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  1. Thank you! I'm glad someone else shares my sentiments with the game. I enjoyed it, but like all naughty dogs games, the controls were so clunky. A few times the clickers grabbed me from across the map and other weird glitches. I heard they fixed some issues on the PS4 remake, but I never played it. I'll play the second if I have a PS4 again by then, but not going out of my way for it.
  2. Flat rate of $4 for shipping in the US. Antarctigo Vespucci ‎- Soulmate Stuff (Whale vs. Shark (Half Transparent Electric Blue/Half Cyan) $35 Culture Abuse/Nothing ‎- Split (7" flexi with magazine - never removed from magazine) $6 The Get Up Kids - Automatic 7" $5 Joy Division ‎- Love Will Tear Us Apart (Green 7" /300) $16 Lost In Kiev ‎- Nuit Noire (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Clear With White Splatter - Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Clear With Black Splatter -All Media, Album, Limited Edition, 180g) $40 Sisters Of... - The Serpent, The Angel, And The Adversary (Clear /300) $8 CDs: The Gloria Record ‎- Cinema Air (Promo CDs - 2 exclusive songs) $8 Into It. Over It. - Intersections (Japanese Import - 2 exclusive tracks) $10 Into It. Over It. - Standards (UK Import - 1 exclusive track) $10
  3. In for one. "Okay" is such a great album.
  4. Exactly what I did with my LP1 deluxe. Bought this, but doubt it'll get more then one spin.
  5. The ATDR150 looks to just be the same "generic" cartridge AT used for pretty much all of their p-mount stuff. Any needle from the "213" family will work. http://thevoiceofmusic.com/catalog/part_detail.asp?PNumberBase=213&SearchType=MfgNameNeedles&MfgName=Audio+Technica&Categories= Any of those will work, just don't get the "4213-D3" since it is meant for 78's.
  6. I’ve never been there. If you still have my number shoot me a text about shows. I deleted my IG so can’t talk on there obviously. Sounds like a good time, I’m jealous. Haha.
  7. Where did they play?! I need to pay more attention to the venues around here for shows.
  8. I'd love to replay it with extra story and endings, but it's PS4 only. Oh well. I did get all the ending in the original, and man some were a pain to not fuck up. I bet the new ones are even harder. Atlus does great games.
  9. Shipping is $4 in the US for any number of items. Anne - Dream Punx (2nd Press Purple) $8 Beware Of Safety ‎- It Is Curtains (Red w/ Black Haze)(Needs a good clean, plenty of haze noise on silent parts) $9 Decibully ‎- City Of Festivals (Burgundy) $5 Decibully ‎- Sing Out America! $5 Dreamscape ‎- La-Di-Da Recordings $8 Esben And The Witch ‎- Violet Cries (small split seam on top of jacket) $7 Garrett Klahn ‎- Garrett Klahn (White) $5 The Get Up Kids ‎- Automatic (7" /1000) $5 Joan Of Arc ‎- Flowers $5 Night School - Blush (180g)(Needs a good clean, kinda gritty) $8 Park - Jacob The Rabbit (10" Red) $7 Sisters Of... ‎- The Serpent, The Angel, And The Adversary (Clear /300) $10 Sunny Day Real Estate ‎- How It Feels To Be Something On (7") $10 CDs: Desaparecidos ‎- What's New For Fall (UK Import CDS) and Read Music-Speak Spanish Bundle $8 The Fire Theft - Chain (CDS) $2 The Gloria Record ‎- Cinema Air (Promo CD) $6 Into It. Over It. - Intersections (Japan Import w/ Bonus Tracks) $10 Into It. Over It. - Standards (UK Import w/ Bonus Track) $10 Owen - At Home with Owen & The Seaside EP Bundle $8 Pet Symmetry - Pet Hounds $5
  10. Hopefully it's a good terms split. James added so much to their sound, and he's such a great guy. Really nice when I met him before.
  11. I didn't realize they redid it. I played it when it first came out and the story is great. Game play was a bit repetitive, obviously it being a puzzle game, but was still a ton of fun. I thought a sequel was supposed to be out, or maybe I'm just confused the remake for one.
  12. Someone let me borrow the RE2 remake for the One. Too cheap to buy it and I've been decluttering my house and don't want a physical copy. Seems too short to justify the $60 it still is digitally. Still way too much Apex Legends.
  13. I haven't listened to a record in a good 8 months or more. In that time, I've maybe bought 5 records. I constantly go through periods of listening a lot and then not, have done this with most stuff I'm interested in my entire life. That said, this is my longest lull and have debating selling off stuff too. Every time I look through my records, I can't bring myself to sell anything. Just stop buying, and take your time deciding what you want to do. You might think you want to sell it all off, but then it may be hard to get stuff back if you regret it down the line.
  14. Been decluttering my house and found this print I forgot about. Anyone interested in it for $25ppd?
  15. I think a few of the Pillow's album are available on vinyl, iirc. I'm sure they are expensive as hell.