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  1. Ordered, even though I have both EP's.
  2. No, but it's a band you liked the last album on because the singer screamed on it like the old stuff. (don't say!!) Nah, not even close.
  3. The tour is not what anyone would imagine. Good or bad for some.
  4. Thomas³

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Same. It really is. Also wish they'd stop using picture disc for their b-sides. My ToT is so warped.
  5. Thomas³


    Disable JavaScript on the site. No more blocking ad block!
  6. Thomas³


    Didn't it used to? Haven't logged in in a bit, but no SSL is bad.
  7. Fornite on the One. I'm terrible, but it's fun.
  8. Selling all 4 John Nolan albums out on vinyl. Great albums, but I rarely listen to any records any more so am kinda weeding stuff out. - $50ppd John Nolan - Songs I Wrote (color) John Nolan - Height (The Acoustic Sessions) Green John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Black /152) John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Acoustic Bootleg)
  9. Thomas³

    I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I had problems with recording coming warped a lot, so I just stopped buying for a bit and it hasn't happened since.
  10. I slept until 4 pm then didn't go to any record stores. It was crazy.
  11. Selling my Colin Frangicetto print. Had it frame since I bought it, but am changing things up. Selling it for what I bought it for. I'll throw in the custom mat to fit a 12x12 frame it you want. $45ppd.
  12. All items are in great shape. $4 shipping . Julien Baker ‎- Sprained Ankle (Clear w/Blue Splatter) $30 Julien Baker - Funeral Pyre 7" $5 Julien Baker ‎- Turn Out The Lights (Clear) $18 $50 for all 3 Julien Baker records Moneen - The Theory Of Harmonial Value (2xLP Black/Gold mixed /500) $35 John Nolan - Songs I Wrote (Random Color - I forget - /500) $10 John Nolan - Height (The Acoustic Sessions) (Green /250) $10 John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Black /162) $15 John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Acoustic Bootleg) $15 $45 for all John Nolan records
  13. Same, took me forever to track down a copy.
  14. Doubt it on either. The Fisher seems to be another version of the old ATLP50 (Hanpin).
  15. Thomas³

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    You won't!!
  16. Thomas³

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I'm rarely on my computer anymore, and probably listen to records less these days. So rarely check the site.
  17. Nice, grabbed one. We'll see what happens.
  18. Never worn, all large. (maybe washed, I don't remember). $15/shirt, $3 shipping https://imgur.com/a/FTxlI (Crappy iPhone pictures) Foxing (L, American Apparel) Nothing Get Well (L, Alstyle Apparel) Portugal. The Lords (L, Next Level Apparel) Slowdive (bootleg?) (L, Gildan) Snowing (L, Fruit of the Loom)
  19. The KAB EV-1 is a nice RCM that's sort of a close of the Okki Nokki's, but you provide your own vacuum source (ideally just a normal home vacuum cleaner). I don't listen or buy records much anymore, so don't have much use for it. Includes RCM, hose adapter, 2 brushes and a small bottle of cleaning solution (bought off ebay). $115ppd in US.
  20. Thomas³

    FS: KAB-EV1 record cleaning machine

  21. Mama Santo's has some of the best pizza I have ever had.
  22. Thomas³

    Rezqua's WTB just got looooooonger

    That Elliott Smith And Pete Krebs - Shytown / No Confidence Man 7" is still up on Suicide Squeeze's site, unless your after a certain variant?
  23. I'm really liking the EP (my copy arrived from Burnt Toast today). It's a different sound than the last album. More ambient some droneiness. Same sorta vocals though.
  24. Wish I could get off work, but I doubt it :(. Also how do I miss they out for an EP? Ordered with a quickness.