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[For Sale & For Trade] A bunch of vinyl including variants! (Chromatics, Radiohead & More)

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So to sum it up I have these records for trade and I'm open to hearing what prices you have to offer for the records but I'm pretty firm on the variants but absolutely down to trade for other variants or OOP wants.

  • Clint Mansell - Black Swan Soundtrack Variant by Mondo 50$
  • Chromatics - Kill For Love Clear dipped in Blue Vinyl (Slight warp but discs work well) 30$
  • Delorean - Apar (Slight scratch on vinyl but doesn't affect the actual record)
  • Disney Lion King Picture Disc 40$
  • Issac Hayes - Greatest Hits Orange Variant 30$
  • Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool White (2 of them) (1 of them has a bent crease due to bad shipping on the left) (Looking about 50$ shipped for each copy)
  • Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Black Vinyl Brand New 30$
  • Raleigh Ritchie - You're a Man Now Boy (UK Exclusive) 30$
  • Raleigh Ritchie - You're a Man Now Boy (Uk exclusive but sleeve is bent on the upper left due to bad shipping) 28$
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway (sleeve is a little worn out due to bad shipping) 28$

If my prices are absurd I apologize but I'm not too difficult to trade with either so here are my wants.


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