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  1. hey y'all, just going through all my old childhood shit and i finally got to the box where all my old band shirts are. these are mostly circa 2003-2012 when i was still small enough to fit mediums (and smalls when i was in, like, middle school). i'm fat now and it would be fun to keep all these and pretend one day i'll magically sew them into a band shirt quilt but it just ain't gonna happen. 6x saosin CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 1x anthony green SOLD 2x chiodos CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 3x the fall of troy SOLD 3x say anything CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 2x the sound of animals fighting 1x the dear hunter 1x puig destroyer 1x a day to remember 1x the dangerous summer 1x this time next year 1x cinematic sunrise 2x? every time i die 3x? the wonder years 2x? the dangerous summer 2x? odd project 1x true things anyway if this is remotely interesting to you let me know. just please know in advance the shirts are in various states of wear and disrepair based on how much i loved them over the years. some are still nearly brand new, some are ragged as hell. thanks, alex
  2. Finally got around to thinning out my shirt collection - these are all in excellent condition as most have never been worn or worn fewer than 3 times. All sizes are Large. $5 shipping to anywhere in the continental US - I'm open to deals if you want multiple, just let me know. Pictures of all the shirts here Basement - maroon - $6 Large, printed on Alstyle, 100% cotton Seahaven - grey - $5 Large, printed on Tultex, pre-shrunk, 65% polyester 35% ringspun cotton La Dispute - white - $10 Large, printed on Canvas, 100% cotton From their merch subscription series Seahaven - white - $5 Large, printed on Tultex, 100% Ringspun cotton Manchester Orchestra - red - $10 Large, printed on Tultex, pre-shrunk, 65% Polyester 35% ringspun cotton La Dispute - black (heart) - $5 Large, printed on Anvil, pre-shrunk, 100% ring spun cotton Tiny Moving Parts - black - $5 Large, unknown shirt type Deadmau5 - black - $5 Large, unknown shirt type What.cd - white - $10 Large, printed on American Apparel
  3. I searched for Bongripper in the search box but nothing came up so I thought I'd post it here for EU-customers (others are welcome as well of course but maybe shipper is cheaper if you buy it from the band instead). At the moment I have in stock: Bongripper T-Shirt LOGO Regular price€20.00 Bongripper T-Shirt HAIL SATAN WORSHIP DOOM Regular price€20.00 Bongripper LOGO hoodie Regular price€40.00 Bongripper ENDLESS DESCENT INTO RUIN Long sleeve shirt Regular price€30.00 Bongripper Hippie Killer 2LP 2019 vinyl or cd repress pre-order €10.00 Bongripper SWD and Miserable Live At Roadburn 4LP box set Regular price€60.00 Bongripper Miserable Live At Roadburn 2015 2LP CD €10.00 Bongripper Satan Worshipping Doom Live At Roadburn 2012 2LP CD €10.00 Bongripper Terminal LP vinyl black Piss Puss Blood Splatter Regular price€20.00 Find all items here: https://www.burningworldrecords.com/collections/bongripper
  4. Shirts have been worn multiple times. No visible stains or holes on any. Pics at the link below. If the shirt had something on the back, that is pictured as well. I have 100% sell/trade feedback. Prices are plus $5 shipping per order. (If you buy more than one, free shipping on those.) Prices are flexible...I hope these are reasonable? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wab6zhy5u1kndg8/AACevSKBC8lEBQQgJxxdFxa4a?dl=0 Ben Kweller - XS/S (Labeled as small, but it's small for a small) - brown "April in Australia 2009" tour - $3 Taking Back Sunday- M - green 152 road sign - $5 Blink-182- M - black smiley logo - $5 Emery - S - red - signed by Josh Head (long hair, screams) and someone else on back. Really faded and hardly noticeable at this point. - $5 Motion City Soundtrack - S - Cream/yellow Dinosaurs - Signed by full band, some fading but still clearly visible. - $9 All-American Rejects - M - yellow snakes/tomb - $4 I'm selling records here, too: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/111210-fs-brand-new-la-dispute-blink-touche-dcfc-mwy-mcs-nfg-std-thrice-twy-etc/#entry2237464
