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  1. Juicin' with an exclusive stream from Fecking Bahamas of the whole record. You guys like them, right? http://feckingbahamas.com/exclusive-stream-jobs-brand-new-album-meaningless-in-its-entirety
  2. Juicin' this with a link to the exclusive stream of the full EP: https://thebadcopy.com/news/stream/engines-premieres-new-ep-every-cell/?fbclid=IwAR0eeb1RkaeJKtz1Y9X-3MU7GqfqFTUogsp6JooVo75o7OJmLjSn0Fdad_c
  3. JOB - Meaningless LP Debut full length from Chicago 3-piece instrumental noise/math/experimental/indie rockers JOB. Ex-members of Dakota/Dakota and Doses. Guitar/synth/drums. Definitely some good shit here. Limited to 300 copies on random colored vinyl (tons of color options - we'll let you pick!), full color jackets, DL code, etc. RIYL: Dakota/Dakota, Don Caballero, Battles https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/meaningless
  4. ENGINES - Every Cell 12" EP Farewell 6 song one-sided 12" from Chicago's ENGINES (members of Towers, Elder (PA), Holy Roman Empire, Stillwell, Ribbonhead, Pink Eyes). Loud indie rock whatever. Our guitar player moved to Atlanta so we recorded everything we had written for our second album and finally got around to pressing it. 300 copies on colored vinyl with full color jackets and a DL code and all that. RIYL: Rainer Maria, Velocity Girl, Tsunami https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/every-cell
  5. Doing 30% off EVERYTHING on the Forge Again Records Bandcamp using the code THIRTY Includes new releases from Dakota/Dakota, Lettering, Child Bite, Pink Guys, plus the entire back catalog. And based on our already low prices, this is like 60-70% off most for most labels. Please buy a bunch of stuff so I have room in my basement for more records. https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com
  6. Bump because we're running 30% off of EVERYTHING on the Forge Again bandcamp including this joint. Grab one of the remaining copies while you can. https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com use the code THIRTY We also recorded a 6 song EP that'll probably come out next year before we essentially broke up (indefinite hiatus). We did it.
  7. Bump because we're running 30% off of EVERYTHING on the Forge Again bandcamp including this joint. Down to just a small pile of each color. Get it now or regret it forever. https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com use the code THIRTY
  8. Bump because we're running 30% off of EVERYTHING on the Forge Again bandcamp including this joint. You can now pick your color as well if you so desire. Choose wisely. https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com use the code THIRTY
  9. Because we like throwing money away, we're putting out a limited to 20 hi-fi-stereo 12" lathe cut of a non-active band's non-active side project. That's right, the sophomore album from Chicago's PINK GUYS is out TODAY on all of your favorite streaming services. We started recording this in 2014 and finally finished it in 2018. Better late than never, right? Anyhow, you can pre-order the lathe cut NOW. It's gonna be a one-sided clear 12" that will sound and look fantastic. Full color art. Full lyrics and root chords in the liner notes so you can play along. Limited to just 20 copies and selling for less than you can buy a run of the mill 12" at your local record store (or hell, even from most record labels these days). No, we are not related to that PINK GUY who gets all the hits on YouTube. And we were around first, so fuck that guy. This is a pop/punk side project from members of Pink Eyes, Engines, Towers, Stillwell, Peter and Craig, etc. etc. Not some dude in a pink suit. 13 songs in 19 minutes. Songs about our cats, our practice space circa 2014, our pure hatred of tonic water (we had a song about how much we love seltzer on our first album), our friends, a nude painting we found in the garbage, etc. If you like pop, punk, or pop punk, maybe you'll like it? I dunno. Stream/buy here (or find it on Spotify, YouTube, etc. etc.): https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/1471 OR https://pinkguys.bandcamp.com/album/1471
  10. FAR-022 DAKOTA/DAKOTA - Shoot in the Dark+ LP (2018 reissue) Hey, I hate money, so I decided to reissue this discography LP for the band Dakota/Dakota from Chicago. They broke up 15 years ago. Members went on to form way more famous bands like Russian Circles, Bloodiest, RLYR, Lasers and Fast and Shit, JOB, etc. etc. Instrumental indie/math rock that has since been mutated into the emo revival. Only these guys never bothered with any of the pop punk stuff and just wanked the whole time. So if you like wanky instrumental music, give it a listen. We did it up real nice - random colored vinyl, fancy spot gloss jackets, and even a handful of WAX MAGE vinyl copies. Stream it all here: https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shoot-in-the-dark
  11. Bumping this ancient thread. Destination Failure is being reissued by Side One Dummy as a 2xLP with bonus tracks, as per the interview I just listened to with Josh and Eli Caterer on WXRT. Early 2018.
