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  1. Flippers are lame are really think all that work is worth a few dollars. Shit get a life
  2. Got the green merge with splatter and a couple of their first LP too. Easy.
  3. Yeah I think it’s fucking hilarious that someone really thought they could blackmail Radiohead over old shit haha
  4. Yeah there’s overlap. One disc might just be the album as well, maybe unmastered.
  5. No this is a new leak of 18hrs of demos/alt takes
  6. I’ve been skimming through because someone posted a track/time breakdown and some of this stuff is fucking phenomenal. The full band True Love Waits, the jammed out Paranoid Android, that one version of Lift with the synth intro are some of my favorites.
  7. Really liking the two W&R songs, fuck I might finally jump on the sub. Waiting on my mystery box tom this week, I messaged them my Flenser collection and they promised no duplicates so that's super fucking cool of them to consider. Flenz the best. EDIT: goy my box, pretty happy with the contents: Echo Beds - Buried Language (never listened to this but it slaps) Lycus - MMXI Low Estate - Covert Cult of Death Braveyoung - Misery and Pride Succumb - Succumb
  8. Thats fucking stupid. Makes Earache look really bitter that Sleep is on TMR now.