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  1. New song is alright. I think the best days are over for this band. I'll probably con myself into picking it up eventually, but we'll see. The Quiet Slang stuff absolutely killed their momentum in my opinion.
  2. Yo, this EP is really, really great. I like the more aggressive sound. Great features too.
  3. The record is fantastic. Really enjoying it so far. Can't wait for the LP to come in.
  4. @IanRees Was there a shipping delay with this or LURK? I ordered 'em together and no shipping notification yet.
  5. Great surprise. Love these guys. New track rips.
  6. Question for VMP subscribers: When they say "swap" if you don't like the LP of the month, can you swap for ANYTHING in the shop, or does it have to be one of the other current LPs of the month or a former LP of the month? Debating if I wanna sign up, and I think this is the deciding factor.
  7. Yeah, gonna wait for any exclusives. That cover art warrants a goofy color press that probably won't turn out as cool as described. Very, very hyped for this album. Love Danny's stuff.
  8. I'll toss my name in for a US tour press as well. Slept on this and I regret it. Please let me know if you snag an extra!
  9. Really nice track. Is there a new LP imminent? EDIT: Doesn't sound like it yet based on their FB post...
  10. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. New songs are niiiccceeee. RFC variant grabbed. Stoked.