  5. I'm selling a bunch of shirts that don't fit me or that I never wear anymore. I can combine shipping, just message me if you win multiple items. Thanks! http://www.ebay.com/sch/destroyerjazz/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  6. I'm selling a bunch of shirts that don't fit me or that I never wear anymore. I can combine shipping, just message me if you win multiple items. Thanks! http://www.ebay.com/sch/destroyerjazz/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  7. I'm selling a bunch of shirts, some old and some new. All are in good / great shape. Happy to take pictures of any for people that are seriously interested. Listing brand to help with how the sizes might fit. Just make an offer via email to: [email protected] 108 - Heart Mandala - M - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt A Life Once Lost - Fly - M - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Advent - Guy Harvey Rip-Off - L - White - Gildan - T-Shirt Alpha & Omega - Medusa Head - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Alternative Tentacles - Logo - XL - Black - American Apparel - T-Shirt Ann Beretta - Nobody's Hero - L - Red - Global Basics - T-Shirt Asian Man Records - Logo - L - Black - M&O - T-Shirt Atom & His Package - Go Metric Now - L - Navy Blue - Tultex - T-Shirt Balance & Composure - Feathers - L - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Barge - Chain of Life - XL - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Bent Life - Live Photo - XL - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Bent Life - Rope - XL - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Bent Life - Smorgsbord Rip-Off - XL - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Betrayed - Live Photo - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Beware - Insight Rip-Off - L - Red - Gildan - Longsleeve Blacklisted - Girls in Bed - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Blacklisted - Skeleton Statue - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Buried Alive - Six.Month.Face - L - Navy Blue - Hanes - T-Shirt Burn - Shall Be Judged - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Cursed - Logo - M - Black - Fruit of The Loom - Zip-Up Hoodie Cursed - One - L - Black - Anvil - T-Shirt Dead End Path - Space Shuttle - L - Navy Blue - Alstyle - T-Shirt Dead In The Dirt - Death In June Rip-Off - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Deafheaven - City Photo - L - Black - Anvil - T-Shirt Defeater - Homeless Illustration - M - Brown - Gildan - T-Shirt Defeater - Where Were You… - YL - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Dependency - Soldiers - L - Baby Blue - Gildan - T-Shirt Disengage - Expressions (Full Color) - L - Heather Grey - Gildan - T-Shirt Down To Nothing - Early Logo - L - Red - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Down To Nothing - Grafitti - Maroon - Trucker Hat Down To Nothing - Splitting Headaches - L - Heather Grey - Fruit of The Loom - Pullover Hoodie Eighteen Visions - Until The Ink Runs Out - M - Heather Grey - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town - M - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Figure Four - Drowning - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Figure Four - Suffering The Loss - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Foundation - Indecision Rip-Off - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Foundation - Pray For Atlanta - M - Heather Grey - Gildan - Pullover Hoodie Fred Perry - M - Navy Blue - Track Jacket Friends (aka Better Off) - Nashville Alt Rock - XL - Navy Blue - Gildan - T-Shirt Further Seems Forever - Piano - XL - Grey - American Apparel - T-Shirt Godflesh - Logo - L - Black - Lee - Zip-Up Hoodie Gorilla Biscuits - Evolution - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Harms Way - Godflesh Rip-Off - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Hot Water Music - Till The Wheels Fall Off (No. 18 PDX) - M - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt How We Are - Live Photo - M - Heather Grey - Fruit of The Loom - Longsleeve Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Ivy League TX - Welcome To Solitude - L - Navy Blue - Alstyle - T-Shirt Ivy League TX - Welcome To Solitude - XL - Olive - Alstyle - T-Shirt Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - Cowboy 2006 - L - Grey - Standard American - T-Shirt Joyce Manor - Kids Photo - L - White - Gildan - T-Shirt Kid Dynamite - 1997-2010 - L - Black - Tultex - T-Shirt La Dispute - Flower - L - Brown - Bay Island - T-Shirt La Dispute - Wildlife Arrows - L - Blue - Bay Island - T-Shirt Lifetime - Telescope Kid - M - Navy Blue - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Limbeck - Tree - M - Olive - Standard American - T-Shirt mewithoutYou - Messes of Men - M - Olive - American Apparel - T-Shirt Murder Weapon - Agnostic Front Rip-Off - M - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Neurosis & Jarboe - Hand w/ Flies - M - Heather Grey - Bay Side - T-Shirt New Mexican Disaster Squad - Spray Painted Stencil Bird - M - Black - Jerzees - T-Shirt No Sleep Records - Unity - XL - Black - Anvil (Soft) - T-Shirt Out Crowd - Unity Hands - XL - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Outspoken - The Current - L - Navy Blue - Gildan - T-Shirt Owen - MASH Rip-Off - M - Olive - Gildan - T-Shirt Pearl Jam - Choices - L - Black - Tultex - T-Shirt Praise - Peace Is The Solution - L - White - Hanes - T-Shirt Quicksand - Rev Logo - M - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Rancid - Skull - L - Black - Delta - T-Shirt Revelation Records - 25th Anniv. CA Shows - L - Black - Canvas? - T-Shirt Run Forever - Adventures Split - XL - Heather Grey - Anvil (Soft) - T-Shirt Run With The Hunted - Run DMC Rip-Off - M - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt Sacred Love - Russian Tattoo - L - White - Hanes - T-Shirt Sailor Jerry - I Shall Triumph - L - White / Black - Standard American - Baseball Shirt Sainthood Reps - Wolf - XL - Black - Next Level - T-Shirt Saints Never Surrender - Indiana Flag - M - Navy Blue - American Apparel - T-Shirt Saints Never Surrender - Shai Hulud Rip-Off - M - Black - American Apparel - T-Shirt Sleepwalkers - Noose - XL - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Soul Search - Lads Club Rip-Off - XL - Maroon - Alstyle - T-Shirt Strike Anywhere - Matches - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Suicide Note - Jackie O - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt The Beautiful Ones - Old News, Same Blues - L - Black - Gildan - T-Shirt The Soil and The Sun - Logo - L - Natural - Anvil (Soft) - T-Shirt Tragedy - The Earth Isn't Dying… - M - White - Gildan - T-Shirt Trapped Under Ice - Baltimore City Flag - L - Heather Grey - Gildan - T-Shirt Trapped Under Ice - Grafitti Head - M - Heather Grey - Gildan - T-Shirt Venia - All Seeing Eye - M - Black - Gildan - Longsleeve Venia - Atlas - L - Black - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Venia - Minneapolis Hardcore - M - Navy Blue - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Walls of Jericho - The Bound Feed The Gagged - M - Navy Blue - Fruit of The Loom - T-Shirt Xibalba - California Jersey - L - Black - Alstyle - T-Shirt Shipping will be $6 for the first shirt for USPS Priority within the U.S. and can be combined if you buy multiple shirts. International will need to be case-by-case. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys and girls, Finally, the official t-shirt you've been waiting for is here and ready to purchase TODAY! You've said it for years and now it's on a t-shirt...CLEAN UR RECORDS! Before, after, and during each play! Wear it proud! http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records http://teespring.com/clean-ur-records Buy 1 for you and 2 for each of your vinyl collecting friends!
  9. http://unclesgaragesale.bigcartel.com/ All of these plus some mediums of old designs i've printed. $10/shirt + 3.50 for shipping in the USA.