  12. 20% off ANYTHING (ALL single LPs are below $10) if you use the code CAPITALISM at http://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com including the BRAND NEW STNNNG / Child Bite split and LPs from Engines, Salvation, Lasers and Fast and Shit!, Destroy This Place, Pink Eyes, Old Gods, etc. Take advantage of our stupidity through the end of November.
  13. I believe 100 each. Both records rule though so you should JUMP on this.
  14. I am gonna bump one final time on the off chance it catches somebody's eye that wouldn't have seen it otherwise. These are moving very quickly.
  15. Oh hey I guess these turned out ok. Clear w/black (still available): Purple w/blue (still available): Wax Mage purple/blue nebula (sold out!):
  16. Anybody who has clicked into this thread has probably heard one or both of these bands by now so I won't bother with a lengthy description of what they sound like. We did a split LP for the two bands. STNNNG broke up while it was in production, so it features their final recordings (done just before the LP that came out earlier this year). CB recorded their songs (with Wes fuckin' Borland) before their lineup change this summer. So in many ways this is a swan song for both bands (though CB will chug along with new members). First (and probably only) pressing limited to 533 copies (241 clear w/black, 241 purple w/blue, 51 Wax Mage purple/blue nebula) and features a multi-color silkscreened A-side with art from Shawn Knight. Above picture is the "digital" cover - I think it's just a part of the screen art. Once they get screened next weekend, I'll post those pics too. Pre-orders will start shipping November 13. You should also check out our other two releases from 2017 - full length LPs from SALVATION and ENGINES. https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/stnnng-child-bite
  17. Dumb release alert: I play in a Nirvana deep cut cover band with a female singer called The End of Music. We play non-album tracks only. We don't advertise as a Nirvana cover band. We don't play more than 20-25 minutes, and we don't put any Nirvana covers online, nor will we ever record any. I grew up listening to these and other stupid songs on bootleg cassettes and "import" CDs, so I decided it would be a good idea to just play these songs live, since most people have never heard them. However, we're stupid, and decided to record 2 covers of covers for a hi-fi stereo lathe cut 7" that is now available. "Turnaround" aka Turn Around (Devo) and "Oh, Me" (Meat Puppets) are the tracks. I'll admit, these two cuts aren't the deepest of the deep, as they were both on major label releases (Incesticide and Unplugged, respectively), but they were the two that we covered best, I suppose. Maybe we'll try a Wipers song next year. Or KISS. We'll see! Spin this monstrosity here: https://theendofmusicmusic.bandcamp.com/album/turnaround-b-w-oh-me We're playing Milwaukee tonight at Cactus Club as part of Triple Eye Industries Fest. Tons of awesome bands. Super cheap. You should probably go if you live nearby. https://www.facebook.com/events/170073890183174/
  18. Uh, yeah, this movie and soundtrack absolutely rule. The DuJour bonus 7" is hilarious. I presume it's just because those are really the only non-Josie songs on the soundtrack. They're doing a screening/live performance with Kay Hanley on vocals and presumably a ridiculously good backing band too. I am flying to LA for this. https://www.acehotel.com/calendar/losangeles/josie-and-pussycats-record-release-party