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  1. Looking for Czarface - Czar Noir if anyone can help me out!
  2. Oh right on, looking forward to that. Hope they have more new material on the way too.
  3. Great band, great albums, especially Baby. Looking forward to the new EP. Any vinyl coming for that @IanRees? EDIT: Is the new EP just a re-release of old tracks?
  4. Beat me to posting! Just PO'd the twist. New song is great. I absolutely can't wait for this one. Twist is out of 100 / Splatter out of 500 Edit: I also wish Pure Noise would quit printing tees on Gildan or at least offer designs on other brands. I would love a higher quality option.
  5. I feel you 100% on this. It's a completionist mentality that is hard to shake in record collecting. I went in 100% knowing that NFG was gonna do this again, and sure enough, they did. If I were you with the Anti-Flag album, I'd be disappointed too. With COVID, I kinda get it, doing a one-off like they seem to be doing. But with NFG, it's a pattern and it's frustrating on some level. Happy for new music, frustrated from a record collector standpoint.
  6. I can't stand that they do this. I'm a big NFG fan, but I've never bought the deluxe editions because I have a hard time justifying dropping more money on something I already basically own. Just give us a B-side 12" EP. New song is pretty solid though, not that great, but good.
  7. I'm happy to have a first press blue, but those are some beautiful variants. Wow.
  8. Couldn't hold off. This record is fantastic. Definitely lived up to my high expectations.
  9. Appreciate you sharing that @jhulud, all the best to you and your family. Might have to hop on this. Don't own this album yet since I just recently (and finally) got into Nothing.
  10. New song is as corny as it is good. Will still check out the new album later this year, if that's the plan.
  11. Excited to check this out. Also, I watched a post-Oscars brief presser with Trent, Atticus, and Jon. Trent was asked about NIN stuff, and he did mention that they'll probably work on it "tomorrow." Not that it's anything definite, but he acknowledged they've done a lot of scoring lately and it might be time to get back into NIN mode. Fingers crossed.
  12. Was just thinking about how quiet Czarface has been. Ordered the Gasdrawls exclusive.
  13. Another knock out. This record can't come soon enough.

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