  10. I love old band shirts. I search high and low for them at Goodwill, get them for a buck sometimes on eBay, and still have some from my youth that I cherish and wear to this day. While girls and friends have come and gone, my band shirts have been with me longer than anything I own and every time I open my drawer I get a smack of nostalgia and love it. My mom threw out shirts of mine after I moved out after high school graduation and some have torn or been traded or gifted or sold, but these three are the ones I've held onto the longest! The Cadillac Blindside one was ordered with These Liquid Lungs back in 02 when it came out, and the other two are from 03 I believe. SO, what are some of your guys' older most cherished shirts? Stuff from your youth and whatnot. Any cool stories go along with them? Show stories, pre orders, etc. Pics greatly encouraged!
  11. I am looking for a Bouncing Souls Pretty In Pink shirt in XL or even a L i missed out many times to get one and would really like one! i also would like to see any Souls merch anyone would be willing to sell but would mainly like the Pretty In Pink one
  12. http://unclesgaragesale.bigcartel.com/ [unclesgaragesale.bigcartel.com] » $10 / shirt (except sonic youth) all printed with plastisol ink you can choose between a gildan or tultex tee gildan is that basic run of the mill tee tultex are made to feel and fit like american apparel i can take order in bulk if anyone wants them for their stores or something as well, just PM me. or email me [email protected] please allow 1 week for the tees to ship please. i bought a grip of screens & a flash dryer from a friend awhile back who was moving on the other end of the country. he had boots in the screens so i decided to see if anyone would wanna buy them. here they are. i would also part with the flash dryer if anyone wants that? heres some pics: back of SY:
  13. Most of this is up @ http://www.ebay.com/sch/derkwithano/m.html I'll also be actively adding more stuff to this thread in the coming weeks. 7" Best Coast / Jeff The Brotherhood - split [infinity Cat] semi-translucent pink /#363 out of 1,000 (limited press) Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket 7"s COLORED VARIANTS (also comes with the numbered foreword by Mark Hoppus as a jacket) Ceremony - He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings [bridge 9] black /#41 out of 66 (left-over copies/band-photocopied artwork) Fireworks - Bonfires [Run For Cover] black /300 (1st press) Gaslight Anthem, The/Fake Problems - Songs For A Teenager [sideOneDummy] coke bottle /500 (1st press/Shop Radio Cast exclusive color) Into It. Over It. / Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - split [Count Your Lucky Stars] white /500 (1st press) Mixtapes / Broadway Calls - split [No Sleep] white Rival Mob, The - Demo 2007 [Triple B] clear orange /200 (2nd press) Story So Far, The / Stick To Your Guns - split [Pure Noise] half clear / half beer w/ black splatter /500 (1st press) Tigers Jaw / Tiny Empires - split [Run For Cover] blue & white split /200 (1st press) Title Fight - Kingston [six Feet Under] clear /495 (2nd press) Title Fight / Touche Amore - split [sea Legs] red (RSD) 12" Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket [Geffen] black (180 gram) Caspian - Tertia [Mylene Sheath] gold /300 (2nd press) Coping - Nope [Protagonist] black /#80 out of 105 (limited edition test-press) Everyone Everywhere - s/t [Tiny Engines] black /#16 out of 34 (SXSW 2011/hand-numbered/180 gram) Fall of Troy, The - Doppelganger [Enjoy the Ride] bone and red swirl w/ black splatter /300 Fall of Troy, The - Phantom on the Horizon [Equal Vision] clear green /1,000 Fireworks - We Are Everywhere [Run For Cover] yellow /200 If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest [science of Silence] ultra clear w/ blood red swirl /200 (1st press) New Found Glory - Sticks & Stones [Epitaph] translucent green /500 (anniversary press) Such Gold - Misadventures [Razor & Tie] orange / 250 (1st press) Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety [Tooth & Nail] clear (180 gram/2nd press) Cassette Daytrader - Last Days Of Rome [Nervous Energies] gold /20 Step Forward - New Songs 2012 [self-released] white Title Fight - Floral Green [sideOneDummy] cassette /500 Misc. Copeland shirt - Small Ace Enders hoodie - Medium Ceremony shirt - Small Have Heart hoodie - Small Cassino shirt - Small American Football shirt - Small Polar Bear Club shirt - Small Simpsons Mr. Plow screen-print Nike Airs 9.5 1st wave gone. 2nd wave of stuff is going up on eBay soon. I'm just posting pictures...if you see anything you like just shoot me a message! Title Fight is sealed on red, Fall of Troy sealed on clear/green tint /1,000. I also have a bunch of random shirts in size Small. The Ace Enders hoodie is on American Apparel size Medium. Have Heart is Small. Nike shoes are Men's 9.5. Sorry for my Gold Bond feet sticking out in some pictures!
