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  1. This dude has got to have the most failed business attempts in vinyl history right? seriously try another field
  2. Yeah most bands sell tickets behind the stage. The difference is, as someone previously said Pearl Jam is aware of the fans behind the stage and Eddie goes and sings to the back a decent amount and will play a song or to them fully.
  3. Never have had any issues with damage from Bull Moose and I order from them probably once a month on average. I’d say 50% of my amazon orders come with some damage of some sort. Yeah they’re quick to replace but it’s a pain. 8/10 times the amazon order is packed bad too.
  4. Ticketmaster has this new thing where they have "verified resellers." Basically they flip their own tickets now. Sometimes they're called "platinum seats."
  5. I’ve realized I think NY was more expensive because it has two larger openers.
  6. Hmm that’s interesting usually GA is the most. Was $65 before fees.
  7. How were tickets $100+? i got GA for $90 each with fees. Everything else was cheaper than that.
  8. Got GA for NY. Stoked as fuck. Great openers too.
  9. Dude missed his chance. These would’ve made a shit ton of money during the hipster vinyl boom a few years ago.
  10. Not necessarily. Depends on the artist and the album. A remix album limited to 1000 isn't going to be rare. They will probably have a hard time selling 1000 of that.
  11. It’s really fun. No masterpiece AAA big budget game but a really great AA game. Controls are a little hard to get used to at first but it looks great and the combat is fun and decently challenging. there’s a dlc pass too and someone datamined and found Broly/Whis/Beerus so it’s rumored that Super might be added on.
  12. I’ve got one for sale if anyone is interested dm me.