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  1. I got shipping notification from FedEx yesterday, and I saw someone on instagram got theirs today.
  2. Ordered. It seems lilike the book is going to be a lot more in depth than the others, which I'm excited for. Also, the rerecorded version of Cadence sounds killer.
  3. I have all but 2 variants of this album, and i want this one so bad, but dont know if I can justify almost $100 shipped for it
  4. Oh shit, I didnt realize how much these went for. I bought them all as the come out and just figured they'd stay in print. I'm glad these are online so I can order one from Mondo or their store and not have to worry about buying it at the show on Tuesday.
  5. Fuck yes, I've been waiting for this! I'm going to their show in DC next month so I'll probably see what covers they have there.
  6. Thank you for this! Just ordered. anyone know if this is a UK exclusive?
  7. The Tears For Fears cover is really good. This album was a fun listen on the drive to work today.
  8. I dont know who owns the rights to IDR, but there were 2 pressings of Volume one a few years ago, along with that Best Of comp so I'm still cautiously optimistic.
  9. Dammit, I just want a Middle Of Nowhere pressing :/
  10. Was about to check out but decided to wait and see if there are any bundles available later today.
  11. I think they're going to do a physical release of it, which is gonna be great.