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  1. Got the blue version in store today. Nice pressing and prefect color.
  2. Grabbed The Chariot and My Chem at my store a few hours after opening, as well as the new Coil reissue. Good day.
  3. Well deserved but excited for that major label 3rd LP on only black vinyl for $35.
  4. So first they offered me and refund and then later emailed me back saying if I want a replacement it's possible I'll just have to wait 10-12 weeks since they'll be restocked...
  5. Can echo what someone else said, went to look for Pearl Jam and they had like 20-30 copies of the folklore exclusive.
  6. Got my blue copy in the mail today but it has a bunch of bends in the sleeve that definitely aren’t from shipping. Looks like someone tried to bend it in thirds horizontally. Emailed them. We’ll see what happens.
  7. I really liked this album at first, but now I really love it. Shot right up on my AOTY list.
  8. Got mine from BM the other day. Nice sounding presses. Wish Absolutego was a gatefold too since it’s a 2XLP but oh well. The green Amp Worship looks so good though.
  9. Nope because Target fucked up their preorders. So I’m still waiting while they listed in store pick ups already. Fucking mess.
  10. Songs are surprisingly good. I don’t do 7” anymore but hopefully there’s a whole album coming.
  11. If “Mellon Collie” is attached to the tour name it’ll sell.

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