  14. SELF AWARE RECORDS will be tabling at the FEST flea market tomorrow!!! This is our 4th year tabling and we would love to hang out with you. We have free coozies, stickers and download cards for you!!! On the label front, we have a few artists playing FEST that you should check out: Old Flings, Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Neil Mauney (of Late Bloomer) and Matt Evans (of Old Flings). We have a sampler that will give you somewhat of an idea of what each of these artists sound like... https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/album/fest-12-sampler-free Here's the schedule: Friday- Museum Mouth (7:20-7:50) @ Boca Fiesta/Palomino Saturday- Neil Mauney (3:10-3:40) @ The Lunchbox Saturday- Late Bloomer (8-8:30) @ Loosey's Saturday- Old Flings (8:50-9:20) @ Loosey's Sunday- Matt Evans (1:50-2:20) @ Civic Media Center We have a LOTTTT of shirts this year for sale, come buy a few so we don't have to take them all back home. We have SELF AWARE shirts, our Beach/Flag shirt, Tie-dye Slayer, Crass/Terminator and one other design you have to see for yourself on. Additionally we have a crazy amount of distro items. I mean for us it is insane. We have new releases by Don Giovanni, Grave Mistake, Sorry State, Kiss of Death, Hot Green, Salinas and so much more!!! On the label front we have the new LP by Totally Slow (ex Rights Reserved, Eagle Bravo) and a tape by Means Well (ex Calormen). In other Means Well news, Josh Cook of Means Well will be filling in on bass with Muscle & Bone. Really stoked on that, he's a good friend of mine!!! Seriously, come check us out tomorrow, its gonna be wild!!!
  15. Before i just sell this away to my local thrift shop or ebay i wanted to see if anyone on here wanted some of this. Shipping is $3-$5 For more pics message me, thanks! Selling records here also: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/92031-fs-copeland-and-starting-line-stuff-for-cheap/ All Shirts are Small Or Medium! Johnny Cupcakes tee's 1 for $15, 2 for $25 and 4 for $42 shipped Band Shirts: 1 for $5, 4 for $15
  16. Hey guys, I have a bunch of band t-shirts that are kind of just taking up space at my house. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in trading cd's/vinyl/even other shirts for them? Just curious if this is worth inventorying my collection for, they're all in pretty good shape, regular wear and tear, not super disgusting or anything. Post if you're interested and I'll make a list. They're all mediums.
  17. Looking for size large shirts from these bands. Will buy or trade for. Cold World (Designs before the LP) Floorpunch Hatebreed (90's era) Unbroken (Pre-reunion designs) Thanks.
  18. Looking for a medium "I believe I can fly" chicago bulls My Heart To Joy t-shirt or crewneck I've been looking for this shirt for years on ebay. I've seen one but it was too small. PM ME!
  19. Looking for any shirts from: Floorpunch Hatebreed (Under The Knife/Satisfaction Era Only) Jaguarz Stop And Think Unbroken (Non Reunion Shirts) Looking for size large for shirts or size large and XL for hoodies. Willing to buy or trade for. Thanks.
