the third LP, and now, this single at least is pretty mediocre.
  11. Recently got into these guys. The Moon My Saddle is absolutely incredible. Definitely gonna get the Raise It High reissue, but will probably wait to pick up the new LP to get "Some Other Sky". Thanks for the US distro link. Didn't see that back when the band announced the 7".
  12. Interested, and I appreciate the effort you put into the first post.