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  1. https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/devil-may-cry-5 DMC V
  2. They are legit. Ship fast as well. I go there every RSD and shop throughout the year online there as well.
  3. I went to two stores and both had copious amounts of The Crow. It'll be online tomorrow definitely at some places.
  4. I have an all over print of socks they did for Abbath a while back. They’re super duper thick. Great for winter haha
  5. Bullmoose posted a video of the 3” player and wow it sounds so terrible.
  6. It's definitely not worth $70. I'd buy for $40 or less though,
  7. Didn’t really like Us. Not scary and had way too many glaring plot holes.
  8. This is really good but way overpriced for a 26 minute album.
  9. Sekiro is really fun so far. Very different though. It’s weird not having a stamina bar or skill points to distribute over various attributes.