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  1. A reissue of Junta has popped up on Amazon slated for a June a release as well. Might be that black and white one teased before.
  2. Beat RE3 in two sittings. Could’ve done it in one if I wanted too. Much too short and more bare bones than RE2. Already sold it on eBay and got 95% of my money back. Total playtime for me was 4.5 hours on normal. It was fun but not worth full price. Should’ve just been a $20 dlc for RE2. On the other hand I’m a few hours into Persona 5 and it’s still tutorial lol.
  3. Same. Cool art and variants too, but damn I hate 10 inch records so much.
  4. Hey I’m interested in donating a song. You can check out my stuff here: https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/music I have a ton of unreleased stuff that I’m getting ready for a new album so I have extra tracks ready. let me know
  5. Album slaps hard. Everything’s Right and Thread go deep. Closest to live Phish ever on a studio album. Gimme the vinyl.
  6. Sounds like mastering was just finished. Probably were going to release it before tour in the summer but it’ll probably be cancelled.
  7. I don’t think they’d do a joke during all this and Phish the kind of band to release something on April Fools day. Studio version of Everything’s Right was teased during the stream too. The vinyl mock up makes sense too now as they mentioned the cover photo was shot in the snow outside the barn while recording. Hoping for some new songs but excited for possible studio versions of Sigma Oasis Steam Mercury Thread Epitaph Infinite Shade Evening Song Set Your Soul Free
  8. The first three are short because a lot of the game length is dependent on puzzle solving/finding an item to open a door and then finding a different item to open a different thing etc. if you know where to go you can speed run in 2 hours or so. 7 was the same way and there’s actually a trophy for less than 4 hour speedrun. 4/5/6 are longer and streamlined, losing the puzzle aspects.
  9. Anyone else watch this yet on Netflix? It’s fucking wild. I can’t even begin to explain the absurdities of it. Who’s going to be the label to put out Joe’s music on vinyl?