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  1. The albums not perfect buts it’s not a 5.8. It’s a solid 7-8
  2. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/store/bundle/429 also from Kill Rock Stars and Joyful Noise each label is putting out one.
  3. welp oh well. will wait for indie exclusive hopefully
  4. Watched Lake Mungo tonight after always seeing so many recommendations for it. Yawn. What a snooze fest. Felt like watching an extended tv "ghost docu show" Unless you get creeped out by things in photos that shouldn't be there, it's boring.
  5. Modern Vampires of the City doesn’t belong anywhere on that list. Let alone that high lol
  6. Pretty terrible list. Good thing though because I didn’t feel like lining up this year. Will stroll in around lunch and get Phish.
  7. Update: I fell asleep on the plane to this. Not a bad thing though. Nick Cave meets Eno
  8. I'm enjoying this. It's like an upgraded version of Schmilco. If you didn't like that though, you probably won't enjoy this.
  9. I think theY printed the label on mine as I have a package coming from CA priority mail and no other preorders currently. Hasn’t moved yet though.
  10. Same except media mail. Love preordering a record and getting it a week after release date.
  11. Started this last night as well and really enjoying it. Although the English dub kinda sucks.