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  1. New track is cool. Will order, but not with that shipping price.
  2. Pretty sure MerchNow charges a couple dollar "restocking fee". They'll do anything to not lose money. Just a heads up if you were gonna try this.
  3. A cool label if you're into post-punk/dark synth/goth punk type stuff: Funeral Party Personal Recommendations: True Body, Night Sins, and Fearing
  4. That would make tons of sense if it was a straight up reprint. Though, some of their other recent stuff still looks similar.
  5. Gonna order this, probably with the longsleeve since I don't have any Blacklisted merch. I love their commitment to like early 2000's looking merch. It's so dated-looking, and it's great.
  6. A few things I'm interested in, not a ton but enough to get me up too early on a Saturday.
  7. Really like the track, but the riff sounds like "She Loves You".
  8. Entire album leak? That's ROUGH... I am excited to listen and PO though.
  9. New single leaked, and it's very good. Looking forward to the PO tomorrow.
  10. Bring back Paramore Maniac Zay Zay - wasn't he a huge Used fan?
  11. This is a pretty short release, but I ordered that VMP anyway. Still need to get a copy of ZUU.
  12. If you're keen, this album is already available on the Internet. It is FANTASTIC. Instant replay value, great lyrics, top notch choruses. Love this. Got shipping notification today too, can't wait to spin it.
  13. Good on No Sleep for this. I'm interested in checking out the 12" if it gets released to the general public. Never hopped on the subscription.