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  1. museummouth

    [PO NOW] BROCKHAMPTON - Iridescence

    Same. And for the tape too.
  2. That was 16 years after the original release tho lol
  3. I'm guessing between 300-500 since there's less than 300 left in stock.
  4. I listened to LP2 recently during the fall and it holds up nicely. Not as good as LP1, but definitely a great album.
  5. museummouth

    What video games have you been playing?

    Smash is super fun. Only got a few hours in last night playing world of light but loving it.
  6. Story of the Ghost for April RSD or do we get ultra lucky and get an Island Tour box.
  7. museummouth

    What video games have you been playing?

    Got Let’s Go Pikachu since I hadn’t some Best Buy reward points and I’m enjoying it. It’s definitely easier than a standard game but the nostalgia rushes in hard just walking around the map. Plus the easier catching is motivating to finally try to catch them all. Also so stoked for Smash although mine hasn’t shipped from amazon yet.
  8. Fucking weak they don’t do price adjustments anymore after a week.
  9. museummouth

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    If Yip is involved, not interested.
  10. museummouth

    sell me your Planning for Burial shit

    I have a screen printed copy of Quietly I’m looking to sell. Bone /black /100. I can do cost which would be $32 ppd if paid as a gift. I also have the Liar in Wait split on orange, mother room split and the as a lover lathe /70
  11. Same. Was always hoping to grab a colored press.
  12. museummouth

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Hoping to grab that Zappa pic disc for half off sometime soon. Seems likes there’s tons of it everywhere.