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  1. This arrived today. The Autographed screen print is a pretty nice touch.
  2. I also got the weird version from SRC. I was pretty confused. Where the colors mix it almost makes it 5 stripes.
  3. They should just make a Beatles run of 3" records of every one of their songs, not limited but random like in gumball machines. See how many people try to go for that complete collection. Sell a gazillion 3" records. Sell it.
  4. Grabbed that Dine Alone Exclusive. The best, like always.
  5. Blind boxes for stuff like this is just dumb. I want one, let me buy the one I want.
  6. I know that this is being re-released on pink for the ten bands one cause thing, but it's labeled as TBC20. Does anyone know if they're doing anything special for the 20th birthday? Will I have to buy more variants is basically what I need to know.
  7. Do you think he just happened to be wearing that Thrice shirt or did he actually change into it for the picture?
  8. There is so much wrong with this logic that I don't even think that I can make this snarky comment about it.
  9. Not enjoying a $30 variant of Through Being Cool but gotta keep the collection going
  10. Mine also showed up yesterday and I was super confused when it came. It said that it was from Cleopatra Records, it was oddly shaped... which turned out to be because in a mailer inside of another mailer, and it was double wrapped in bubble sheet... I was impressed in the same way that I get impressed by people who squeegee the tub after showering.
  11. Man, I love ordering from Dine Alone directly.
  12. This album is out everywhere, if ya didn't know!! Ultra Clear vinyl still available. It's hand numbered and limited to 100 and can be found at melodicallydeaf.limitedrun.com All order shipped earlier this week, so if you ordered from me, you should have it by now or very very soon.
  13. It's about the same price of 3 standard single LPs these days. It's really not that unreasonable.
  14. I think this book is much larger than the other deluxe books as well. Closer to the size of The Wonder Years - Sister Cities deluxe books, which are super nice.
  15. @travisYou only come back when you want money from me. And it works every time.
  16. Dashboard fits. FSF aside, Dashboard played primarily with punk bands in the early days. And if Saves The Day can headline a hardcore festival in 2019....
  17. I would argue that everything since John Nolan returned is better than everything else they've put out.
  18. I would argue that everything since John Nolan returned is better than everything else they've put out.
  19. Is the 7" tour only? I got one in Pittsburgh and I would have grabbed another for someone on here but I didn't know.