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  1. Did RSD at Newbury Comics in Boston again. Was maybe 10th in line, got pretty much everything I was after. Just missed the Hockey Dad 12" which I don't know if NC even got any copies in. Quick in and out today. Hope everyone's getting what they're after.
  2. Nice signing. These guys are great. Last record was fantastic. Instant PO from me.
  3. New track. Very, very nice. Vocals are too low. Really sick of this trend.
  4. Got this in today. Very basic packaging, no frills, kinda lame.
  5. Great Mania, definitely my favorite overall in a long time. It's absolutely too long though. WWE really went after appeasing the Internet fans last night. Seth, Becky, AJ, Finn, and KOFI KINGSTON. Kofi's win is probably my favorite "WM moment" since Daniel Bryan's win, which isn't surprising given the parallels in the stories. Awesome to see the IIconics win last night. Didn't really care for Ryder/Hawkins going over on The Revival though. That felt pretty goofy, kinda marginalizes the tag titles, if Hawkins can lose 269 matches in a row then get lucky. Idk. I also felt really bad for Kurt. No one cared about his last match cuz it was against Baron Corbin. It really seemed like they just went through the motions. Kurt hit all of his spots, went for one last moonsault, then did the job. I laughed when he pretty much no sold the pin and quickly got up to grab a mic. He's a legend, he deserved a better send off. Batista/HHH and Miz/Shane didn't disappoint, even though I expected them to. Doctor of Thuganomics Cena was INCREDIBLE. The only thing I wasn't hot on was the botched(?) finish to the women's main event. Ronda clearly has a shoulder up during the 3 count. Really glad Becky went over on Ronda though. Ronda can GTFO at this point. Great Mania overall, truly.
  6. Wish I would've known this before listening... Good move posting that though.
  7. Didn't listen to the vinyl yet, but this album is fantastic. Did not disappoint at all.
  8. Popping into the thread to say how goddamn hyped I am for this.
  9. Coloring book variant showed up today. Tracking hadn't updated in over a week, but then it shipped 2-day to me. Really excited to listen.
  10. This is a great idea. Thanks. I did the same. The stencil is super dumb. Waste of $5 on shipping or whatever.
  11. Sometimes, the vocals on this guy's stuff are pretty cool, and then sometimes, they're absolute trash. Leaves me very indifferent.
  12. They announced some record release shows. I'll be at the one in Boston. Pretty stoked.