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FS: Boys Night Out "Make Yourself Sick" Original artwork negatives/photos/LP

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My friend Cory Kilduff did the artwork for this release. They bought a fishtank from Petco, filled it with ice water and dunked Stuart (the guitar player from his band The Rise) into it to get those photos used for the cover/layout. The fishtank was promptly returned to Petco the next day for a full refund (hooray!).


These are the original negatives that includes untouched versions of both the photos actually used on the record as well as numerous never seen alternate shots. Also included will be a CD with digital versions of all the photos.


Things that can also be included:

+Copy of the LP on blue/black vinyl (limited too 300 copies)

+YL shirt from that era with the "heart/girl" logo



Cory and I have a new band so we're selling some things off to purchase more studio equipment. If this is something that sounds cool to you PM me offers and help us out!


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Trainwreck is one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time.


You know what, I am way more into it now than I was when it was first released. At the time, the switch in sound threw me off a little bit, and watching them play on that tour you could almost feel the difference in the air when they played the new material versus the older songs. There is just a different dynamic about Trainwreck but it totally worked.

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