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  1. supposedly it's out next year. he said the album has a 24 month plan.
  2. I'm looking for a, reasonably priced, copy of "In Tongues" by Joji. Send me a PM with how much you are selling it for.
  3. it says shipping Feb, but I have a bad feeling it'll be bumped to March, as websites are listing March 9th as the release date.
  4. you mean to tell me that "Fack" didn't change your life
  5. Got it at the show the other night, the bonus tracks are interludes at the end of a few of the different songs. I completely forget what songs they are after, but each is like 1min 30.
  6. Hoping they have copies at the show, figured I'd wait for that. Good album though.
  7. Title: Asking Alexandria Release Date: December 15th, 2017. Pre-Order Links: SIGNED: https://alexandriaplace.co/collections/album-bundles/products/album-bundle-5 Other Variants: https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/asking-alexandria-pre-order-bundles-1/products/asking-alexandria-asking-alexandria-cloudy-clear-w-red-splatter-pre-order-vinyl https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/asking-alexandria-pre-order-bundles-1/products/asking-alexandria-asking-alexandria-clear-w-black-splatter-pre-order-vinyl Tracklist ALONE IN A ROOM INTO THE FIRE HOPELESSLY HOPEFUL WHERE DID IT GO? RISE UP WHEN THE LIGHTS COME ON UNDER DENVER VULTURES EVE I AM ONE EMPIRE (FT. BINGX) ROOM 138
  8. The (most recent) Hot Topic versions are now available on Panic's website. https://store.panicatthedisco.com/collections/vinyl-reissue
  9. i enjoyed the first two songs... this one is rough
  10. there is a vinyl sale on to the stars this weekend. They've been putting up some rare variants (all the clear, the "To the Stars" album, "Dream Walker" green, etc etc.). Not sure what is still up there, but figured I'd let you all know.
  11. trying to decide if I should attempt to get one at the show or just go with the retail version