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  1. I had work early this morning so I just woke up at midnight, grabbed a deluxe, and went back to bed. In my sleepy haze did I spend way too much because a damn slipcover again?
  2. That song with Thrice is pretty dang good but I'm bummed Dustin didn't sing on it.
  3. Hopefully we get more variants! Grabbed the pure noise /3000 because it looked rad.
  4. From what I've seen on Instagram they will have the same vinyl that's on their webstore for the same price (50 for clear, 75 for gold). They haven't been shy about showing the tour merch on Instagram.
  5. These days honestly I think it is. I don't have it in me to take the day off and camp out in front of a store at 6 am. It's insane to me. But I'm still gonna try to secure a copy for less than 70 online with no hopes whatsoever.
  6. Haven't been paying attention since like exister in 2012. Did they just get him to start singing verses/songs recently?
  7. That has to be a fuck up on their end, yeah? Pretty sweet though.
  8. Got it in today. That "alternative cover" is a piece of paper folded over it. Doesn't even fit and looks stupid lol. Got #39/250 so that's cool.
  9. I love this project quite a bit but I'm not paying that much for a song that's on the album lol. Warner is really milking Chinos tiktok fame lately and it's annoying.
  10. So my /250 shipped from Los Angeles. It went from there to San Francisco and is now in Oakland. I live in Phoenix. I have a theory that the kings road warehouse was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. An old ancient curse is really the only thing I can think of that makes every experience with them terrible.
  11. Fuck it just make a combination of New Bermuda and Infinite Granite. Whatever it is I'm totally here for it.

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