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  1. Pretty nice for $7. Jealous. Also mine shipped from Graveface today!
  2. $4 shipping in the US for any number of records. -- AT3600L cartridge $10 shipped Angel Olsen ‎- My Woman $10 Anne - Dream Punx (2nd Press Purple) $8 Beware Of Safety ‎- It Is Curtains (Red w/ Black Haze)(Needs a good clean, plenty of haze noise on silent parts) $9 Decibully ‎- City Of Festivals (Burgundy) $5 Decibully ‎- Sing Out America! $5 Dreamscape ‎- La-Di-Da Recordings $8 Esben And The Witch ‎- Violet Cries (small split seam on top of jacket) $7 Garrett Klahn ‎- Garrett Klahn (White) $5 The Get Up Kids ‎- Automatic (7" /1000) $5 Joan Of Arc ‎- Flowers $5 Night School - Blush (180g)(Needs a good clean, kinda gritty) $8 John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (/162) $10 John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Acoustic Bootleg) $10 Park - Jacob The Rabbit (10" Red) $7 Sisters Of... ‎- The Serpent, The Angel, And The Adversary (Clear /300) $10 Sunny Day Real Estate ‎- How It Feels To Be Something On (7") $10 CDs: Desaparecidos ‎- What's New For Fall (UK Import CDS) $6 The Gloria Record ‎- Cinema Air (Promo CD) $6 Into It. Over It. - Intersections (Japan Import w/ Bonus Tracks) $10 Into It. Over It. - Standards (UK Import w/ Bonus Track) $10 Park Ave. - When Jamie Went To London. . . We Broke Up (2002 repress) $6 The Progress - Merit $6 Random lot of ~30 CDs (emo/rock/more - no cases, just CDs $25ppd
  3. The jacket on mine got bent and ripped up pretty good. Ordered direct from ROG. It's not a huge deal to me since it won't be going anywhere. Still need to spin it, but I haven't spun anything in weeks.
  4. Mine showed up ok, despite being outside the sleeves. I get why they do it, but I was surprised when one almost fell on the ground. Only issue I had, was USPS marked it for delivery but never delivered it. I had to go to the post office the next day to get it. Lazy asses.
  5. Prices included shipping in the US. Turnover - Good Nature (Blue/Yellow/Red Tri-Color /500) $30 Moneen - The Theory Of Harmonial Value (2xLP Black/Gold mixed /500) $40 Lost In Kiev ‎- Nuit Noire (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Clear With White Splatter Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Clear With Black Splatter All Media, Album, Limited Edition, 180g) $40 The Brian Jonestown Massacre ‎- Give It Back! (2xLP Blue) $30
  6. John Nolan - Height - The Acoustic Sessions (Green /250) $12ppd John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Black /162) $15ppd John Nolan - Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream (Acoustic Bootleg) $15ppd $36ppd for all 3.
  7. I can see why some people don't like it. Story is solid, but gameplay and such is different, Ugh, the card game pissed me off for some reason. Didn't make it much further than that. It was strange. The enemies and bosses levels were based on your levels. You could run through the game and beat it pretty east still. If you maxed out your levels, the end boss was fucking insane. Now I want to get a PSX/PS2 and replay it. I really regret selling my PS2. Also, one more achievement and I'm done with Apex Legends. Just need to win a game with Bangalore to get a win with all 8 legends. The game has been really annoying lately. Once I'm not broke anymore, I'll grab RE2 and KH3.
  8. VIII is my favorite by far. Never got into IX, despite trying a few times.
  9. Probably mookie, I can tell, and I’ve become what I’ve always hated. Anthony versions I bet.
  10. No need to do anything really. Grado gives you a tool to slide them in and out. In your case, you may need to remove the cartridge to do it, since you have a fixed headshell. Then realign it.
  11. Stylus on those cartridges are interchangeable. If it sounds good you should be good. If your worried, buy a new stylus. I recommend the 8MZ over the Gold. Same price, but better diamond (not sure if the gold is nude or bonded).