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  1. Are other people also waiting on Christmas items? I ordered the ornament, variant #1, and Christmas Tree Farm and haven't heard a word since.
  2. My Spotify version arrived today. The autographed part is just a poster outside of the packaging entirely with the regular split variant packaging sealed. Because of the order that they were released, I am going to end up with two copies of the Hopeless split. If anybody wants to trade a galaxy or a white for my 2nd split when it arrived, shoot me a message. I would rather trade than sell.
  3. I've been waiting for this to go on sale since it went on sale. I just can't get past the price.
  4. Weird that the 12 month subscription was $375 and these two are only $20 each 🤔
  5. This is my last update. They haven't responded to either of my e-mails yet. Shipment Ready for UPS Label Created 12/12/2020 2:45 P.M.
  6. They put these up without the bundled tickets. Someone purchased this for me as a gift and the ticket went to waste so I'm kind of annoyed but 🤷
  7. Got my Bandbox variant today. 17/1000. Great packaging, large 12x12 magazine dedicated to the album. Very happy with this purchase!
  8. Reimagined December is streaming for those wanting to check it out before buying.
  9. If not for folklore, I feel like this would be her best album to date.
  10. Do you have to subscribe to their Pillar too to watch? Bundling this all up was so dumb.
  11. Wonder if there will be a notable difference with December being 2 sides instead of 3 sides like the BTR release.
  12. We starting a new thread for evermore or are we keeping it here?
  13. Also, how fun would this be to watch unboxed on a live stream?!
  14. I would come to Chicago just to help with this is if hadn't just broken my foot. Stairs and organizing are my jam.
  15. I have time, space, and I get 10% off at bags unlimited because it's local, but little money.

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