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  1. I’m still a fan of his music, but I agree, he’s full of shit lol
  2. Looks like amazon link is down but Best Buy is still up :/
  3. Just received the box set and it was damaged but the packing was overall really good and the vinyl sound crystal clear. It’s a bummer it’s got a massive dent in the corner but I’m just happy I have it.
  4. yes, but they have a few EP's that sell for hundreds online
  5. Such an amazing album. I hope they come play austin!
  6. instant buy, these guys are incredible and their vinyl is nearly impossible to acquire after it sells out!
  7. This is a really nice box set. The quality of the box and vinyl is really well done. I've never listened to their early EP's so this is new to me and I'm loving everything i've heard so far. The booklet was actually really good to. The pictures, commentary, letters and lyric sheets were very well put together. If you're a fan of them and don't own the original EP's you might want to snag this!
  8. Anyone else digging the new band and album from Slow Crush out of Belgium? I'm loving it! http://slowcrush.bandcamp.com