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  1. If the Patreon variant sells out, have no fear. 1,000 additional units in a different variant will become available to the general public Wednesday.
  2. Yeah, I'm soooooooo superior for using software that works. Thanks for pointing it out, I feel comfortable adding it to my resume now. I'll say it again, and everyone will ignore it, again. Use Brave.
  3. I feel like people who don't know how to properly browse the internet deserve the ads at this point 🤷
  4. Grabbed that target since I missed the original batch.
  5. Why are you not using brave browser? I've literally never seen an ad on these forums.
  6. This live stream sounds better than 90% of Will Yip produced records.
  7. Mine was $5.33 but I also had another 7" with it.
  8. Its funny how people are targeting this one line when it's one of the ones that hit closest to home for me. I have distanced myself from all friends or relatives who still support the GOP. They're not dead, but they're no longer a cancer in my life.
  9. I haven't heard a word about mine either. No shipping notification, nothing.
  10. Oh yeah, I'd be down for another copy but I really don't need another copy of Erase Me. I feel like they can't even give those away at this point.
  11. Saw this! The first list was made from people who donated. Wonder who this is going out to...
  12. I'm two listens through as well and so far all I've heard is Will Yip. Run Winyip.exe in my brain to hear this properly.
  13. I signed up, used the 20% off code, and it basically covered the cost of the membership to get the record. I don't know if you actually have to be a member to order.
  14. Vinyl estimated to ship during the week of Sept. 21st. This is a limited to 500 pressing of Kevin Devine’s Daytrotter Sessions featuring songs and recordings from the last decade of his career. The release has been remastered for vinyl and is also available ON STREAMING SERVICES NOW. This release is exclusive to Patreons. Fans in the UK and Europe can buy the record from our friends at BIG SCARY MONSTERS to save at shipping (limited qty available). Track Listing: 1. It’s only Your Life 2. Just Stay 3. Murphy’s Song 4. Carnival 5. Another Bag of Bones 6. I Could Be with Anyone 7. Yr Husband 8. She Can See Me 9. You Brushed Her Breath Side 10. Now: Navigate! 11. Safe https://merch.kevindevine.net/categories/daytrotter
  15. I will start an Only Fans if dead format comes back