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  1. It’s proabably just a large number like 5,000 or more
  2. The song mark did with holly throsby featured on her lastest album will be out on vinyl within the next couple of weeks.
  3. I love the album personally. Every album always surpasses my greatest expectations. I'd rather be surprised then get another rehashing of what's predictable. Someone on sad reminders said "Listening to the samples now and it sounds less like a SKM album and more like MC Koz is dropping a mixtape." which I thought was funny.
  4. There's a recording floating around of that San Francisco show.
  5. I was at the show in austin I thought it was great and hilarious. Prefect to me. I already had everything for sale at the merch table but the only vinyl that was available was live in Copenhagen and The Jesu/Sun Kil Moon self titled. I'm really excited for the follow Jesu/Sun Kil Moon Album.
  6. They also gave a couple not so limited releases on sale like old Ramon for 14.99 and Rock 'n' Roll SInger for 10.99 or something like that check it out http://www.bullmoose.com/c/13439/vinyl-blowout/1
  7. newbury still ships outside of the US. This item however mentions available to US only. My guess would be due to marks contract with roughtrade in the uk. since they rought trade probably funded that pressing. My guess is as good as any.
  8. gah.... people are already flipping these jesu/sun kil moon silver black splatter vinyl on ebay for double. if i had the money i would've bought two and sold the other to a fellow forum member at cost plus shipping.
  9. Oh I know been following this thread since the beginning. I thought it was a purchase link. I already have one.
  10. RHP Boxset https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/red-house-painters-red-house-painters/hnum/7172592?iampartner=nfm Saw this on Facebook
  11. http://ondasdelespacio.tictail.com/product/grupo-de-expertos-solynieve-p%C3%A1jaro-jack-thani-mara-realizan-un-envio-a-mark-kozelek Wish someone could order one for me since they don't ship to the states
  12. Just forwarded it to marks publicist.
  13. I was just answering Tommy's question sorry if it came off as me bragging. Apologize for that.
  14. I been following marks career since 2008 and own pretty much everything. Started getting his vinyl in 2011. I love this new album.