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Hello friends and neighbors. Long time no see! 


I'm looking to get my hands on a copy of Proper, Interesections, and Standards by trading you some thing(s) from my collection. I'm not looking for any particular variants and realize that there are copies available on discogs, etc for pretty reasonable prices. Definitely would rather trade than buy. My deadformat is fairly up-to-date and listed below. Shoot me a PM and lets work it out! 



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1 hour ago, spencerwilliamson said:

I have a double cassette of 52 Weeks I would sell. I know it's not a record or the album you're looking for, but just thought I would put it out there.

I appreciate the reply but I'm only looking for those 3 records right now

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29 minutes ago, Thomas³ said:

I just sold my extra copy of Standards a week or two ago, or I'd have just given it to you. There is a used copy of it at the Exchange in Fairlawn (at least was last week when I was there), but I didn't see what price they were asking for it.

That would've been rad, haha. I appreciate the thought. 

Yeah, Square has the marble variant for like $18 too. I know I can get all 3 for decently cheap. I'll probably end up just buying them but wanted to see if anyone wanted to trade before doing so. 

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