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Forge Again Records Buy 2 get 1 FREE LP holiday sale

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You already spent every cent you had at Wal-Mart and Best Buy, but hey, just in case, you can get some LPs on the cheap from your non-denominational friends at Forge Again Records.

Buy any two LPs(at already dirt cheap prices that INCLUDE shipping) and get a third LP(of your choice, but must be the cheapest of the three)for FREE

Your order will likely get some bonus stuff thrown in most likely. Deal applies to all orders (domestic and international) and includes anything on the DISTRO page as well. Just order the two most expensive LPs and write in the notes section which one you want thrown in for free.


And really, if you're on the fence, listen to the entire damn catalog right now on Bandcamp.


Up the Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah/Festivus punx.

Oh and the same deal applies for CDs and 7"s if you want to get nuts.

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If it's a feat of strength you're after, I won't have it. On a side note, the website isn't working...at least for me. If it went back up, it would be a Festivus miracle!

Should be back up now. The service from webhostingpad has been....intermittent to say the least. If it doesn't work, check 5 min later and it likely will.


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