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  1. I believe Reckless in Chicago keeps the discs behind the counter. Sorry State in Raleigh keeps doubles of everything new behind the counter although the stuff on the floor is sealed.
  2. I’ve seen a few stores do this and it’s so weird to me. beat set up is stores that have all the new stock in a back room and get you a new one when you go to checkout with a new release.
  3. How could a store do QC on sealed albums?thats ridiculous. I’ve never returned an album to a store ever. Warping happens it’s part of the hobby. Get a flattener. although I do agree that warping seems more common in general now than say 5 years ago.
  4. Yep. Got the shipping email yesterday and have a package arriving today that I’m not sure of. Probably is this.
  5. Now this is what I was hoping for in a single. Carrie and Lowell meets Age of Adz.
  6. This is a good idea. Easy to do and makes me happy with how it’s handled.
  7. Got that email and then now got a shipping email for both. Hmmm
  8. Anyone else a bit underwhelmed by the song? When I heard 12 minute closer I just thought something more epic and grand. Would’ve liked it better as a 4-5 minute track.
  9. Yeah this is good stuff. For fans of Pink and Akuma no Uta.
  10. I have this one and it sounds great. Looks great too.
  11. Yeah the black was web store only and has been long sold out. A few made it to distribution but it’s been impossible to find.
  12. This does sound pretty good for covers but I just can’t justify the price for non original music.
  13. These are moving FAST and will probably be sold out soon. Already almost 75% sold out of all variants.