  20. I do not have any 7 inch mailers, so if you a 7', buy a 12' (or could I just send a 7 inch in a 12 mailer with lots of bubble wrap?). I have two Wonder Years records: The Wonder Years/SAOTW Split (Black and White) The GK Tour Split (Clear) I'd like around 20 for each, not 100% sure what they are worth, so feel free to offer. I also have these records 7' Elliot Smith - Speed Trials- 5 9' Andrew Jackson Jihad/O Pioneers! - Split|Yellow/Green Mix/550 - 12 12' Ramones - Ramones Mania (2011 repress)- 10 Thursday/Envy - Split|Black - 10 Shirts: Senses Fail - I <3 SF (L) - 6 Vampire Weekend - White Sky lyrics shirt (L, a bit on the slim side) - 6 Brand New - http://www.merchdirect.com/BrandNew/Tshirts/Conjoined_on_Silver?productid=14149'>http://www.merchdire...productid=14149 (L) - 8 Fall Out Boy - Wolves w/ Sheep - 6 (M) Max Bemis & The Painful Splints - Logo (L) - 6 MC Lars - http://www.merchdirect.com/MCLars/Tshirts/JeffreyBrownIllustrationonWhite/?productid=11757'>http://www.merchdire...productid=11757 (L) - 7 Gorillaz - Plastic Beach logo(L) - 6 Max Bemis - Solo Tour (L) - 7 Star Wars- Empire Strikes Back w/ AT-AT (L) - 7 Hawthorne Heights - Blue Skulls, Autographedbut it's kinda fading - 6 PM me for pics! Comics: Fear Itself - Prologue (2nd Printing Variant),1,2,3,4,5,6,7 + The Mighty Thor 7 - 25 Fear Itself: Deadpool 1-3 - 8 Flashpoint - 1,2,3,4,5 - 12
  21. Looking for shirts or hoodies by any of these bands in a size large. If you have a hoodie in an XL, I'll take that too. Willing to buy or trade. Hit me up. OG AMERICAN NIGHTMARE SHIRTS COLD WORLD SHIRTS OG FLOORPUNCH SHIRTS 90'S ERA HATEBREED SHIRTS JAGUARZ SHIRTS STOP AND THINK SHIRTS UNBROKEN SHIRTS Thanks.
  22. Looking to buy or trade for any Stop and Think shirts/long sleeves in a size large or XL. I will pay good money. Also, I have the Think With Cali shirt in a medium if anyone to trade for their Think With Cali in a Large/XL. Thanks.
  23. Alright dudes. I’m trying to sell some items that I no longer use, in an attempt to raise some money to potentially go traveling after I graduate. Shipping for records is $4 flat. Shipping for non-records will be determined per order (because of the variety of items for sale). I’m willing to negotiate, and/or discount for multiple items in an order, so make me an offer! I haven't sold much here (but I've made some purchases), but I have bought and sold on ebay and discogs before. I hope those provide enough credibility. http://myworld.ebay.com/ewestp'>http://myworld.ebay.com/ewestp http://www.discogs.com/user/ewestp'>http://www.discogs.com/user/ewestp RECORDS [7” All-American Rejects- Give You Hell Picture Disk $3 Ambitions- Exile blue splatter /700 /1000 Bridge Nine Records $2 Billy Joel- Allentown/Elvis Presley Blvd 1982 $1 A Day To Remember- All I Want clear purple /2000 $5 New Found Glory- Listen To Your Friends clear red $2 Patrick Stump- This City/ Saturday Night Again (unopened) $2 Title Fight- Flood of ’72 black $6 Two Door Cinema Club- Sleep Alone $3 Young the Giant- Apartment black $5 OTHER CDs- most were barely played- ALL $3 Blessthefall- Witness Blink-182 – Dude Ranch Bring Me The Horizon- Suicide Season The Devil Wears Prada- Zombie EP (includes comic book) Escape the Fate- This War Is Ours Fireworks- Gospel (Japanese release w/ bonus tracks. Unplayed but has a crack in case) Less Than Jake- In With The Out Crowd Miss May I- Monument My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade The Sex Pistols- Live at the 76 Club Silverstein- A Shipwreck in the Sand Studio 99- Led Zeppelin cover album System of a