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  1. I feel bad for all the people with BN tattoos as there are a LOT of them.
  2. I live in a third floor apartment and have a full 5x5 Kallax and a 4x2 that’s partially full. Probably around 1200 lps total. Never had any issues with weight, granted it’s a newer building though.
  3. I have the unofficial picture disc version if you’re interested.
  4. I think the horror movie fan completionists are who it’s for. They obviously must sell if they keep doing them but I agree I don’t see any point in buying them or even listening to them. I feel like that for most horror soundtracks now as all the classics and big ones have been pressed by now.
  5. Not badly priced. Nice color too. Don’t need to double dip though as I have the blue.
  6. Alkaline Trio - Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (red smoke) All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up (green splatter) Paramore - Riot (black) Green Day - Dookie (black)
  7. Claypool? $39.99 I think. I missed it as well. Will be looking tomorrow for it.
  8. Yeah I was reading the liner notes and how it's all audience recorded on vintage tape equipment. Super cool stuff.
  9. National tapes sound pretty great for live tapes. Has that sort of "bootleg" sound but it's crisp and clear.
  10. All of their reissues have been $50 but the quality is top notch and they’re all cut for vinyl specifically. Some of the best sounding LPs I own.
  11. One of their most sought after albums for sure that’s been OOP for 20 years.
  12. Got Odyssey last night as well. Played it before but never finished it and sold it for $45 on eBay. Nice to rebuy it cheaper. Target only had like 5 copies though.