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SELF AWARE RECORDS will be tabling at the FEST flea market tomorrow!!! This is our 4th year tabling and we would love to hang out with you. We have free coozies, stickers and download cards for you!!!


On the label front, we have a few artists playing FEST that you should check out: Old Flings, Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Neil Mauney (of Late Bloomer) and Matt Evans (of Old Flings). We have a sampler that will give you somewhat of an idea of what each of these artists sound like...



Here's the schedule:

Friday- Museum Mouth (7:20-7:50) @ Boca Fiesta/Palomino
Saturday- Neil Mauney (3:10-3:40) @ The Lunchbox
Saturday- Late Bloomer (8-8:30) @ Loosey's
Saturday- Old Flings (8:50-9:20) @ Loosey's
Sunday- Matt Evans (1:50-2:20) @ Civic Media Center


We have a LOTTTT of shirts this year for sale, come buy a few so we don't have to take them all back home. We have SELF AWARE shirts, our Beach/Flag shirt, Tie-dye Slayer, Crass/Terminator and one other design you have to see for yourself on.


Additionally we have a crazy amount of distro items. I mean for us it is insane. We have new releases by Don Giovanni, Grave Mistake, Sorry State, Kiss of Death, Hot Green, Salinas and so much more!!! On the label front we have the new LP by Totally Slow (ex Rights Reserved, Eagle Bravo) and a tape by Means Well (ex Calormen). In other Means Well news, Josh Cook of Means Well will be filling in on bass with Muscle & Bone. Really stoked on that, he's a good friend of mine!!!


Seriously, come check us out tomorrow, its gonna be wild!!!

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