Down- Mezmerize Woe, is Me- Numbers Posters ALL $2 Glass Cloud- The Royal Thousand poster Of Mice and Men band poster Four Year Strong- Rise or Die Trying Poster The Word Alive band poster, signed by Telle and Tony Shred Til Your Dead tour poster Shirts- Most were very lightly worn- Offer The Devil Wears Prada Youth 14/16 Of Mice & Men gold foil ampersand v-neck S Attack Attack! M A Day to Remember Florida Gators M Glasscloud tank top M Four Year Strong S Dance Gavin Dance Iron Giant YL Dance Gavin Dance Youth 14/16 The Fall of Troy Diamonds ! Youth 12 The Fall of Troy Phantom on the Horizon L Blink-182 XL Linkin Park (w/ 2008 tour dates on back) M Paramore L Less Than Jake L A Skylit Drive L Abbey Road Studio (bought in England) L Strike Gently silver foil S I’m With Awesome M The Buried Life M Conan O’Brien XL Famous Stars and Straps M Hard Rock Café New York L DC shirt (dark blue) M Element L DC shirt (darker blue) L Quiksilver M White, long sleeve American Eagle L Black, long sleeve American Eagle L Misc. Finn from Adventure Time Hat (official Cartoon Network hat, bought at Hot Topic, worn twice) $14 Gray Neff sunglasses $14 Strobe Light (used once, come with box and color lenses) $9
  24. Selling lots of records and shirts! http://www.ebay.com/sch/sxescud/m.html?item=261135152006&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cccde3386&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles - Bridge 9 - Brown - /300 Have Heart - Watch Me Rise - Grey - Large (LONG SLEEVE) Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Clear Yellow - /500 Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Black/Beige Marble - /500 Touche Amore/Make Do And Mend - Split - 6131 - Clear w/ Black Swirl - /500 Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace Pocket Print - Black - Large Verse - Sound & Fury 2007 - White - Medium Weekend Nachos - Defeat The Christian Right - White - Large
  25. PM me with offers! Will combine shipping! 7" Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles - Bridge 9 - Brown - /300 Sleepwalkers - Addiction To Mistakes - 6131 - Black, Test Press - /30 Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Black/Beige Marble - /500 Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Clear Yellow - /500 Touche Amore/Make Do And Mend - Split - 6131 - Clear w/ Black Swirl - /500 10" Griever - Inferior - Vitriol - Black - /75 Griever - Inferior - Vitriol - White - /425 12" Another Victim - Apocalypse Now - Equal Vision - Black - /? Backtrack - Darker Half - Reaper - Clear - /400 Cold World - No Omega - Six Feet Under - Clear Yellow - /515 Dangers - Anger - Vitriol - Clear Blue - /500 Dead End Path - Blind Faith - Triple B - Black - /330 Dead End Path - Blind Faith - Triple B - White, Summer Tour 2012 Cover - 8/50 Tapes: Good Times - The Demo - Shutout - Test Press Tape - /10 Step Aside - Reaching Out - Hard Press - White Cover - 32/50 Wild Moth - Demo 2012 - Self Released - 1st Press - /? Shirts (Pictures available upon request): Griever - Red Triangle Logo - White - Large Have Heart - Watch Me Rise - Grey - Large (LONG SLEEVE) Nomads - Sound & Fury 2012 - Black - Large Sleepwalkers - Flag - Black - Large Soul Search - Alone In This Place - White - Medium Stick Together - West Coast 2012 - White - Large United Youth - Independence Weekend - White - Large United Youth - Wilkes Barre Penguins - Grey - Large Verse - Sound & Fury 2007 - White - Medium Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace Pocket Print - Black - Large Weekend Nachos - Defeat The Christian Right - White - Large Thanks!