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  1. Im moving, bought a new vehichle, and having a baby next month. I havent been buying or colleting anything except the intheclouds releases, but I'm calling it quits. Please PM me offers.
  2. no clue on who they were either, but i trust ITC judgement on music they release. after ordering, i watched the video and REALLY like the music.
  3. I don't have time to troll, lol. I'm on mobile right now and can't find a topic moderation but I'll fix it when i get back home.
  4. maybe, who knows. I didnt wear it ever. Looks more like a sun fade frome when i had it on my wall (in person)
  5. My dad dropped a box of mine from high school off at my house and it had a signed deja entendu shirt from all brand new members. I got this in 03-04 at their show in Detroit. If interested, pm me an offer. No tags on it so im not sure on size.
  6. Make an offer on the guitar. I'm feeling generous and will make a great deal
  7. Record collection sold. Guitar with hard case available if interested in that sort of thing. Send offers
  8. I just have fun hunting down entire collections. Everything seen here will be sold as a complete set only. I don't want to piece it out. You will also be getting the white euro copy of wolverines (not pictured) when it arrives from Italy. The guitar was vinnies, signed by him, and was the guitar he used to write Avalanche United. Has the hard case and one of his old shirts in it. Pm me serious offers (i know how these threads usually go. So i will not accept dollhairs, bjs, hjs, or any iou ;])
  9. Missing from my picture is white and green wolverines (one on route, one in player), and teal united that i have on my wall. I do not have the test press from wolverines or the /10 pink cassette, so this is it for my I Am The Avalanche collection.
  10. Everyone who gained access to this really limited show received this print. Not sure if many people here went, but id be interested in paying you for this + shipping.
  11. Well, i think I've reached the end of any help i could get here. Im down to only needing the "band only" pink cassette /10 and a test press of wolverines, which is /8 and only 2 going to the public. Brandon told me his wolverines test press was chewed on by his dog :< Thanks everyone for the help!
  12. bumping for wolverines - white or test press, or wolverines pink cassette
  13. bought as well, mainly to keep an intheclouds collection pretty complete. havent listened to this one, but do like their full length.
  14. Anyone got a hookup on a Wolverines Test Press? I talked to one of the band members and he said 8 were pressed. A couple were released to the public, a couple stuck with the band, and the label probably has the rest. I Surrender never replies to my emails.. wasn't sure if anyone else had any luck with knowing someone there/talking to someone.
  15. Self Titled is done. Avalanche United is done. Really, the last record i "need" is a wolverines test press for my collection. (and a white, but those are readily accessible.)
  16. Whew.. 53 bucks shipped for that copy. That's a rough one to go through with. 20 bucks for the record is cool, i guess.. But 33 for shipping id too wild. Average shipping from Europe should be about 10 bucks less lol.
  17. Yeah, thanks. Was trying to avoid the inflated price there and Rude literally sends the same "wed be happy to ship to the us. We will send you an invoice" and they never do. Banquet wont tell me what color their LP is.. And risking 35 bucks on one i have already would be lame.
  18. Appreciate it. I cant wait until its complete too lol. Been looking for 2 months for white S/T.

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