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  1. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but im enjoying this one (the songs released) a lot more than i had thought
  2. dispute it via paypal
  3. someone posted that the received the vinyl copy on Reddit, so i took a chance.
  4. apparently someone on reddit ordered (from Amazon not the Marketplace) and it was vinyl. but yeah, im definitely not getting my hopes up but it was worth the risk
  5. Release Date: June 28th Pre-Order: Clear With Black Smoke: Picture Disc: Songs: Unbreakable Back To Me
  6. I also went for it. I just need Neighborhoods and MTATS but this is cheaper than buying those singular. So hopefully it's not the cds
  7. Not sure if this has been posted, or if anyone is really interested. But Danny Worsnop's RSD release just got put up on his website
  8. ill probably just do this if i go, or grab it on Amazon
  9. it also appears you can now add them to the cart.
  10. not sure where I saw midnight initially, but I updated it to say 9PM BST as that is what they are saying on Twitter.
  11. Release Date: August 18 Pre-Order: Tracklist:
  12. (I think it was) Mark said that they still were contracted to promote California for another year or so, and this was there way around it. Initially I was upset that I had to rebuy the album to get the new songs, but my new copy seems to be less flimsy/better quality than the initial release.
  13. In other words: your good. Take the free songs
  14. thats happened to me before, i forget what album. but i never got charged