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  1. I'm moving across country in April, so am thinning stuff out and building up some money. All prices included shipping in the US. More to come later. 65daysofstatic ‎– The Fall Of Math (Green Translucent w/ Black Splatter /300) $24 Angel Olsen ‎– My Woman $14 Anne ‎– Dream Punx (Purple) $10 Archers Of Loaf ‎– Icky Mettle $15 The Brian Jonestown Massacre ‎– Give It Back! (2xLP Blue) $25 Bush ‎– Sixteen Stone (2xLP Clear) $18 Deafheaven ‎– New Bermuda (2xLP Pale Lavender) $30 Decibully ‎– City Of Festivals (Burgundy) $8 Decibully ‎– Sing Out America! (White) $8 - $14 for both Dreamscape ‎– La-Di-Da Recordings $14 Garrett Klahn ‎– Garrett Klahn (White) $10 Hum ‎– You'd Prefer An Astronaut $40 Knapsack ‎– Silver Sweepstakes $20 Lost In Kiev ‎– Nuit Noire (2xLP Clear with white/black splatter) $35 Lowtide ‎– Lowtide (Repress Red) $22 Turnover ‎– Good Nature (Blue/Yellow/Red Tri-color) $30 Vitreous Humor ‎– The Vitreous Humor Self-Titled E.P. 10" $30
  2. Thomas³

    Athletics - BFRSD

    I got shipping confirmation today, despite it shipping on 11/24 (according to the email). Sitting the next state over, so it'll be here Monday.
  3. Sig you. You need more Carissa is Weird John.
  4. I bought it. Not sure why, but I did. Love the album. I'm cheap though.
  5. Instrumentals are Mineral, vocals sound like Zookeeper. People's voices change as they age. I like the song, but $41 shipped it way too much for me.
  6. Grados > Ortofons. I love me some Grados. Not sure if it'd hum on your table though. Get a cheap Grado body and toss an 8MZ stylus in it, amazing combination.
  7. Blackout is a poor BR game. A lot need fixed to make it ok. Why when you shoot someone in the head, it breaks their armor? Armor buffs are still all over the place. Multiplayer, the gun play is terrible. You have face someone with the same gun and attachments, and you die in less bullets. The operate moves can be game breaking and annoying, The spawns are terrible. I've spawned with the enemy and died right away too many times to count. I'm half asleep, so not sure if I'm making sense.
  8. At least it's better than Uncharted. That shit was the worst climbing ever.
  9. Fuck Shadow of the Tomb Raider on hard. It's not hard, but the climbing can be so glitchy in the game. Played for an hour, died climbing. Done.
  10. About the last game I played.
  11. Agreed, this is on par with SDRE albums. Not sure I need it on vinyl though.
  12. Stanton 881S for a few pennies. No stylus of course. Jico stylus is my best choice.
  13. I haven't played Call of Duty since Black OPs one. Friends convinced me to buy Black OPs 4. Worst decision ever. Game is shit, complete shit. Waste of my $60.
  14. It's great. There is less combat, and a lot of it should be done stealthfully but it's not bad. Story is a great close to the "trilogy"